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HHS+ Mods / Re: [Mod] [Mods] barteke22's m...
Last post by hevensdragon - Today at 08:39 PM
Quote from: ElPresidenete on Today at 11:33 AMAdd Set Next Schedule node. Value of 1 is 1 day.

On the begning, under try branch, add Event Scheduled - put the Accept Event under the yes output.
That's past what I am up to learning, I am only editing the xml real quickly in notepad. The whole event editor interface is a mess to me that I don't wasn't any part of. But if its simple please go for it, pretty sure its all the mod needs, though I would set it to a once a week event not once a day.
Brothel King / Re: Unicorn Mod (change more g...
Last post by TyranntX - Today at 08:07 PM
Okay, updating the mod seems to have gotten it to work correctly, thanks
Brothel King / Re: [Feedback] *BUG REPORTS*
Last post by Goldo - Today at 04:05 PM
Quote from: TyranntX on Dec 06, 2023, 02:49 PMOkay, I don't know if this is a bug or not, but that Blowhard Kosmo constantly gloats more than once whenever he shows up, hell the first time he does it he says the same thing twice, and it gets to the point where errors pop up multiple times.

Sounds like a bug that was resolved a while ago, if you're talking about the test 0.3 version (wrong thread, by the way). Make sure you have the latest patch.
Brothel King / Re: v0.3 Test version (gamepla...
Last post by Goldo - Today at 04:01 PM
Quote from: Animaz on Nov 26, 2023, 03:09 AMi love this game and i would love to play the full game.
any idea on the estimate timeline for the full release; or for the current version you are on?
and will BKv2 girl packs work with v3 and onward?
if you have already answered this question sorry to bother.

Sorry I had missed your question. I can't commit to a release date because then it'd be wrong, most likely by a large margin, and I'd rather not get everyone's hopes up. I am doing this alone so it's easy to get derailed by pesky things like life, but little by little I'm chipping down at what needs to be done.

I make sure old girlpacks are always supported: if I ever change things as I did with _BK.ini, I will keep the necessary hooks in place so that back compatibility with older packs is guaranteed. The one possible exception is custom events, because there's so much potential diversity in custom code that I can't foresee all the ramifications.
Brothel King / Re: Unicorn Mod (change more g...
Last post by vadi92 - Today at 03:55 PM
Quote from: TyranntX on Today at 01:16 AM
Quote from: vadi92 on Dec 06, 2023, 03:47 PM
Quote from: TyranntX on Dec 06, 2023, 01:30 AMSo uh, what file is the one to change the "Virgin Generation", There's only three files. One is just q short animation of a girl with a gun and the other two are both named "Unicorn"

For this create a folder with the name Unicorn(or anything you want to name it) in:

Copy/paste the content from this mod into the new folder.

Open up the game go to mod menu. Activate it and you are done.

Nope, Didn't work. Now i'm getting constant errors. due to the mod

Ok. I just checked it. It's having a problem with the webm file. The game simply cant adjust it.
For a quick solution open up the rpy file. Go to line 52 and delete it. It will dosn't have a pic but atleast it will make it work.

Or here is an updated version for the mod. (Resized the webm file to make it work.)
Brothel King / Re: [Resources] Writing events...
Last post by Goldo - Today at 03:54 PM
Thanks, I recommend making a separate thread for it to give the mod visibility and collect people's feedback.
HHS+ / Re: Gameplay questions
Last post by blacklwolf666 - Today at 01:24 PM
so... was doing the petra hooter/Susan hooter line but now i can't progress (had peter as a futa). After watching susan masturbate for the first night I can't give petra the picture afterwards. When I first tried to give her the picture there was an error message that was stupid enough not to look at and save over after it happened. The picture is gone from my inventory and petra keeps asking for it. Principle is saying they left it at home while it doesnt exist anymore... how to rollback to the first night again to retrigger it without starting over?
HHS+ Mods / Re: [Mod] [Mods] barteke22's m...
Last post by ElPresidenete - Today at 11:33 AM
Add Set Next Schedule node. Value of 1 is 1 day.

On the begning, under try branch, add Event Scheduled - put the Accept Event under the yes output.
HHS+ / Help in VEE
Last post by ElPresidenete - Today at 11:30 AM
What to do when you accidently drag an event box/object/variable outside of the actual editor window?  ???
HHS+ Mods / Re: [MOD] More suggestions and...
Last post by ElPresidenete - Today at 09:50 AM
Ok, updated RandomFixes2.

Adding and releasing slaves as well as the new SlaveHandler in mostly done (as interactions- basically everything the old slave system was doing is now an interaction).
The option for multiple slaves to interact is also there, but currently does nothing as I'm going to call all that from a RemoteEvent SlaveSlaveInteractio nevent taht isn't done yet.
Moving slaves to a different room is also not done.

New slaves can be aquired by using sleeping Gas on a slapping person OR kidnapping at night in the forest.

Mind you, didn't have time to test anything and I've been re-organizing and moving things around. Some image paths might be borked.

EDIT: Updated file again.
SalveSlave sex event implemented.
Fixes to other events.
Images should be fixed and work (except SalveSlave images. I need to add them, they are not cleaned and in the download yet)