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Started by V, May 16, 2022, 12:40 AM

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Hello! Is it possible to add a log specifically for girls? I think it can be implemented as a separate tab in the magic notebook. It would be very useful to be able to check the notebook and see, for example: service training - +2 obedience + 2 service, or improvement after work - +2 charisma, etc.


Hi guys,

Sorry, wasn't sure which category this would belong to. Mine is more of a question, i tried to create a new Fixation for advanced training, but it kind of fell apart and i had to revert back to normal. Basically, i wanted to create a new category in advanced training, named "Summon". The idea being that MC is able to summon a pet, monster\beast to help with the advanced training with the girl. My intention was to make the monsters have more events and appear more often. Problem is that when i named it, it seemed to conflict with the label slave_advanced_training, probably because Monster is not defined as a fixation from somewhere else and label was getting confused. Is this something that is possible to do without making a whole lot of changes to different scripts? I thought it would be picked up if i just added it under all the other fixations: I also added it in the descriptions category, above fixations.

"Summon" : Fixation("beast", acts=("service", "sex", "anal", "fetish"), step=3, attribute="extravert", tag_list=(["beast"], ["monster"],)),
"Summon" : Fixation("beast", acts=("service", "sex", "anal", "fetish"), step=2, attribute="extravert", tag_list=(["beast"], ["monster"],)),
"Summon" : Fixation("beast", acts=("service", "sex", "anal", "fetish"), step=1, attribute="extravert", tag_list=(["beast"], ["monster"],)),