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HHS+ / Re: Gameplay questions
Last post by dcsobral - Today at 04:10 AM
What can be done to influence the town corruption and/or inhibition? I know inhibition can be affected by the principal's clothes, but I don't know of anything other than mass hypnosis or chemistry breakthrough events that can influence corruption at scale.
HHS+ / Re: [HHS+ 1.10.3] Official Bug...
Last post by dcsobral - Today at 04:07 AM
Quote from: Albatross on Sep 23, 2022, 12:21 AMI'm almost sure tanning oil is either being autoused somehow when I go to the beach or disappearing from my inventory.

It happens if the size of the penis is much bigger than the size of the orifice, if there's insufficient lubrication (for vaginal sex), and/or if it is the first time. Pay attention to the sex messages and you'll see it explicitly mentioned.
HHS+ Mods / Re: [Mod][1.10] Bathroom Expan...
Last post by neme - Today at 02:35 AM
Quote from: picobyte on Sep 28, 2022, 05:57 PMMaybe there could be more bathroom masturbation / sex-toilet scenes - or toilet detention - after severe school corruption. I know it's a lot of work to make, just some ideas.

oooo toilet detention i like that idea i may look into adding something like that and i do plan on adding more general sex and mast stuff to the bathroom
HHS+ Mods / Re: [Mod][1.10] Bathroom Expan...
Last post by neme - Today at 02:33 AM
Quote from: SAPO3000 on Sep 27, 2022, 10:34 AMThat's really good news honestly, I love this mod especially the casual scat scenes like the corridor one where the students just do it as if nothing and you can even praise them. Would be nice to have some of those scat scenes with Annette at home and with students during class.

Well great news on the during glass bit hahaha i do have plans for annette similar to how the pee stuff works for her
HHS+ Mods / Re: [Mod] [Mods] barteke22's m...
Last post by ValZer0 - Today at 02:12 AM
I have a question are you gonna add more wigs to the wig shop or no just curious?
HHS+ Mods / Re: [Mod] [Mods] barteke22's m...
Last post by barteke22 - Today at 01:46 AM
Updated my mods to - mostly just misc tweaks.

There were some fixes to Teacher Compendium & Stargazing Club.
HHS+ / Re: [HHS+ 1.10.3] Official Rel...
Last post by barteke22 - Today at 12:15 AM

Patch See post #2 for instructions, post #1 for download.

It's highly recommended to extract the game into a new folder due to folder structure changes, and starting a new game.

For existing saves
See notes on the previous 3 patches if you're updating from before (you need the full download too).

Minor issues might occur due to structure changes.  Especially if:
- You've started the Walker chain (probably nothing game breaking).
- You're expecting an online delivery (let it arrive first).
- FAPP store apps might reset (missing wallpaper etc till re-configured).

When reloading Game Objects, you'll want to select New on conflict for LstLocationAdresses for location Raymund Home.


Notable Changes and New Stuff
  • Start of the Raymunds chain & generic events by MaskedPanda.
    • Fixed most of the generic Yaoi events + added a few.
    • Start of April's chain.
    • Start of Max's chain.
    • Start of Sherilyn's chain.
    • Start of rewriting of Walker chain.
    • Jerimiah Sanderson chain.
  • Made Smartphone Contact Notes (RelNotes) read Info Panel data.
  • Added alternative sorting to student Management Panel.
  • Added GenSex, Fetish & Global Info Panel tabs.
  • Added chat event where you can ask people about their fetishes.
    • If they like/trust you enough or are uninhibited/lusty enough, they will tell you about their most significant likes/dislikes (above a threshold of 50).
    • The game will remember for each NPC which fetish you already talked about. You also cannot ask more than one fetish per day.
    • If the NPC's opinion about a fetish changes significantly enough from what they previously told you, they can give you an update on their new view.
    • All extension library events for the individual fetishes currently use a generic placeholder event.
    • Each should at some point be fully fleshed out, with different branches based on gender, sexual orientation, dominance/submissiveness and past activities and perhaps even player decisions.
    • Each event should give insight into what the NPC thinks the fetish is about and why they like/dislike it. But that's a lot of work, so it might come gradually over time.

Other tweaks
  • Made CreatePerson obey its template's clamping.
  • Smartphone:
    • Calling now shows a visual for the contact like some of the other menus.
    • Unified contact categories a bit more, and added class/other student categories.
    • Improved the Wallpaper App, is now easily expandable (just add images + meta).
  • Tweaked info panel to use a ScrollViewer.
  • Made GlobalVariables keep their value on reload.
  • OneAmongMany's subject tweaks.
  • Tweaked starting funds & made bigger schools a lot more viable.
    • Starting funding will be a bit tighter until 150 students.

Developer/API changes (only relevant for mod authors)

  • Added additional operations utilizing Cron expressions.
    • Find Next Cron Occurrence.
    • Date Satisfies Cron.
    • Added separate documentation to outline how Cron expressions work.

  • Added link variations to "Set Next Schedule" and "Set Remote Schedule" to pick different types of variable links.
    • Regular "Days offset" like usual.
    • A "Cron expression", which is a string variable that specifies eligible points in time and the next valid time is used by the event.
    • A "Calendar datetime", that simply uses a Date variable to provide the point in time when the event is supposed to run.
  • Text Tags:
    • Event variables and global variables can now be inserted via tags in text replacement processing.
    • Text replacement processing now also has a new {if=...;then=...;else=...} tag for conditional text passages.
    • Text replacement now supports nested tags in {Gender:...} and {if=...} by repeating the replacement process up to 10 times. Closing brackets of nested tags should be escaped via \}.
    • Added additional text replacement tag {iff:condition=(MathExpression1);result=Hello World|condition=(MathExpression2);result=Hello New World|...} to allow the checking of arbitrary numbers of conditions with individual replacements.
      • The text of the first fulfilled condition will be used.

  • Added new Math Expression operation that uses the mXparser library to allow event creators to write complex mathematical expressions that follow established rules and use built-in functions of the library.
    • Math expressions now support the custom constants "True" (1.0) and "False" (0.0). This makes it possible to insert string representation of boolean variables into the math expressions and have them work without a hitch.

  • Smartphone overhaul:
    • Main menus can now be added without editing the UI_Button (events in ExtensionLibrary\Smartphone).
      • Mostly uses a tweaked version of the category function.
      • Each menu is responsible for its own structure (can make use of helper functions).
    • Phone Contact menu:
      • Its sub-menus are also dynamic now (events in ExtensionLibrary\Smartphone\PhoneCall).

  • Computer Overhaul:
    • Menu now dynamically pull events from ExtensionLibrary\Computer instead of using a hardcoded list.
      • Was likely intended to happen at some point, as the structure was pretty streamlined already.
    • OnlineDelivery allows custom deliveries so long as they stick to its logic.
    • Hack a Website is expandable.
    • SearchPorn can optionally pull images from Images\EventPictures\Computer\SearchPorn\

  • Added String Preview default replacements to VEE.  Allows seeing the results of default person keyword replacements.
  • Added keyword replacement info to string inputs.
  • Added Ordinal sort to SortStringList.
  • Replaced SetBirthdayState with a variant that can Set Get and Wish, as part of gendered name fix.
  • Added value injection to existing Info Panel tabs via ExtensionLibrary.
    • Additional events in the panel's respective folder can add/edit existing values.

  • Around 200 typo fixes.
  • Improved location reload.
  • Fixed AsyncNativeEvents rarely hanging UI on Object Reload.
  • Fixed GlobalString draw fail on default value.
  • Fixed ShowDecisions tag insert buttons always inserting at start.
  • Fixed image provider tag sorting & wrong image tags.
  • Clipped an event that was meant to be clipped + added a missing image path.
  • Fixed EventProperties returning null strings, causing regex compare to throw exception.
  • Made strings remember UserFacing on clone, Variables remember SurvivesReload.
  • Fixed some visual issues in Student Management Panel.
  • GetSubjectOfPerson break exception fix.
  • Fixed PantyMagic errors.
  • Fixed FirstCouncil.
  • Fixed Interaction_KeepGoing + added a simple function for it & added it where it made sense.
  • Misc logic & missing link fixes.
  • OnsenStudentMed missing link fix.
  • CosplayClaire clone wars fix.
  • Voyeurism 4 & Onsen fixes/tweaks.
  • Ward Measurement & Exhibition Meeting fixes.
  • InfoPanel rounding fix & SPE GenSex fix.
  • OnlineDelivery failsafe & typos.
  • Computer & Laundry exception fix.
HHS+ Mods / Re: [MOD] [HHS+1.9.5] Lexville
Last post by benevolence - Sep 29, 2022, 10:37 PM
That one has a plan to expand some populaton, interaction and automation QoL stuff. Myself already made "age and favorite" line for application interview, and interaction to look at naked PD, just need to add the striptease-like checks and results.
HHS+ Mods / Re: [MOD] [HHS+1.9.5] Lexville
Last post by Isangrad - Sep 29, 2022, 08:55 PM
Think think we are all waiting on alkalash to make a comment on their intentions with the mod. I like the idea of breaking things up, but I would prefer if those mods that are pieces of this one have a place in the op or become separate threads so we don't have to go searching for stuff. If some one can create a mod that give the school more class rooms, that would be great.
HHS+ Mods / Re: [MOD] [HHS+1.9.5] Lexville
Last post by benevolence - Sep 29, 2022, 08:38 PM
Separated and fixed body growth simulation:
Extract to your /NormalSchool folder, not /NormalSchool/Mods! Author placed most files in /Events/FunctionLibrary/Mod/ folder and for some weird reason files just cannot be found by a startup event if placed correctly in /Mods. Only actual replacement file still has it's proper folder in /Mods, so correct disable is possible.
Body sizes and virginity simulation work mostly correctly, less some specific exceptions like virgin prostitutes (random generated and young enough). There's room for improvement still. HHS 1.10 "virgin ask" now checks not only flags, but an actual acts amount from database. It's much possible to pre-penetrate each non-virgin for a random amount, but please advise a rigth method to actually aplly it. "Have sex" and "Intercourse" need a second person. "Sex toy" does not add to neccesary counters, "Principal" adds too much complications, mating existing persons accordigly to their preferences and flags is too much work, and I failed to get specific functions like "GetAddSetDDTag" work for that goal.

Also small romantic interaction Join in bed, to get actual sleep in your lover's home: