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Need help with the PaperDoll system

Started by LDev_IX, Jun 02, 2023, 09:47 AM

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LDev_IXTopic starter

Does anyone know how the current PaperDoll system works?
I just want to change the outfit level for some people in the game and it doesn't work with outfits from other mods (ClothingVariety).
Is there a FunctionLibrary event that would work on all outfits?
If anyone would be kind enough the explain how the whole system works it would be much appreciated.


Oufit level is calculated in a DailyEvent. Each outfit has a corresponding event, which specifies its RudeAt level and applies the outfit level.

RudeAt defines when the outfit becomes 'rude' (genitalia), the function also in some cases decides when default breasts/penises are used.

The function clamps the OutfitLevel below RudeAt while 'Nature's Way' isn't passed (or instead if 'Undress State' is overridden via Map > Advanced Options).