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[HHS+ 1.9.5] Official Release Thread

Started by barteke22, May 14, 2022, 02:24 AM

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barteke22Topic starter

About 1.9.5
1.9.5 is mainly about fixing issues and cleaning stuff up. Some community members even helped out with beta testing for this release before it went live. That said, a lot has changed since 1.9.4:
•  Lots of events have been reworked, code cleaned and/or typos fixed, etc.
•  Stand out items (i.e. things to specifically look for) are noted below
•  For the complete list of all changes see the game's Docs\Changelog folder.
•  For the list of addressed issues that were reported via the bugtracker see: HHS+ Mantis Changelog

Notable Changes and New Stuff
•  Ameli Coppers (maid club) general rework:
    ▪  Amended to remove all the confusion around what club she's in
    ▪  No longer forces player to open clubs in any specific order
    ▪  In general, now opens up a lot easier
•  Annette: Various events changed per:
    ▪  You now need to push on her door / enter her room, and she needs to be in her room to activate
    ▪  Corrects various continuity issues, and gives player more control over the when of these events
•  Autosave: Added option to specify the number of autosaves to keep
•  B&D outfits for all staff (including the PC): Late game extension to bondage outfits.
    ▪  Includes a fix to (previously released) Bondage Outfits for teachers
•  Futa preference advanced options: Added per forum discussion 'With or Without Testicles'
•  Home Computer: Various changes (self-evident when you buy and install it)
•  Hospital: Public Oversight Official. New (and initial platform for future expansion).
    ▪  New and/or morphed Hospital content, allowing player to influence Hospital staff
    ▪  Opens up at the Hospital Reception once rep 80+
•  Masturbation policies and rules reworked (also fixes bug of these not working)
•  Newspaper:  You now need to find the newspaper (and it's hidden behind another action)
Check the restaurant, newspaper now a requirement for a shady gentleman.
•  Online purchases (Growth Pills).  Now has a later game Easter egg.
•  Restaurant: Can now have a meal.  Available at start of game (for good reason)
•  Rules: Added more info to each rule (on what effects implementing them have)
•  Slave Collar: Now a corruption asset in the seduction path arsenal
•  Swim club upgrade: Reworked to remove confusion and give player more control
•  Re-balanced mini quests, so all cost more or less the same (and less overall)
•  Women's Razor: Added support for Special Females and Futas to use the Razor (i.e. become shaved)
Developer/API changes (only relevant for mod authors)
•  Club 'Editor Name': Editor Name is now the property saved in XML (intEditorName removed)
•  Fast Schedule Check: New event flag (enabled via event properties)
    ▪  True means the Schedule is checked by the engine before running (and Event Scheduled op is not required in the event itself)
    ▪  Should help to improve performance due to skipping the overhead of running the individual event operations regularly
•  Logging: End of a TRY phase log now contains whether the event was accepted or rejected
•  New op: 'Remote Event Is Scheduled' (check if remote event is scheduled to be eligible for execution right now)
•  New constant: 'Current Day Number'.  Replaces op Get Current Day (now deprecated)
•  Rules: Now also shown in the management menu even if only one choice is available for selection
•  Seduction mini quests: Re-balanced so all cost more or less the same (and less overall)
Notable Tweaks
•  Exhibition club: General tidy up of logic and removed confusion caused by change of club name
    ▪  Club name no longer changes when club is upgraded
    ▪  General update to club journal (reflecting no change of name, plus modernised)
    ▪  Corrected oversight/bug in Field Street Club Meeting (wasn't firing when intended)
•  Fitness (appearance and stamina): Now easier to build by doing regular exercise
•  Flirting. If just overdoing, after getting it right and still getting it right, response now better aligned to outcome (which is neither god nor bad)
•  Genitals 'Hanging out' logic for males and Futas wearing tiny briefs extended to more outfits
•  Genitals 'Hanging down' logic for futas wearing short skirts and no panties extended to more outfits
•  Hypno: 'Command phrase' now a more integrated notion (now works, for a limited time, and as an 'enhanced' form of hypno)
•  Menus: Added more FontAwesome icons to various menus
•  Map navigation: Lots of tweaking and changes to make moving about (on the ground) more logical
•  Male razors now do something, and like female razors can be used to build loyalty
•  Mind Control Device:  General update (includes fixing Enflame Lust not working bug)
•  Swimming pool: All general events updated
•  Tanning oil: Added requirement for the PC to be dressed for the occasion
•  Working in the restaurant: Mechanics tweaked to be more logical and player controlled
Reported Bugs Fixed
Note: Does not include all bugs fixed, just those reported on the main release forum
•  Ask for Sex >> Alternate Location could put you into odd places
•  Carmen Smith, repeating (same day) trip events (if leveraged, stopped progress)
•  Diet Food Rule: Added info regarding 'loss of weight' (i.e. reducing girl's breast size)
•  Flirting: No response if overdoing + continually getting it wrong
•  Gender transformation leaving all other body mods disabled (following completion)
•  Jeremy Hood park encounters re-occurring (over and over, same day)
•  Nina Parker (late story, office event) had a low probability chance of seeing an exception
•  Peter Hooter getting stuck in a location
•  Wrestling Club: Exception thrown by 'ProfessionalWrestlerShow' if no club president (and Yaoi content enabled):  Fixed
Developer/API Bugs Fixed (only relevant for mod authors)
•  Breaking into a location: No longer runs the arriving process at a destination, if the player was moved somewhere by the break-in event
•  Check Event Execution: Now prevents recursive calls (avoids potential stack overflows)
•  Debug events tree view: Fixed certain types of events not being updated in the tree when reloading them
    ▪  Also: Events are now sorted alphabetically in the tree
•  Have Sex op: Now stores the comment if it's a custom one. Otherwise, returns the value 'None'
•  Math operations: Now use their respective data type instead of Decimal during the calculations
•  Sexual Preferences op: Now copies the link variation when cloning the object
•  Show Random Image op: Now properly loads existing metadata for an image when it gets assigned after switching to a tab

Known (open) Issues
•  Daily Maddox story line: Dated, confusing and may/may not trigger as intended
    ▪  Not game effecting (in the larger picture)
•  Carl Walker chain (various issues):  Solution pending, see mantis 1194
•  Changing rooms (at School and Onsen), Peeking/Looking in showers:  A bunch of issue
    ▪    May lead to no image and/or no event outcome.  Not game effecting (just odd)
•  Chat with your student / Chat with the teachers:  Somewhat dated (and never really completed)
    ▪  Also, not integrated into the new chat system (so has various inconsistences)
•  Settings Window Blanks out: Sometimes the Settings window blanks out and you can't close it
    ▪  Workaround: Click Settings gain (gives back control over the window)
•  Mind Control, Sending people to your place: The people can end up in an odd state if another event puts you into your bedroom
    ▪  e.g.: You send people home, but then do other things (like the prostitutes)
    ▪  Workaround: Just pass time, and the condition clears
•  Town Council: Remains an unfinished WIP

Please don't post into this thread
•  This thread is for the developers to post game downloads and updates, etc
•  To keep getting at that easy for everyone, please don't post anything here
    ▪  For 1.9.5 general discussions, post to:  [HHS+ 1.9.5] Official Release Discussion Thread
    ▪  For 1.9.5 bug reporting, post to:  [HHS+ 1.9.5] Official Bug Reports Thread
•  Any non-developer's posts in this thread will be removed!

Downloading and Installing
•  Download link: Link, alternative (732.3 MB).
•  See Installation Institutions (following) for how to install
    ▪  Note: The download is a 7z archive.  If your Zip program can't deal with it, you can use the free 7zip.
•  Checksum (if you need to verify the integrity of the downloaded archive)
    ▪  MD5: EAC49B67E4131B41D9F25E1CCBE7BAB6
    ▪  SHA1: CBCD1DC370B55928F881C16CFEC49947128F0190

IMPORTANT: System requirements
•  Requires at least .NET Framework 4.6.
•  Requires the Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package to be installed
    ▪  These packages are commonly installed with modern games, so you might have it installed already
    ▪  However, if you encounter error at startup like "DllNotFoundException" and/or 'SQLite.Interop.dll', you may need to download and install the package
    ▪  The link above is for the 64 bit version. Be sure to install pack corresponding to architecture of your operating system (i.e. look for the x86 version if you are still using a 32 bit OS)
    ▪  Note: According to reports of some forum users, using the x86 version even on a 64 bit OS may help if you run into random crashes at startup

barteke22Topic starter

INSTALLING: Please read this post in detail

If you don't like reading stuff, at least read the next 3 lines:
1.  If you don't read and follow all of the instructions in this post you will have problems  :-\
2.  When you do have those problems, please come back to read and follow this  :)
3.  And, to save you wasting your time and ours, please don't report any bugs until you have done so...  ;)

