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PD_System_Heads upgrade

Started by shpungout, Feb 01, 2024, 04:06 PM

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shpungoutTopic starter

I tried to improve the structure of the PD_System_Heads mod. The result is a small addition to the mod PD_System_Head v.0.302, making the following changes:

1. All hair PNG-files are now located in the "Images\PeopleNew\Shared\Body\Head\Hair\_assets" directory are divided into three catalogs (Back, Front, Middle). The file names match the identifiers and settings of the hair parts in Kisekae.
File name examples:
* m01.png -- middle hair part with ID=1 in Kisekae;
* f01-50.png -- front hair part with ID=1 and 50% length;
* b02-20-25-50.png -- back hair part with ID=2, 20% height, 25% width and 50% Y-location.
This file name format is chosen to understand how they were obtained, and has no meaning when used in the game. The file name can be anything as long as it does not contain the characters ";" or ":".
Benefit: Each PNG file of hair is presented in the game in only one copy.

2. The haircut names are placed in the *.hairnames file located at the root of the "_assets" directory. It is assumed that other mods can add their own PNG-files and hairnames-files with their descriptions. At the moment, the hairnames-file contains only the names of hairstyles corresponding to PNG files. But if necessary, it is possible to add more parameters in the future.
* Middle\m03:Short Bob -- the m03.png file will be named "Short Bob".
The names of hairstyles from this file are used only in the character appearance menu. The player will be able to select only those hairstyles whose names are in the hairnames-file. This will make it possible to hide special hairstyles.
Benefit: The names of hairstyles are not limited by the file naming rules. It is possible to localize the displayed names into other languages.

3. Random generation of hairstyles has been replaced with presets of hairstyles. Sets are files with the "hairset" extension located in "Images\PeopleNew\Shared\Body\Head\Hair\Female\Long", etc. The hairset-file contains entries, each of which is a set of three hair parts + information about the archetype and personality of the character who can use it.
* "m01;f24-50;b02-55-35-65;8;2" -- hairset including three hair parts that can only be used by a character with ID=8 archetype (Rebel) and ID=2 personality (Emo);
* "m01;f24-50;b02-55-35-65;;6" -- hairset that can only be used by a character with ID=6 personality (Shy) and any archetype;
* "m01;f11-50;b02-55-35-65" -- hairset without application restrictions.
Benefit: Avoiding the possibility of ugly results from automatic hairstyle generation. The ability to create special hairstyles suitable only for certain archetypes and personalities of the characters.
Disadvantage: The need to manually create a hairsets.

4. The hairset-file name also contains information about how many hairsets it contains (hairsets with archetype or personality restrictions are not counted). This information is used to calculate the weights for each hairstyle length.
* m01#51.hairset -- this file contains 51 sets of common hairstyles;
* m38.hairset -- this file does not contain common hairstyles (or should not be taken into account when calculating weights).


At the moment, this is only a technical demonstration, the mod is not intended for the game. It is installed as a separate mod, dependent on the PD_System_Heads.
Implemented: generation of hairstyles during initialization of the game and selection of middle hair in the character appearance settings menu.
Modified ve-files:
* Events\ExtensionLibrary\PaperDoll\Initialize\Body\
* Events\ExtensionLibrary\PaperDoll\LooksMenu\Style\
* Events\ExtensionLibrary\PaperDoll\LocalFunctions\

Download link:
Translated into English by Google.


So is this a competing system, or did you not see the version linked on discord 2 months ago (that contains most of these changes)?