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Visual event debugger broken? unable to save changes or add new instance

Started by MikhLav, Nov 07, 2023, 01:13 AM

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MikhLavTopic starter


Is there a manual for operating this Visual event debugger?

I'am unable to edit and use changes even after saving game, and Visual event debugger does not offer to "save" or "save as" - these options are ALWAYS greyed out.

Is there a magic trick I'm missing?


Debugger does not allow editing of events in the "live" game.

If you want to update an event in "live" game (already started playthrough) you have to
  • Start VEE separately
  • Open, edit and save event that you want to change
  • Load changes into your game according to instructions listed here: Section "Adding patch files (from full download, or patch) to Existing Saves"


The Debugger does allow editing of 'live' events, though it's mainly for debugging.

It edits the events stored in the save directly, so there's no concept of saving.  Any change you make is instantly applied to that loaded game (and save once you save the game).

VEE is for editing the physical events, which can then be manually reloaded onto an existing save.