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How translate HHS to other language?

Started by DarkKel, Nov 21, 2022, 08:25 AM

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DarkKelTopic starter

How make this?

Example - after change "string" in DefaultGameConfig.xml game not start (crash with error) or new text not show (still default text)


There's plans to add translation support, but that won't happen any time soon as it's fairy low priority.

Without this support you can translate event text by editing the .ve.xml files, either via Notepad++ or the VEE editor (Development > Visual Event Editor), but it probably won't be very fun.

Can't/shouldn't translate UI elements atm, wouldn't recommend translating Names/DisplayNames either, unless you're very thorough in checking what references them and fixing that as well.

Here's a previous answer as to why providing support for translating events would be difficult:

QuoteUI could be altered to grab strings from something like json files one day, and currently the only way to translate the game content would be to make a copy of the scenario and edit all the events (by searching for <Str> in notepad++ or editing them in VEE).
I'm afraid a decent translation of the main scenario is simply impossible without manually editing events, no matter how many tools for that would be provided (such as string exports etc).

It's far easier for ren'py games for example, because their text is usually 97% hardcoded, aka everything besides names and numbers is as is.
In the Smallville scenario a lot of things are built dynamically, by using replacements like {he} = he/she and {Gender:some part|different part}.  These come from the engine, but can be overridden in VEE.  Then there's also fully custom replacements where like 2-5 dynamic parts form a single sentence.

This all works pretty well in English, because it's a very simplistic language (easy to automate), though translating it directly to a different language is unlikely to work due to different grammatical structures. Some languages don't use things like he/she at all, others give genders to words/endings.
Translating something like {He}'s {tranportationMode}{optionalVehicle} to {his} {destination}. would be a lot of guesswork without seeing the actual logic in VEE. {transportationMode} being a list of things like walking/driving/flying, {optionalVehicle} being car/bike/plane/helicopter, {destination} being stuff like home/workplace. Certain languages would require reordering and adding extra replacements to the ends of each replacement (changing VEE logic).

The above might not be a great example, but I've seen plenty of stuff that couldn't be directly translated to the few languages I know.  We could maybe run the end result through a google translate hook (or some alternative) to get a somewhat grammatically correct output.