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[HHS+ 1.10.6] Official Release Thread

Started by barteke22, May 27, 2022, 11:44 PM

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barteke22Topic starter

Patch See post #2 for instructions, post #1 for download.

Small bugfix patch for issues reported thus far.

Note (existing saves): Check all previous notes since your last patch.

The download folder contains an optional mod featuring a part of a potential overhaul of the PD system: Heads.

Separates heads into multiple layers (base, 3x hair, expression, beard, etc.), with some settings.
Adds a mirror button & suggestion NPC interaction.

Feedback on performance effect appreciated. Some generated combos might look bad, I don't plan on improving that, as I don't have time to play with assets. You can befriend and give them fashion advice to fix it :P

Works on existing saves, standard mod installation instructions apply. Should have higher priority than all my other mods (move it below).
It's recommended to set the GFX mode to non-GPU to avoid blur and high GPU usage.

- Added virginity removal failsafe to missing girl.
- Redirected POOActivities to lower branch instead of popup if no matching NPCs found.
- ForestRunUnderwear missing link.
- Sierra double panties fix.
- LoveAsk missing link fix.
- Moved the Pass time operation to the end of the event.
- Grouped the notifications of a couple of events affecting multiple NPCs.
- Fixed bad weighted logic in POOActivities & DetentionFingering.
- Tweaked Wardrobe to use item stacks instead of instances, as failsafe for people with 1M+ items...
- Carl_Chain & BeachGirlsMix missing links.
- Typos.

barteke22Topic starter

Patch See post #2 for instructions, post #1 for download.

Bugfix patch for issues reported thus far, with some VEE changes.

Note (existing saves): Check all previous notes since your last patch.

*It's a new number, but nothing should've changed for other mods.

The download folder contains an [Optional Mod] featuring a part of a potential overhaul of the PD system: Heads & Body.

Installation (important)
Standard mod installation instructions apply.

Should have higher priority than all my other mods (move it below) and any conflicting mods. Other PD mods are not recommended.

It's recommended to set the GFX mode to non-GPU to avoid blur and high GPU usage.

Important: If you don't like skin colour inaccuracies on old PDs, remove all (non-genital) skin colours (except #FFF9DCC3) from the skin colour Color List and [ Regenerate Database ]. Accurate shadering requires all outfits to be converted.

Existing saves: If you had a previous version, it's recommended to be at the Map. Do the mod update steps (reload Obj, Glob, Ev...).
Then: Top left > Mod Options > PD System New > Color Lists > Reset All > [ Regenerate Database ] > Preserve or Reset.

- Gives the PC / NPCs heads consisting of multiple layers.
- Hair, expression, glasses, piercings, aging, etc.
- Ability to customise said layers & their colours via Bathroom mirror (PC) or interaction (NPC).

- Expands on above with body layers. Currently only applies to Nude PD & School uniforms.
- Arm emotes. Body piercings. Skin colours.
- Uniform designer (Clothing Store) for modifying your school uniforms (and whatever else might use it in the future).


- Optimized Hair init for future change.
- Fixed weather & season checks.
- Fixed adult umbrellas.
- Tweaked age overlays to kick in later.

- Improved shader fallback skin colour accuracy by reducing non-skin accuracy a bit.

- Removed hair & skin colour change on gender change, using current always.
- Made layout timer reset on database regeneration & improved preservation.
- Finished Casual placeholder - terrible as expected.
- Made ShowActionImageProvider use ShowImageOverlaid.
- Added head overrides to special NPCs.
- Added option to reset all color DBs.
- Added OutfitDebug interaction.
- _Tucked & _OnePiece support.
- Added a Club emote dir.
- Added a generic GetExposureStates function.
- Finished Piercing logic. Moved half to heads so head piercings show without body.
- Improved some Initialize & Regenerate logic.
- Improved & bugfixed DB init/regeneration logic, so that NPCs keep more of the valid data.
- Made SuggestLook system switch logic require Debug Events flag.
-- Added choice to regenerate an individual + ignore requirements.
- Improved some logic using new Layer Op variant.
- Added leg variation shader test, likely to be scrapped because it's not great.
- Added pregnancy child dummies to refresh list.
- Added some age checks to limit options not useful for children.
- Added EventEmote support.
- Removed principal asset hardcoding, now treated as a regular Special NPC via dummy.
- Allowed specifying which Shared Expression set to use for a Special NPC, since those are a lot of effort to make.
- Tweaked Glasses to support gendering.
- Tweaked Hats to support shpungout's indoor accessory & rebel logic. And not apply if already applied via other means.
- Tweaked LooksMenu to support Head, Body, Foot view offsets, and outfits.
-- Added skin tone (for PC, DebugEventsEnabled for NPCs) & PubicHair menus.
- Added PubicHair logic, with growth / shaving.
- Improved Beard assets & added growth / shaving logic if PC is CleanShaven.
- Added HeadAge logic test. Older NPCs get wrinkles and white hair if the colour is genetic.
- ShowImageOverlaid: Added Skin, Eye, Pubic, Futa overlay support.
- Sorted paths so gendered assets come after unisex.
- Hopefully supported Lexville's vulvas.
- Colour picker tweaks.
-- Implemented custom color entry. Swapped other alpha control from blue channel to green.
-- Tweaked ColorMenu to use OR logic for whitelist.
-- Added option to apply other colour in ShowColorMenu where applicable.
--- Also fixed extra options not showing if no category selection.
- Added shader fallback for old PDs.
- Hat fix.


- Minor balance tweaks to GetWillingness, Pornography, Swimming class.
- Added variable link variant to SetPaperDoll Op - hova
- Added byName link variant to CreateItem.
- Added DebugCommand dropdown as a workaround for those that can't see the regular one + a way to see the whole list.
- Added a Name from UID debug command to aid with database reading.
- Added location from person & UID from name debug commands.
- Added link variant to GetPaperDollLayer(s) for getting layer directly by Name.
- Added a Clear option to the layer transform Op.
- Added a PaperDollLayerRank Op.
- Tweaked Gen Home street exit to use real location buttons & fixed AskForSex not updating location.

- Fixed club enlistment not working when ImportantStat is maxed.
- Fixed event-opening Edit buttons not working in Debugger.
-- Made Edit focus on referenced ID for SeqVar_Ref.
- Fixed LayerTransform dynamic + variables exception.
- Fixed PaperDollLayerCustomShader clone dynamics issue.
- Tweaked list Ops to support true modulo instead of the c# version.
- Tweaked @FullReload to respect variable persistance.
- Made relevant April events trigger if called to office outside of breaks.
- Fixed missing time passes in SierraHardmanSex.
- Fixed some menstruation issues: Broken check & swap on gender change.
- Use the bedroom location of Annette instead of the hardcoded Guest Room in SH.
- Specifying assembly in Themes allows local: to be loaded.
- Tweaked SusanCorruption to mark its images as non special on completion.
- Added Imazen support to VEE.
- Fixed FindExternalReferences exception in debugger.
- Miniquest_AearosolDrug drug strenght check fix.
- Btn_OrderProstitute discount state fix.
- JuneTalk intro tweak (knocking).
- Futa drug GenderOverride tweak.
- Fixed GetWillingness inveting friendship bonus.
- Tweaked GetAttraction Grunge to reduce Charisma to 0 instead of into the negatives.
- Btn_peeFem-Futa exception.
- Reduced some SierraHardmanSex checks, since they were excessively high.
- Sherilyn_Encounters scheduling failsafe.
- Tweaked onsen change room layout to have lights on.
- Added ShowImageOverlayed & applied it to POO.
- Tweaked lactation regex.
- Misc tweaks and typos.