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Started by barteke22, May 13, 2022, 11:54 PM

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One more note: women seem to get the old face a bit too early. The mouth sag/creases shouldn't appear before 60

barteke22Topic starter

IRL they start appearing between 45-50 on average.


Perhaps, but they are not as prominent nor do they look that bad (the mouth ones, the forehead and on other places is better). Heck , my 95-yo grandma has smooth skin and barely any creases at all.

On another note, I tried re-generating characters again (loaded save before) with Debug Events on and now there's no floating piercings on the MC. It did re-set the MC. And on some specials, re-generating face never seem to change something like the nose, but now I have re-made the specials to match their old appearances, but with the new system. Still room for improvement, but without being able to directly change head shape/mouth/node/eyes, the only way it to hit re-generate over and over and over and hoping the combo you get is good enough.

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PD_Sys V0.301:
- Optimized Hair init for future change.
- Fixed weather & season checks.
- Fixed adult umbrellas.
- Tweaked age overlays to kick in later.


Quote from: barteke22 on Nov 02, 2023, 05:15 PMPD_Sys V0.301:
- Optimized Hair init for future change.
- Fixed weather & season checks.
- Fixed adult umbrellas.
- Tweaked age overlays to kick in later.
Um, the PD_System_Experimental isn't showing up in the module choosing part of the main menu.
Corrupting Students since 2006

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^I forgot to rename the folder.  Also:

V0.302 improves skin colour fallback accuracy a bit.
- Can't do anything about the old pubic hairs, this is as good as it'll get until conversion to the new system. If the contrast is too much, reduce the skin pool to lighter colours as per the patch note.

If you're updating from V0.3, delete the old folders first (no need to reset colors or regenerate).


PDSystem heads seem to have some trouble with the PC's child (that's aged up). It seems to show both old and new head.


Sorry, but where do I find new versions to download?

⚧ Squark

Click the first link in barteke22's sig to be taken to the thread where there will be a link to where new versions of his mods can be found.


hey, im trying to download but it seems it says i need a key. But can't seem so find any info about this. Also im using the link at page 1


Yes. Somehow it works now, wired. Well thanks anyways :D

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GPCC & Pregnancy fixes:
- Crash due to new PD_Handler.
- Suppressed warnings.
- Special child head.
- Birth emote.


Quote from: barteke22 on May 13, 2022, 11:54 PMPregnancy Mod

1.10.X Updates:
  • Added an Info Panel tab to pregnancy with stats/info.
  • Improved stomachs by using a combination of overlays and shaders.
  • Added Age drugs (unlocked by the shady story + chemistry). Up to X (setting) children that reach the minimum age will turn into real NPCs.
  • Added lots of new options. Like fertility, gender multipliers, male pregnancy, aging speed, event skip.
  • Added generic child interactions, improved generic child events. Nothing lewd for obvious reasons.
    • The interaction system is easily expandable.
  • Added Missing Girl quest integration, it's now possible to make her not leave town on pregnancy path.
  • Simple lactation support. Only for NPCs supported by the game to avoid issues.

