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[Resources] Index of mods, utilities and useful links

Started by neronero, May 17, 2022, 06:51 PM

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neroneroTopic starter

Brothel King 0.2
You must download and install the latest patch on top of the base game files.
Base Game + Latest Patch

Besides these two files you will also require girlpacks in your /girls/ folder to run the game. See the Girl Packs section below.

Girl Packs
Girl Packs database
A comprehensive list of over a thousand girlpacks. This spreadsheet contains a seperate sheet for Real Girls. All pack creators are encouraged to add their creations to this list through its submission form.

Basic Girls Pack
A collection of starter girlpacks for new players. It's curated to offer a nice variety of popular characters in a (relatively) compact package.

Girl Pack announcement thread
New girl packs are usually announced here.

Useful Links

Active & functional
These mods are supposed to be working on the latest patch. If they do not, please alert the author and/or make a note of it in this thread.

The Booty Hunter from Bonanza adds a new feature to the slavemarket which allows you to custom-order girls for exorbitant prices. A bit unbalanced if you know exactly what you should be looking for, but also an excellent way to test new strategies if you're not 100% sure what you should be looking for yet.

Trait King
The Trait King mod expands Brothel King's traits system to make each girl feel more unique. If you pluck a random girl off the street to work in your brothel, there's more uncertainty about her starting traits and how she might develop in the future.

King's Way
This mod provides a cheat menu ingame to enable an extra-casual, extra-fun pimping experience.

Chris' Job Mod
Chris' Job Mod rebalances jobs. Each job has its own benefits and drawbacks and while whores remain the big earners overall, the other jobs stay more relevant throughout a playthrough compared to vanilla BK.

"All The Fallen" patch
This patch (technically not a mod) overhauls a lot of the in-game imagery to... *ahem* significantly reduce the average age of depicted females. Enjoy your delicious cake.

Augment Mod
Enter The Augment Laboratory and experiment with powerful alchemical effects on your girls. From things such as gaining bonuses based on Love or Fear, to build-changing stat conversions, you'll have the opportunity to find the best synergies and the strongest combinations for each girl.

Inactive & dysfunctional
These mods are outdated, unsupported or have known issues. Don't download them and assume they will work out of the box.


Tools & Utilities for modders & pack creators
Submission form for the Girl Packs database
A form to submit packs to the Girl Packs Database

BK Picture Namer / Tagging Tool
An essential tool for creating your own girlpacks.

Girl Pack creation tips/guide
A helpful guide full of tips and tricks about girl pack creation

Community Dialogue Project
A collaborative effort by Brothel King fans to write dialogue lines for the game. Brothel King 0.2 introduced 23 unique girl personalities and our aim is to give each of these personalities a unique voice.
My Girl Packs: [ link ] - Trait King mod: [ link ]

neroneroTopic starter

Feel free to share any links/items that should be added to the index. This initial list is far from complete.
My Girl Packs: [ link ] - Trait King mod: [ link ]


Here is a link for King's way mod and for Chris Job mod

neroneroTopic starter

King's Way link replaced with a link to the F95zone thread, apparently the 2.1 version is outdated and the 2.0 version on F95 is the most current release (confusing, i know ::))
My Girl Packs: [ link ] - Trait King mod: [ link ]


Here is a new link for King's way 2.0. It's seems i accidently deleted that file becuse of the version number. ::)