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Kisekae 3.5 Layered Cutter Problems

Started by Razelda, Sep 04, 2022, 02:14 PM

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RazeldaTopic starter

I can Make the outfit but when I run the Batch Image Maker nothing happens yes I saved the file to the Work in progress folder. I'm Running windows 11 with Duel 980ti with 64gigs of ram ... I don't know if it's a Windows 11 thing because I can't get it to run on my windows 10 gaming laptop ether ... I thinking that I must be doing something wrong any help would be grate pls and ty


Provided that if you open the saved file and it's a bunch of letters dots and numbers (valid) instead of some error mess:
- Make sure Kisekae is running before using the batch cutter.
- Refer to the modding guides for a kisekae step-by-step.

RazeldaTopic starter

Yea didn't work, I fallowed the instructions to the T and I checked it twice the txt file has a wall of letters dots and numbers... I do get a black screen for a few seconds saying it's trying to execute a PHP script then nothing happens no pics any ware to be seen. I tried a rebooting the system and fully disabling my AV


Assuming you can open cmd just fine and have the minimum requirements for php (microsoft redist 2019 should come with OS), you can try deleting the kkl / kisekae folders in AppData\Roaming (type %AppData% into explorer / Win+R).