How to install the base game
•  Access the download Link in the post above
•  When Mega link opens: Download the following file only (saving it wherever you like):
    ▪    HHS+1.9.5-2050-Release .7z : This is the Base Game at version 1.9.5
•  Create a new empty HHS Game folder
    ▪  This should be a standard 'user' folder (e.g. under your Docs, Downloads, Etc.)  Do not create it in any of the system folders
•  Now: Unzip all of HHS+1.9.5-2050-Release .7z into your HHS Game folder

You are now ready to start adding updates to 1.9.5 from this thread

NOTE: You need to be registered to see and download game updates.

Adding Update Files
•  Bug fixes and updates are posted into this thread (as attachments to posts)
•  Unlike the base game, bug fixes come in one of two forms:
    ▪  .zip files when multiple files are required.  These always have the same top-level folder (Schools)
    ▪  .xml files when a one or two files only are required.  The target <FolderPath> will be specified in the post with the fix or update

To add files from .zip
•  Download the .zip file and Open it: The internal folder structure is per the game
    ▪  As it's a .zip file, windows will treat it as any other compressed folder (and you can simply copy and replace)
•  Copy the entire Schools folder to your HHS Game folder
    ▪  You are replacing files and folders: So check 'Do this for...' and select Copy and Replace whenever prompted

To add an .xml file
•  Download the file
•  Replace file in folder: <FolderPath> as provided in the update post

Installing Updates into an Existing 'Live' Game:
This is applicable to any and all updates that state 'Works in an existing game'
•  After copying in the update file (or files if doing multiple at once): Load your last game save
•  Open Debug  >> select tab Reload Events >> click Add Changed Events
•  Select the event/s that appear >> click Refresh Files
•  Click Remove >> Close Debug >> Save your game

New Game: If Starting a new game (because the update requires it, or just because you wish to):
•  Starting a new game means you do not need to refresh any updates already copied in before you started the game
•  There are circumstances when this appears not to be so (i.e. following the refresh steps above, you see files you didn't expect)
    ▪  If this happens, refreshing (as described above) will often clear it (but not always)
    ▪  Either way: If this happens it suggests an invalid update was provided or you've installed to the wrong place
    ▪  To confirm which: Reinstall (from scratch to an empty folder), and report instances where this re-occurs

Install anything below in chronological order (i.e. in the order of oldest to most recent post)

Take the time to read the posts
•  If it says "only works in new a game" (or similar), you cannot apply the update and launch a save (i.e. it only works in a new "Start Game")
•  If it says "works in existing game" (or similar), you can apply the update, launch a save, and Refresh Files... but note any caveats in the post

If installing a new game:
•  Starting with the Base Game (1.9.5), then the current Service Pack is recommended
•  Please see the following post: That is where 1.9.5 Service Packs go (as and when issued)
•  Follow the instructions there, and then you only need updates after the Service Pack

Lastly, downloading and updating your game with updates here help not only you, it also helps us.
As it means bug fixes and updates get exposed to a broader testing environment...  :D

barteke22Topic starter

1.9.5 Service Pack 7  (it's included in the download)
The .zip file below is the sixth Service Pack for 1.9.5
•  Service Pack 6 subsumes and replaces Service Packs 1 to 5

Please Note
•  Service Packs are simply bundled packages of the updates and bug fixes posted below
•  The purpose is to make installing the game from scratch a little easier
•  If you have incrementally updated your game, you don't need the service pack (though it helps if ever re-installing)

What does it include and what doesn't it include?
•  Does not include the Base game (1.9.5)
•  Does include all updates and bug fixes for 1.9.5 (posted below) up to Update 38
•  Does not include fixes and updates after Update 38

Using the service pack
•  Follow the instructions above: How to install the base game to create a new base game at 1.9.5 (but do not start a game yet)
•  Download the service pack and install, following the instructions above: To install the files from .zip
•  Install any updates after Update 38.  For ease of finding: Update 39
•  Now you can start a new game (you cannot load a save)