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Sierra Lee's Games (The Last Sovereign and others)

Started by SierraLee, May 27, 2022, 10:15 PM

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Hi. Originally I figured the forum was dead, but it seems I've been directly invited. I'm reserving this first post to potentially fill in later.

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There's a new public update! More info available here:

TLS 0.61.0
- New complete harem quest, beginning in Megail's office in the base.
- Half a new Philon quest. You can fully explore some new maps and a new dungeon, just not complete the event.
- You can now visit new maps in the Renthnor Wilds. This means that the teleportation chamber is now 100% unlocked.
- New Simon/Orcent bar conversation.
- All maps in Rodak have been given new custom assets to make the nation more memorable.
- By user request, there is now an event in the orc quarters where you can change the equipment of orc party members.
- The Amulet of Alchemy, Twisted Charm, and Sexual Charm can now all be upgraded at the Enchantery (in Ghenalon).
- If you spared the lamias, one now appears in Gasm Falls.
- New details will appear in the base when a nation advances far enough. Expect more of these in the future.
- All variable timing sex scenes are now either blocked by Simon's condition or have special dialogue and grant a bonus point.
- Though on that note, the variable for Simon's recovery has increased from its temporary variable. Using a save from the previous build will have no ill effects, this is just the pacing I want for the final game (pending tweaks).
- If the player didn't finish Tanurak's optional challenge before the end of the war, the quest is now properly removed.
- There were previously 18 places where a character who had maxed relationship points could be temporarily reduced. While the chance of this having a negative impact was low, it was a possible edge case. Thanks to DukeLeto7's list, I've eliminated all of these.
- All erroneous Trin lines should be corrected, again thanks to DukeLeto7 for tracking them down.
- 6 new illustrated scenes: Carina Missionary, Hilstara 69, Sabitha Mammal Pile, Trin Titfuck, Uyae Blowjob, Wynn Halfling
- In addition to those, there are several variants of a new image to illustrate Simon and Orcent's bar crawl.
- And, believe it or not, assorted bugfixing and polishing not mentioned above.

Originally I had wanted to have a massive update following OEA, but personal issues have made that more difficult. I felt it was best for overall progress to put out an update now, finishing up everything I had done to this point. I didn't finish an enormous amount of content while focused on OEA, but I was working on the game. So this update is both some assorted content and a lot of backlogged complaints or requests I pushed through.

This one will likely go public in a week, though I can't guarantee that.


OEA is still pretty awesome :)  I got to the Order base so far I think, still working on it.

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Quote from: doombot on May 29, 2022, 01:51 AMOEA is still pretty awesome :)  I got to the Order base so far I think, still working on it.
Glad to hear that you're enjoying it! You're almost to the first ending, but there's a lot of optional postgame content.

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New Patreon update! More info here:

This is an unusual one, focused more on stability, but it does include a lot of lovely new art:

Basically certain to go public in a week. See you then!

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New open world update out with lots of new content!

Most notably, the major story plotline in Philon can now be completed:

There's also a brand new harem quest in its entirety:

And of course this update includes new illustrated scenes from Annikath:

More info and other links at the blog:

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TLS 0.64.0 is still a WIP, but meanwhile I have another complete game on the books! Please consider taking a look at Once Ever After, my newest finished project:

Everyone knows how the story goes: innocent, 18-year-old Red Riding Hood goes into the woods and is corrupted by the naughty, naughty Big Bad Wolf. Ingrid is the newest Little Red Riding Hood: she doesn't know what awaits her in the dark woods, but she knows that it seems exciting.

But Ingrid's world is only one of an infinite number of Tales, and those stories are starting to bleed over into one another. War is coming, and Ingrid doesn't even know what war is. Nothing will ever be the same, and the only weapon Ingrid has to face the changes is sexy fun.

 - A 20-30 hour RPG across multiple alternate fairy tales.
 - 25+ base scenes with 200+ images total.
 - 30+ chibi images illustrating cute plot moments.
 - Two difficulty modes: you can play a challenge where strategy is more important than grinding, or a more relaxed mode where you can enjoy the story.
 - All characters have access to multiple classes and skill trees that can be mixed and matched.
 - Visible enemies instead of random encounters.
 - Modern quality of life features like autosave slots.
 - Quest log to organize required and optional content.
 - Optional post-game challenges leading to second ending.

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New open world update with three new harem quests! I drew my reserves pretty low during this release cycle, so I think I'll let the screenshots speak for themselves:

More info and other links at the blog: