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[MOD] Lexville

Started by alkalash, Feb 24, 2023, 08:15 PM

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alkalashTopic starter

Hi everyone,

It's the moment you've all been waiting for - Lexville is back!

This mod is a long-time community favourite, with lots of adjustments, added features, extensions of existing features and whatever I could think of. It has no particular direction or theme, it's more like a "HHS++" for me, a general modification or improvement on the base game.

Feature Overview
  • Changed how casual sex works, added threesomes and orgies
  • Over 1200 new uncensored event pictures, including over 750 new pictures for general sex interactions (some animated)
  • Greatly expanded on the idea of slaves:
    • Slave training can now conclude in letting the slave out of your dark room
    • "Unchained" slaves can be used as sex toys, followers, prostitutes for profit, ...
    • Can also abduct girls yourself, without waiting for the criminal gang to do it for you, but the opportunity is rare and risky
  • New Occult club, led by a mysterious demon girl who lives in the gym depot?!?
    Actual spoilers
    • Upgrade to "demon circle" that tries to summon demons
    • If successful, you have the option to get things in exchange for your soul lots of money
    • "Things" include slaves and demonic powers
  • "Body growth simulation":
    • Sets body part sizes and virginity based on age
    • More realistic size distribution for adults
    • Gradual growth of body parts for young people (under 19)
    • Quite flexible and configurable
    • While this does support underage people/students, those do not exist by default and would have to be manually enabled, if desired.
  • People now have an innate preference for/against anal sex, and not everyone will agree to have it with anyone.
  • Expanded options for relationships, like getting your lover's home key, having them move in with you, joining them in bed when they're asleep, or asking them to shave or not shave
  • All non-special females and futas in the game now have one of six different vulva textures on their paperdoll (including the principal, if they are a female/futa!)
  • Female and futa characters now have visible wetness on their paperdolls when aroused, as long as they are bottomless (configurable)
  • Orifices will now stretch over time if large things are inserted (configurable)
  • Expanded existing club chains and added a few new ones
  • Added the ability to expand the school building for a lot more rooms (currently not enough teachers in the game though...)
  • On that note, added two more teachers (still not enough, but you can use other mods to expand this - see Compatibility List below!)
  • Added a few more paperdoll outfits
  • Added some easily accessible cheat options (in Principal's bedroom)
  • More new ways to make money, e.g. donations from parents if you have a high reputation, and selling drugs to students (WIP)
  • You can now donate money to charity to improve your reputation
  • You, your slaves or your lovers can now undergo cosmetic surgery or gender change surgery at the hospital
  • You can take online "leadership lessons" on weekends to improve some of your stats
  • Added three more spycams around the school
  • And more...

Download and installation:
Download (full) v1.2.2.0 here (365 MB).
Update patches:
If you already have an earlier version installed, you might not need to redownload the whole release if a corresponding patch is listed here:
  • None for v1.2.2.0 - download full version

Full installation:
  • Make sure that your HHS+ is updated to (exactly) the required version. For Lexville v1.2.2.0, that is HHS+
  • Download the .zip archive linked above, and extract it into <your HHS directory>\Schools\NormalSchool\Mods.
    • The resulting folder structure should look like <your HHS directory>\Schools\NormalSchool\Mods\Lexville\<folders and ModInfo.xml>.
  • Launch the game, and Lexville should appear in the "Modules" tab - click the check mark next to it to enable the mod.
Then create your character as usual and start your new game. I do not recommend loading the mod into an existing savegame, as some things will be broken.
Before choosing your game intro (normal/short), you can also check out the "Lexville: Game Settings" button.
Otherwise, just explore the game and try to find all the new stuff, but most importantly, have fun!

Updating an existing installation:
  • Make sure that your HHS+ is updated to (exactly) the required version, as with a full installation.
  • Check whether a patch from your currently installed Lexville version to the newer version exists in the list above, and download it.
  • Extract the patch into <your HHS directory>\Schools\NormalSchool\Mods (same location as the original Lexville install), making sure to merge and replace all folders/files when prompted.
    • If no merge/replace prompts come up, you probably extracted the patch into the wrong folder.
  • Launch the game, and Lexville should appear in the "Modules" tab with its new version number - make sure the mod is enabled.
  • Either start a new game with the new version as with a full installation, or if the new version is compatible with your old version's savefile (see below for that information), load that savefile.
  • If you loaded an old savefile: Open the Debug window (button on the bottom right), go to the "Reload Game Objects" tab, and press "Add Changed Objects" and "Refresh Files". Proceed to the "Reload Events" tab and do the same ("Add Changed Events" -> "Refresh Files").