  • Weekly Rep hit if percentage of students pregnant is higher than town corruption/lust.
  • Less Rep hit/potential gain if proper policies enabled accordingly.
  • Policy related check condom supply in ward + negotiate more/take some.
  • Asking pregnant NPCs who the father is, based on relationship. Tells how many weeks in, etc.
  • Condom Menu: Option to ignore HasQuest. Fertility options.
  • Higher chance of pregnancy, but everyone can choose to get condoms now.
  • Max 1 box per NPC unless given by PC - if ran out chance to get (student rule disobedience has chance of detention).
  • Higher NPC corruption/lust = less chance of getting condoms (+ personality/nature's law based). Students are based on school policies + their personality/loyalty.
  • Random event to peek on NPC birth if one is currently happening (30min window when it happens - so rare). Pretty much same as PC birth.
  • No condom use if non-consensual (hypno etc), except if PC is the aggressor and wears one.
  • Daily try for baby among parent couples: Max percentage of population is based on average lust.
  • Special background for calling/texting (GLaDOS Chat) people, not really related, but made along with this. Only used in this so far.
  • Game starts with 0-5 pregnant people (+ 1 born) for potential flavour.
  • Condoms (buy in Sex Shop).  Could maybe use a pill alternative.  Item contains the mod settings (use it):
    • 2/3/6/9 month pregnancy. Low child expenses ON/OFF.
  • HasQuest/Infertile can't get pregnant unless trait is removed, or CanImpregnate is added (setting).
  • Otherwise factors like has condom + fertility can lead to pregnancy.
  • Hospital: Artificial insemination, pregnancy tests, child index, a shady doctor for a certain chain, birth.
  • NPC-NPC are just notable by belly bulges (since it's not really PC's bussiness).  Can decide to abort if father unknown (hypno), or if bad relations with father.
  • PC mother: Can abort (early), track down and notify father (to bring up together, have them bring it up, just for child support). Or not.
  • PC father: Will be notified (unless happened due to hypno). Similar to above, but can also bribe/hypno to bugger off if you're a nice person. Then NPC treats it like NPC-NPC.
  • Parent visits to play with children. You can visit them if you have the address and they're bringing it up.
  • Allows any gender combos to have children via either sex or artificial insemination.
  • Children don't really do anything besides wasting money (or in rare cases earning it).
  • A single (1) child can 'grow up' via some shady shid.
Compatibility/expansion notes
Child interactions can be expanded by adding events to ExtensionLibrary\Pregnancy\Interactions\.
  • There's an example event in the mod's Interactions folder that explains how it works.
  • The other events there can be used as example of what can be done.

Birth overlays support special NPCs and age-based images:
  • SpecialCharacters:
    • If you need custom ones, add images matching the pregnancy ones (see images folder).
    • In the same folders as the regular ones, prefixed with the 'NPC's Name_ImageName.png', like 'Stacy Slutsky_Birth_Frown.png'.
  • Age:
    • Same as regular images (or above for specials), but in age-subfolders like ...\Pregnancy\09\.

The old (1-3) and new (3-10) stomach overlays can be added in the same way as the birth ones.
  • However, if your NPC's body doesn't match the new ones (vanilla) you'll likely also need to provide a shader event for your NPC.
  • You tweak the shader before making optional overlays for it.
  • Basically make a copy of the FunctionLibrary\PaperDoll\CustomLayers\Stomach\Pregnancy event.
  • Give it lower priority and make it clear the stomach layer at the start (to remove regular shader).
  • Then tweak the event till it works.

Small edits to:
  • Events\ExtensionLibrary\Smartphone\Main\
  • Events\FunctionLibrary\Interaction\

Potential areas for expansion that others can take over (completely), or help with (I prefer doing mechanics over text/balance-logic):
  • Condoms: Replace with 48h lasting pills, 2 variants: Anti-get/make pregnant. Or keep condoms for dicks, and add pills just for vaginas/dicks. Easy enough, just not important.
  • Divorce/marriage mechanics. And pregnancy having an effect on them.
  • Relationship changes caused by pregnancy for NPC-NPC don't exist. Currently if PC is positive about 'it' they get +10 to rel, if they react poorly -50 (50% chance of NPC abortion/lie).
  • Expand on parent visits (PC). Currently there's a generic event for PC being visited/PC visiting.
  • Expand on the 'shady' chain 'result'.
  • Events, events, more events.  There's no pregnancy events: No sex scenes, interactions, etc. I'm not talking about replacing existing images with pregnancy ones (that's pretty unrealistic), just adding some pregnancy content.
  • Add some flavour reactions all over the place based on personality, etc. perhaps.
  • If one were to apply dynamic fertility (man/menstrual cycles) to PC as well, we'd probably need some way to track it). Simple enough, I guess.
  • Ideas: If angry mother didn't abort PC's child, she can use it for blackmail in future? If PC mother told the father to leave her be, he can do the same. PC lying to someone else that they're the father?

Screenshots (click to enlarge)


First of all great mod. Secondly many girls have a belly shader even if they are not pregnant and it is quite annoying. Thirdly when I click the button "Child: check" the game crashes.

How can I fix these?

Also I can not seem to able to find the download file for "New_PD_System_V0.3+".

Thank you.

barteke22Topic starter

The shader is applied if their Stomachs are large enough, if they're not pregnant, then you've got some other mod setting stomach size.

Crash is fixed if you have the latest version + properly followed the update portion of the modding guides.

PD_Sys is where you download the base game (mega).