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[MOD] [HHS+1.9.5] [OLD] Lexville

Started by alkalash, May 20, 2022, 12:30 AM

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alkalashTopic starter

Hi everyone,
With the return of the forums, the popular modded scenario is also back on here.

This is the old thread, for HHS+ Version 1.9.5 and Lexville version 1.1.2. For the new version of Lexville for HHS+ 1.10, see the new thread.

It's based on the default scenario, renamed to "Lexville" (so it doesn't interfere with the vanilla game) with lots of adjustments, added features, extensions of existing features and whatever I could think of. It has no particular direction or theme, it's more like a "HHS++" for me, a general modification or improvement on the base game.

Feature Overview
  • Changed how casual sex works, added threesomes and orgies
  • Greatly expanded on the idea of slaves:
    • Slave training can now conclude in letting the slave out of your dark room
    • "Unchained" slaves can be used as sex toys, followers, prostitutes for profit, ...
    • Can also abduct girls yourself, without waiting for the criminal gang to do it for you, but the opportunity is rare and risky
  • New Occult club, led by a mysterious demon girl who lives in the gym depot?!?
    Actual spoilers
    • Upgrade to "demon circle" that tries to summon demons
    • If successful, you have the option to get things in exchange for your soul lots of money
    • "Things" include slaves and demonic powers
  • "Body growth simulation":
    • Sets body part sizes and virginity based on age
    • More realistic size distribution for adults
    • Quite flexible and configurable
    • While this does (and is designed to) support underage people, those do not exist by default and have to be manually enabled.
  • Not everyone likes anal sex now (at least not initially ;))
  • Expanded options for relationships, like getting your lover's home key, having them move in with you, joining them in bed when they're asleep
  • All non-special females in the game now have one of six different vulva textures on their paperdoll
  • Orifices will now stretch over time if large things are inserted ;) (configurable)
  • Expanded existing club chains and added a few new ones
  • Added the ability to expand the school building for a lot more rooms (currently not enough teachers in the game though...)
  • On that note, added two more teachers (still not nearly enough...)
  • Added a few more paperdoll outfits, some make more sense than others ;D
  • Added and replaced many MF and female pics (uncensored, animated, ...)
  • Added a "random image" option for sex
  • Added some easily accessible cheat options (in Principal's bedroom)
  • Two new major ways to make money: Donations from parents if you have a high reputation, and selling drugs to students (WIP)
  • You can now donate money to charity to improve your reputation
  • You, your slaves or your lovers can now undergo cosmetic surgery or gender change surgery at the hospital
  • You can take online "leadership lessons" on weekends to improve some of your stats
  • Added three more spycams around the school
  • Plus a few more minor changes that are not worth listing here.

Download and installation:
Download v1.1.2 on Google or Mega (318 MB).
  • None yet.
  • Make sure that your HHS+ has all updates up to Update #38 installed (see official release thread). If you install further updates, the effects of those updates may be reverted when installing Lexville and there may be major issues in some cases. Service Pack 7 has been tested to work without major issues.
  • Go into the "Schools" folder and create a copy of the "NormalSchool" folder.
  • Rename the copy to "ModSchool".
  • Extract the contents of the main zip file into the "Schools" folder, replace all files when prompted.
  • Also extract all patches into the "Schools" folder, in the given order. Watch out for patch-specific instructions above.
Then create your character as usual, select the "Lexville" scenario on the main tab and start your new game.
Before choosing your game intro (normal/short), you can also check out the "Game start settings" button.
Otherwise, just explore the game and try to find all the new stuff, but most importantly, have fun!

To update an existing installation of Lexville, you only need to do steps 4 and/or 5.
Due to major vanilla updates, savefiles from earlier Lexville versions are not compatible with v1.1.2.
If you want to keep playing your savegame, don't update to v1.1.2. A download for v1.1.1 with all patches is available in the "Old Versions" spoiler below.
Keep in mind that v1.1.1 requires a vanilla base game that is updated to (and no further than) update #29.

Bugs and updates:
Considering the size of this mod, you will certainly encounter multiple bugs throughout the game. If you encounter a bug, make sure that you're running the latest version of the mod with all patches installed and all event files refreshed in your save. If the bug persists and it's not listed in the "Known Issues" spoiler below, please feel free to report it. I will do my best to fix bugs as soon as I can, but I don't always have time to actively work on this mod, so some things may take a while.
Also, I will try to update the mod for new game versions ASAP, but that can also take quite a lot of work and there will be delays. Please be patient with me there :)
  • v1.1.2:
    • Added "random image" mode for sex images (GetPhysical).
    • Orifice stretching is now configurable in the game settings.
    • Added game settings button to principal's bedroom, so settings can be changed after game start.
    • Improved and updated cheats.
    • Fixed bugs, (hopefully) increased stability of paperdolls with vulvas.
  • v1.1.1:
    • Slaves now have a functional energy stat and will have to sleep when they're tired.
    • Slaves can now be allowed to roam free all over the town.
    • Rebalanced some financial aspects of slaves.
  • v1.1.0:
    • Finalized the threesome system (for now)
    • Added a fancy new demonic power: Teleportation!
    • Cleaned up slave events and (hopefully) fixed text color issues
    • Surgery events now actually available, thanks to correct folder names
    • As usual, some bugfixes and general cleanup
  • v1.0.3: Update to HHS+1.9.5, moved new locations to WorldExtension, other minor changes and fixes
  • v1.0.2: Re-added missing files to download, minor text fix
  • v1.0.1: Changed installation method, reduced file size, bugfixes
  • v1.0.0: Initial release
Old Versions
  • v1.1.1f: Version 1.1.1 with all patches, provided for savegame compatibility.
  • v1.0.2f: Final version for HHS+1.9.4.
Known issues
  • When you make an adult a slave, they look like a student slave. Won't fix, because adult slaves are not intended to be obtainable (other than through cheats).

You may find the game balance to be quite bad, and I think people like to play this game quite differently, so feel free to give me some feedback on that, I might even add a global "difficulty selection" at some point.

Have fun!

alkalashTopic starter


Hi, first that all let me thank you for your effort. Now let me please ask you if there is anyway to update the development map road as it seems to be kind of outdated, I am just curious about the progress as this is the best mod on this game and I really would like to play it. Thanks in advance and sorry to bored you...



I agree that this is the best mod for HHS+. Now that the game has been declared "out of Beta", are going to begin updating your mod for 1.10.2?


Please Update this mod are at least tell us if it's discontinued.


Tell me this mod works on HHS Character creation doesn't work for me and the game won't launch beyond the Growth Simulator tab. school mod folder created files replaced


Quote from: psix on Aug 31, 2022, 07:13 AMTell me this mod works on HHS Character creation doesn't work for me and the game won't launch beyond the Growth Simulator tab. school mod folder created files replaced
If you read the directions then you should realize it is only for 1.9.5. and is placeholder for now until they start working on it for latest build.


Quote from: iAnimeDeath on Aug 31, 2022, 01:10 PM
Quote from: psix on Aug 31, 2022, 07:13 AMTell me this mod works on HHS Character creation doesn't work for me and the game won't launch beyond the Growth Simulator tab. school mod folder created files replaced
If you read the directions then you should realize it is only for 1.9.5. and is placeholder for now until they start working on it for latest build.
Yes, you are right, I didn't see the name of the mod version, in the description I mistakenly took it for a new version.
Could you give me a quote for a suitable version of HHS?


Just wondering if we can get a rough eta on the new ver. Not a date, just are we talking days(Unlikely, but one can hope), weeks(Also unlikely. this is a big and complex mod and a lot of things have been changed/added since 1.9.5.), months(This is what I'm expecting.), years(I hope not, but as I said before,this is a big and complex mod and a lot of things have been changed/added since 1.9.5.) or discontinued(I really hope not).


If I had to guess, anywhere between months and a year and change. The transition from 1.9.5 to 1.10 was a big change to a lot of things under the hood, especially when it came to modding the game. Considering that Lexville didn't change much to the game outside of the extra features, it's even possible that Lexville could be cut and offered piecemeal. But that's just me throwing things out there.
Corrupting Students since 2006


That's pretty much what I'm expecting. With how many things this mod changes/adds and how many things HHS+ 1.10. has added/changed since 1.9.5., I wouldn't be surprised if Lexville had to be rewritten from the ground up.
I guess what I really want to know is if the modder(s) are working on it, or not. If not, would they be opposed to someone else doing it. (Not me, as I have very little programing knowledge. Basically just enough to know it would take years till I can do something on the level of Lexville.)


I think it's just alkalash and he hasn't logged in since july.

He could be working offline on it, but that's super unlikely since there has been multiple updates since then.

It's probably just better to assume development for a new version hasn't started yet.


One of the big challenges with updating the mod is probably that it's difficult to know what stuff was actually supposed to be changed. The mod has copy-pasted and slightly modified many of the base game's events, but now you'd need to investigate for each individual event what these tiny adjustments were and reapply them to the new version of the base game's event, which may have completely changed in the meanwhile.

Overall, this kind of modding may be fine for small mods that only change minor aspects. But if a mod wants to do things to half the events in the game, it will be a pain to keep it maintained with subsequent game releases. If anything, you'd probably want to make it really obvious in each event what stuff in there is modded and against which version of the event this modification was made. Or reconsider whether all these adjustments are actually necessary or could be achieved in a different way that hooks into the intended extension points instead of fully overwriting things.

The most feasible approach would probably really be to split the mod into individual features that can be released and maintained separately. And if there is some common ground, you could still have some "base mod" that the other parts depend upon.


Separated and fixed body growth simulation:
Extract to your /NormalSchool folder, not /NormalSchool/Mods! Author placed most files in /Events/FunctionLibrary/Mod/ folder and for some weird reason files just cannot be found by a startup event if placed correctly in /Mods. Only actual replacement file still has it's proper folder in /Mods, so correct disable is possible.
Body sizes and virginity simulation work mostly correctly, less some specific exceptions like virgin prostitutes (random generated and young enough). There's room for improvement still. HHS 1.10 "virgin ask" now checks not only flags, but an actual acts amount from database. It's much possible to pre-penetrate each non-virgin for a random amount, but please advise a rigth method to actually aplly it. "Have sex" and "Intercourse" need a second person. "Sex toy" does not add to neccesary counters, "Principal" adds too much complications, mating existing persons accordigly to their preferences and flags is too much work, and I failed to get specific functions like "GetAddSetDDTag" work for that goal.

Also small romantic interaction Join in bed, to get actual sleep in your lover's home:


Think think we are all waiting on alkalash to make a comment on their intentions with the mod. I like the idea of breaking things up, but I would prefer if those mods that are pieces of this one have a place in the op or become separate threads so we don't have to go searching for stuff. If some one can create a mod that give the school more class rooms, that would be great.