Savefile compatibility:
Lexville v1.2.2.0 supports savefiles that were created with Lexville v1.2.0.0 or newer, assuming base game save update instructions are followed if updating from an older HHS+ version. The only drawback is that the new continuous body part growth feature will not work (only works in a new game), and some other minor things might not function perfectly.
Savefiles from Lexville versions older than v1.2.0.0 are not compatible with v1.2.2.0.

Bugs and updates:
Considering the size of this mod, you will likely encounter bugs throughout the game. If you encounter a bug, make sure that you're running the latest version of the mod with all patches installed and all files refreshed in your save. If the bug persists and it's not listed in the "Known Issues" spoiler below, please feel free to report it. I will do my best to fix bugs as soon as I can, but I don't always have time to actively work on this mod, so some things may take a while.
Also, I will try to update the mod for new game versions ASAP, but that can also take quite a lot of work and there will be delays. Please be patient with me there :)
  • v1.2.2.0:
    • Updated to HHS+
    • Rebuilt "Ask for Sex" interaction for a more flexible and realistic system.
    • Bug fixes and improvements.
    • Pregnancy compatibility patch updated with a new feature.
  • v1.2.1.0:
    • Added more outfits for the added teachers (Anna Miller and Lara Ellis), so their paperdolls should now look consistent.
    • Improved and expanded Body Growth Simulation further - young people's body parts will now slowly grow over the years, up to the age of 19.
    • Numerous bug fixes and improvements.
    • Pregnancy compatibility patch updated with more features and fixes.
  • v1.2.0.0:
    • Updated to HHS+ and modernized all event code to match 1.10 systems and features.
    • Reworked the anal sex preference system - people now have an innate preference (long term), and their immediate desire for anal sex is represented by their Anal fetish value (which can change).
    • Reworked and rebalanced the slave work system, it should be more realistic and less overpowered now.
    • Reworked the vulva system - should be cleaner and more universal now. Players can also select their vulva type in the character creator now (though the dropdown labels make no sense, the preview still works).
    • The "Receptive Telepathy" demon power is now integrated with the person info panel from the base game.
    • Added a vulva wetness system, for visible arousal on female/futa paperdolls. Not perfect, especially for adults - if you don't like it, you can disable it in the mod settings.
    • Added the ability to ask your (non-student) lovers to shave (or stop shaving).
    • Added more new sex pictures.
    • Maybe more that I forgot...
  • For earlier versions, please check out the old (HHS+ 1.9.5) Lexville thread.
Known issues
  • Orgies are sometimes buggy (throwing errors or refusing to show up). Not consistent, but I'm trying to investigate this.

I don't claim to have balanced the features of Lexville particularly well - I mostly lack the time to go through all that. Feel free to give me feedback about it though.

You can check out development progress on the official GitLab repository (to be restored soon).
Feel free to report bugs by creating a GitLab issue - but please make sure you're up to date on the latest patch, and that it hasn't been reported or fixed before - check the "Known issues" spoiler above for that.
Aside from that, I'm usually easily reachable on Discord (see the forum link for the official HHS+ Discord server).

Other mods and compatibility:
  • Lexville does not depend on any other mods.
  • Lexville is not officially compatible with most other mods. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that it'll work nicely with any other mods out there right now, aside from the ones that are listed below - but I (or someone else) may create compatibility patches in the future.
  • If you are running Lexville alongside other mods (that aren't listed below), please refrain from creating GitLab issues for bugs you encounter - confirm that the bug exists in Lexville alone first. Feel free to talk to us on Discord too, we might be able to fix incompatibilities together with other mod authors.
Current official mod compatibilities:
Compatibility list
  • AI Decensor v1.0.1.0 (by me): No conflicts.
  • Pregnancy v2023.05.26 (by barteke22): I have created a compatibility patch that integrates the two mods with each other. Install it like any other mod, then move it below Lexville and Pregnancy in the mod list, and enable it.
    Pregnancy patch notes
    • Demon powers allow modification of your own and others' potency/fertility, starting at SelfMod: Body Lv.3 and Telekinesis Lv.3 respectively.
    • Demon powers allow modification of your own and others' pregnancy stage and details, as well as magical abortions at any stage, starting at SelfMod: Body Lv.3 and Telekinesis Lv.3 respectively.
    • Demon powers allow modification of any child's age, at Telekinesis Lv.4.
    • Slaves can be asked to have an abortion, if early enough in their pregnancy.
    • Ideas (not yet implemented): Pregnancy induction with demon powers
  • Teacher Compendium v2023.01.20 (by barteke22): No conflicts. This mod is the recommended way to add more teachers in the late game when you have too many classes.
Info for mod authors
  • If you want to dynamically check for whether Lexville is installed, I recommend checking for the presence of the FunctionLibrary\LexvilleUpdating\LexvilleUpdateMain event. For this, use the "Get Event by Name" operation, and check whether the result is Nothing.
  • If (aside from the first check) you want to check for a specific Lexville version being installed, reference the "Installed Lexville Version" variable (ID 2) in FunctionLibrary\LexvilleUpdating\LexvilleUpdateMain. This contains the version string of the currently installed Lexville version.

Have fun!


I don't know how anyone hasn't responded yet, including myself seeing how this was a wonderful birthday present.
Corrupting Students since 2006

⚧ Squark

It's super-leightweight now that it's been set up to work with the Mod system.
Thanks again, @alkalash!

Question, though. Does it work with barteke22's pregnancy mod?


Question, though. Does it work with barteke22's pregnancy mod?

alkalashTopic starter

Haha yeah, I just released the compatibility patch for the Pregnancy mod. Look for it in the main post :)


With the base games increase in available classes, Lexville's increase in special classrooms and barteke22's teacher compendium, a perfect machine of educational corruption is born. @alkalash Thanks. Your awesome.

P.S. Can you add an orgy option to Hypnosis?

alkalashTopic starter

I may look into Hypnosis orgies at a later date, sure. As of right now, the whole orgy system is quite janky, unfortunately.


This is a huge improvement over the base game, congrats.

Can I request a way to hypno-order a person to wait in a location? or hypno order them out of the room?

I mean my teachers have a lot of willpower but I can most of the time take on small groups of students and mass hypno them but once one person resists the whole thing goes down.


Hi, can you tell me how to open the Glory Hole club?


I found a bug, I waited for the missing girl quest to fire I found her, trainer her and set her free, asked her to move in but the options where not good enough so I abducted her again to make her my slave and then, used the cheat to make her my slave...

that's the problem now everytime I get in the basement she's roaming around as my slave but she's also there downstairs firing events.

any way to fix this?

alkalashTopic starter

Quote from: storm4n on Mar 04, 2023, 01:12 AMThis is a huge improvement over the base game, congrats.

Can I request a way to hypno-order a person to wait in a location? or hypno order them out of the room?

I mean my teachers have a lot of willpower but I can most of the time take on small groups of students and mass hypno them but once one person resists the whole thing goes down.

And I may look into that, whether in Lexville or in the base game. The latter mostly exists already though, you can just tell them to e.g. go to their place and wait for you.

alkalashTopic starter

Quote from: Ziki23 on Mar 04, 2023, 01:58 AMHi, can you tell me how to open the Glory Hole club?

Once at least one of your students is uninhibited/lusty/corrupted enough, you'll get an event in your office that unlocks the club. It's definitely not an early game thing (for obvious reasons).

alkalashTopic starter

Lexville version is out. See the changelog as usual ;D This should also fix all reported bugs so far, aside from the ones that are still mentioned in "Known Issues".

Along with this, the pregnancy compatibility patch also has a new version, with new features you don't want to miss out on :)


I am loving the mod.  Thank you very much and hope that you continue to expand it. ;D


Lexville just expand straight interactions or gay and lesbian as well? Slaves just can be girls?