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General observations, musings and ideas

Started by ElPresidenete, Nov 16, 2023, 09:26 AM

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The function you were talking about. Is it GetPersonsFamily?

I already see problems with it. It assumes no students can have children so it doesn't check.


Quote from: ElPresidenete on Nov 24, 2023, 12:15 PMThe function you were talking about. Is it GetPersonsFamily?

I already see problems with it. It assumes no students can have children so it doesn't check.

It's "Get Degree of Relationship". It's a VEE operation.

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How do sex function resolve Cowgirl (forced riding)?

its  vaginal, so 22, B (dom) does A (sub), consent 8? But consent is appleis to B, not A? So it should be 22, BonA (2), consent 8????

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I'm still confused with dom riding Sub and how that should be structured. Both for images and for action logic.

Is the dominant (A) riding the subs dick (B) a giver in this case? Or the reciever.
Does A or B position matter for the Image diplay and HandleSexEffects?

Does have A conencted to A, B to B and using 0 as a giver value AND having Bto A and A to B and having 2 as a value make a difference or is it the same?

Also, how the f do I handle mutual penetration between 2 futas?


A or B matters only for PC-NPC sex (PC must always be A), GiveReceive simply specifies who does the action (gives blowjob or fucks ass) to whom.

There's no concept of direction for Consent.  Consent simply describes the scene as a whole. There's no tracking of whether A forced B or vice-versa.

Afaik, the original GetPhysical mod (later GenSex) was focused on PC-NPC, and older game design idea was that PC was a dick and always in charge (so I guess if there was a direction it would be A being dominant, but there isn't).

Applying a direction to Consent after 6+ years of use, in a backward compatible way... would probably only work by using negative numbers, with positive being A, and negative B (not supported atm).

ImageProvider should take the same values as SetEffects (doesn't have to, but for consistency).
GiveReceive matters for picking who's the giver in the image (aka who fucks a vagina, sucks a d, etc).
The 'GenSex Image & Character packs' manual covers how all the tagging works (guide version is nicer).

Doing an action to each other is GiveReceive Shared (3).

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Quotepplying a direction to Consent after 6+ years of use, in a backward compatible way... would probably only work by using negative numbers, with positive being A, and negative B (not supported atm).

Oh..that's somewhat dissapointing

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I'm looking into expanding the slave bit to allow multiple slaves, but for that I'd need to remember/store multiple slaves.

The simplest idea is to store their names (string) and then GetPersonByName but global variables cannot be list, only individual strings.

Interestin enough, the current slave code calls the Object varialbe reference from another event, which confuses me a bit, as it implies that event remains in memory. But it get the YourSlave object from VictimName string... but I don't see it as a global variable????

I is confused. How to nadle multiple slaves? Eitehr I need to have a fixed number of global variables or .. I dunno.


My initial idea would be to put a tag on the slaves, similar to how "Favourite Movie" is handled. (Although unlike Favourite Movie, put a prefix on the tag if you have multiple slave states to track, so tags don't collide needlessly. Actually, namespaced tags would be nice, even by convention. Is ":" a valid character?)

However, I haven't thought heavily about that, so it may not work for the circumstances you need.

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I did something like that. Updated the Events_RF zip file with the new script MakeSlave

In theory, it should allow up to 3 slaves and can be expanded for more. Someone check if my logic and way of thinking is sound.
Basically, it checks if a selected person is a salve, if not then it gets their name and checks the global string Slave variables one by one if any is empty and puts in , gives the person slave status, moves to basement and changes their schedule.
The persons are fetched by name from these globals and put in a slave object list.

If a selected person IS a slave, then you get an option to release them.

I'd edit the normal slave script to use my new global variables for slaves and change it to an Interaction that is only available for people with IsSlave status. For timed events that are dependent on location, smoething else cna be implemented.

Feeding/beating could be moved to a new status if necessary, rather than checking a global bit field or a singular variable for a single slave.
You torture the slave it gets a tortured status and if you totrure her again, gets even worse status. Do it again and it's death.
Can do interesting things with this.

As a bonus, this enables slave-slave interactions, since my edit of the basement slave script already has support for someone other than MC doing a slave.

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How hard would it be to add another stat for a person - health? Seems like it would be most useful to have

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Ok, I started implementing my idea of a new slave system.
Added a SlaveTRainign skill that for PC measure how good he is at slave training, but for a NPC measures how well trained/obedient they are.

Moving all current slave logic to an interaction.
That said, health/food check will still have to be a script that fired dialy to check slaves (IsFed status - if it runs out is replaced by IsStarving and if that runs out...DED). Then agian, I could just drop the entire feeding routine.
I wonder if I should add PentUp state for orgasm denial? I notice a status effect cna directly affect stats, so  starving chould multiply stamina and hapniess by 0,5, PentUp might have the same effect on willpower. Interesting possiblities.

However, since multiple slaves are now a possiblity
Regarding food and torture, handling them with Status Effects seems like a proper way to do it.

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I am officially all over the place. Ideas and plans up the whazoo. Currently working on several quest chains and updates and tweaks.

Updated Lexvilles Orgy option to take into account anal blacklisting and also to take into account virgintiy (virgins are less likely to do penetrative sex)

Updated the Parent Gym event activation so that any staff memeber can trigger it (no need to have Claire hired)

Wokring on mother-daughter Yoga club, am trying to figure out how clubs work.

Alternate quest chain for April Rayamund, involving visiting her Religious Studies Club, spying on her to find some secrets (masturbating in the confessional), convincing of moving the club to school so you can spy on her, then blackmail or slow corruption.

A bully quest chain where you cna push/trick bullies into more sexual billying.

Got tons of images that am currently sifting trough - quite a few of them can be added to the selection of images for current evetns, GenSEximages, etc..  some can be used to expand some special characters - in particular I have an entire set for Keller and Carmen(?)
Gonna put up the new image set up any day now.

That, in addition to all the other things/tweaks I fumble with.

Going fine so far.
Made some progress with the MD yoga club chain (inital club creation, club expansion, club stages and scripts to populate club are done), stared doing Aprils chain and also doing a branching talk event  with Annette at home regarding pregnancy (with differen things to say depending if hte baby is yours or not).
Also will look into asking her to move in to your bed.

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The whole Coppers questline is a bit strange.
Coppers is frinedly at the PTA meeting and evne asks you to keep na eye on her daughter, who turnes out to be anti-authority and asks you for drugs and booze. Everything points to using her rebellious daughter to get to her, but instead suddenly she turnes into a crazed psycho that overstpes her autohrity and threatens to turn your life into living hell for...nothing?

On another note, there iz ZERO reaction to loosing virginity. It seems things were planned?


She's triggered by you buying the Chem Lab, it's maybe not well-described in the text but she's basically a cop who knows you're involved in drugs but doesn't have the evidence to proceed. Hence the tailing in the park etc, they're trying to catch you doing something. The actual text I think says more like "I know you bought something, but not what" but maybe would be clearer if she said knew you bought drug-manufacturing paraphernalia for the school (not itself illegal) and is now watching you closely to make sure you're not abusing it, so it's obvious why she comes in at this point and drops the Small Favour she gave you earlier.

Ameli isn't really involved at any point I noticed, the whole thing at the start is basically to give you a Small Favour so you aren't forced into building the Chem Lab early to run her questline, as she's the lowest-priority PTA member. (If the Smartphone hints at using the daughter to get to her, that's a mistake that should be fixed... I believe the Perrier and/or Titsbig chains have such a note, correctly. Maybe it was copied over by accident at some point?)

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An alternate quastline/approach is worth considering. I find the current questline kinda... lacking.