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Replacing Uniform Normal with custom images

Started by fvuuv, May 25, 2023, 03:41 PM

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fvuuvTopic starter

I'm trying to replace the normal uniform but I'm noticing outfit level 7 and 8 are using nude breasts instead of the breasts in the Uniform Normal folder. I already made some level 7 and level 8 breasts and put them in the Uniform Normal breasts folder.  Can someone point me to where I can change the logic to use those instead of the nude breasts?


I just had a quick look, and the Normal Uniform handlers are using the legacy "Set Paper Doll" logic directly (see events in PaperDollHandlers\Student\Uniform\Normal), so for layers 7 and 8, I believe they would currently be using the breasts in Images\People\Students\Nude\Breasts.

If you don't want to change those, but override the breasts just for the Normal Uniform, I think you can put them in Images\People\Students\Uniform_Normal\Nude\Breasts, but I'm not sure, as I don't have the docs for "Set Paper Doll" in front of me. I _think_ it takes the given path, and if a Nude\Breasts exists there (or Nude\Penis for pantyless states), it'll use that, otherwise it goes up a level and checks again, repeatedly, currently stopping after two iterations at  Images\People\Students\Nude\Breasts.

Note that the different colours use different sibling starting folders, so you'd also need to populate, e.g., Images\People\Students\\Uniform_Normal_Tan\Nude\Breasts. Happily, this means that if you actually want the nude breasts to differ by the selected uniform colour, it'll work.

To change the logic as you originally requested, you could probably disconnect the connections to the "Nude Breasts" and "Nude Penis" inputs on "Set Paper Doll" in the uniform events I mentioned earlier, and then it would just use whatever's in the Images\People\Students\Uniform_Normal\Breasts for all outfit levels. That is slightly more maintenance overhead for a mod, assuming I was right earlier about being able to just populate the correct folders.

fvuuvTopic starter

Thanks for the quick reply.  I'll test it out when I get a chance.  I actually did a quick test with Susan Hooter since I also made custom images for her and she's easier to test with, but maybe the code behind Susan is different from Uniform_Normal?  I created a Nude/Breasts folder in Susan_Work (I don't know the exact folder name since I'm not looking at the folders now) and placed my images in it and name them to 0_01, 0_02..., but it seems the game is not picking up the images I put in.

This raised another question: in Uniform_Normal both level 7 and 8 outfits are using the same nude breasts, that means I can't have different breast layers for 7 and 8 if I don't change the logic in VEE?

fvuuvTopic starter

Ok, I just tested with Uniform_Normal and it seems putting it in Nude/Breasts inside Uniform_Normal will not work.  Not sure if the file names have to be different or something, but I was naming it as 0_01, 0_02, etc according to Student/Nude/Breasts.  Maybe I'll have to go change the logic for VEE for this to work.


Whether generic breasts are used is controlled via VEE yes.

There's 2 booleans saying 'Nude Breasts' and 'Nude Penis' provided by a function at the outfit's RudeAt level.

Connect it to the matching 6+, 7+ or 8+, or disconnect completely to not use generic breasts.

Make sure to change the RudeAt level to match your outfit if it's different (when breasts or penis first show). Nature's Way is required to go past the RudeAt level.

Without editing VEE, your assets must match existing logic (replacing 1:1).

fvuuvTopic starter

Thanks for the pointer.  After disconnecting nude breasts inputs the game started grabbing breasts from the breast folder in the current directory.  But it looks like I have to restart the game for the edited .ve files to load.  Is there a way to reload the .ve files in a saved game?


Reloading events in Debug applies changed files (provided the mod is enabled under Debug > Modules if it's a mod).