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Sierra Lee's Games (The Last Sovereign and others)

Started by SierraLee, May 27, 2022, 10:15 PM

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Hi. Originally I figured the forum was dead, but it seems I've been directly invited. I'm reserving this first post to potentially fill in later.

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There's a new public update! More info available here:

TLS 0.61.0
- New complete harem quest, beginning in Megail's office in the base.
- Half a new Philon quest. You can fully explore some new maps and a new dungeon, just not complete the event.
- You can now visit new maps in the Renthnor Wilds. This means that the teleportation chamber is now 100% unlocked.
- New Simon/Orcent bar conversation.
- All maps in Rodak have been given new custom assets to make the nation more memorable.
- By user request, there is now an event in the orc quarters where you can change the equipment of orc party members.
- The Amulet of Alchemy, Twisted Charm, and Sexual Charm can now all be upgraded at the Enchantery (in Ghenalon).
- If you spared the lamias, one now appears in Gasm Falls.
- New details will appear in the base when a nation advances far enough. Expect more of these in the future.
- All variable timing sex scenes are now either blocked by Simon's condition or have special dialogue and grant a bonus point.
- Though on that note, the variable for Simon's recovery has increased from its temporary variable. Using a save from the previous build will have no ill effects, this is just the pacing I want for the final game (pending tweaks).
- If the player didn't finish Tanurak's optional challenge before the end of the war, the quest is now properly removed.
- There were previously 18 places where a character who had maxed relationship points could be temporarily reduced. While the chance of this having a negative impact was low, it was a possible edge case. Thanks to DukeLeto7's list, I've eliminated all of these.
- All erroneous Trin lines should be corrected, again thanks to DukeLeto7 for tracking them down.
- 6 new illustrated scenes: Carina Missionary, Hilstara 69, Sabitha Mammal Pile, Trin Titfuck, Uyae Blowjob, Wynn Halfling
- In addition to those, there are several variants of a new image to illustrate Simon and Orcent's bar crawl.
- And, believe it or not, assorted bugfixing and polishing not mentioned above.

Originally I had wanted to have a massive update following OEA, but personal issues have made that more difficult. I felt it was best for overall progress to put out an update now, finishing up everything I had done to this point. I didn't finish an enormous amount of content while focused on OEA, but I was working on the game. So this update is both some assorted content and a lot of backlogged complaints or requests I pushed through.

This one will likely go public in a week, though I can't guarantee that.


OEA is still pretty awesome :)  I got to the Order base so far I think, still working on it.

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Quote from: doombot on May 29, 2022, 01:51 AMOEA is still pretty awesome :)  I got to the Order base so far I think, still working on it.
Glad to hear that you're enjoying it! You're almost to the first ending, but there's a lot of optional postgame content.

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New Patreon update! More info here:

This is an unusual one, focused more on stability, but it does include a lot of lovely new art:

Basically certain to go public in a week. See you then!

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New open world update out with lots of new content!

Most notably, the major story plotline in Philon can now be completed:

There's also a brand new harem quest in its entirety:

And of course this update includes new illustrated scenes from Annikath:

More info and other links at the blog: