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Stupid questions thread

Started by ElPresidenete, Sep 04, 2023, 07:42 AM

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Oh's a bit field, not a regular int. I missed that!

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If  Iwantot get a list of people currently present at location, sorted by relationship value towards  a given person... how would I go about it?

List Filter: Relationship database seems like a logical course, but I'm nto sure how it works. Is what is written ih the VEE jsut an example or implied? The parameter is attached a string constant? Is paremeter only a WHERE part?
Why are there two input boxes?

I basically want to find hte people with highest relationship to NPCx

Would this work:
select id, value FROM relationships
LEFT OUTER JOIN relationshipdata ON =
where relationships.ownerId = @ownID AND relationships.targetID = @tarID AND value >= 50


Relations are bi-directional, so if you want to filter NPCs with highest rel towards connected NPCX, rather than NPCX's highest rels towards them (it's more or less the same thing).  Right-click the Op and use the Target variant link.

What you see in that Op is already part of the query, you can just add extra stuff above / below the WHERE clause.

In which case, if you want 50 to be minimum, add below WHERE:

AND rel.value >= 50
ORDER BY rel.value DESC

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How would I get list of of all persons wiht phone numbers?


Quote from: ElPresidenete on Feb 16, 2024, 10:21 AMHow would I get list of of all persons wiht phone numbers?

Do you mean all persons whose phone numbers you have? If so, I have this:

(that's which for some reason I'm not seeing in my post)


(Code tags added so the img tag is visible)

Quote from: dcsobral on Feb 17, 2024, 09:34 PM[img][/img](that's which for some reason I'm not seeing in my post)

To embed images from Imgur, you need to reference the image file itself, not the post.

This works:


The simplest way is when you look at the post in Imgur, you can click the meatballs menu of the image (not the post), click "Get share links" and there's a BBCode link you can copy and paste directly.

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I am going bonkers trying to get some of my events to work.

SlaveHandler for some reason STILL triggers multiple times, despite me changing it and re-checkggn it a dozen times to make sure that are no duplicate links or loops that could cause it.

Also, the "Bring another slave in" option fails to find another slave, despite there being two.

The ganbang and TeacherStundentSex (ClassromShared) events (and some others) fail to show any images (using ActionIamgeProvider).

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How to acees a person room/bed data so I can change where a NPC sleeps?


Quote from: ElPresidenete on Feb 22, 2024, 09:52 AMHow to acees a person room/bed data so I can change where a NPC sleeps?

I expect it's available via Get/Set Property By Name. If there's any other system for accessing them, it'll be used in the Annette/Andy arrival event, as I believe they update the chosen sibling's home and bedroom? Edit: Nope, the siblings are kept out-of-town by custom schedule handler, not home/bedroom settings.

Also, since the variables are prefixed with int, it's possible that the engine does something with the values (caches them, applies some other logic) so updating them in-place may not go as-expected.

ElPresideneteTopic starter you are telling me that changing where a person sleeps is at the moment not feasable tough code/VVE?

Interestingly, I can change it trough DEbug->Persons


I'm not saying you can't change it, I'm saying you can (use Set Property By Name for the same property as in the Debug state editor), but noting that it's possible that caching or something assumes that property isn't changed at runtime, and so to be on the look out for weird bugs.

In particular, since the scheduler needs to know NPC homes and bedrooms for evening and sleep schedules, it might cache those values daily or forever, or alternatively, teleport people around if they are changed during the time that they're used.  (The "int" prefix makes me suspicious that there's caching or accessor-behaviour etc, but only suspicious.)

But that's 100% speculation, so I suggest "try it and see".


Then again, there's the Great Scheduler Rewrite project that would make that possible.

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ActionIamgeProvider. For some reason I cannot get it to work. It never shows any images.

You have to use the TRy node on entry and Accpeted at exit, right? And the image path is provided as a normal string variable, right?


Quote from: ElPresidenete on Feb 19, 2024, 11:03 AMActionIamgeProvider

Is it spelled correctly in the event?  ActionImageProvider  instead of the above?  The other thing I have noticed is that if I haven't started the game with mod running since restarting the computer/laptop, the VE editor doesn't recognize any of the mods you may be editing as they aren't stored in memory yet.  So the image paths are relative to the basic Schools/Normal/Images path, rather than the mod - but once you've loaded the game with mod and closed it, you can adjust picture paths relative to the mod folder instead and it will recognize afterward.

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You can't really get away with spelling it incorrectly, as it won't load and you wont' get any inputs/outputs and you'll get errors.

I dont' get any errors. It's just that no images show up when I use it-