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[HHS+] Smallville Scenario: Event contribution

Started by barteke22, Jun 02, 2022, 05:56 PM

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Quote from: ⚧ Squark on Sep 21, 2023, 03:54 AMI prefer to think that the whole Sayako thing was a rushed attempt to plug up Claire's unfinished blackmail quest and to quickly have practically the same outcome that would've otherwise left her uncooperative.

I'm pretty sure there's a comment in the Sayako/Claire Lake VEE event that says this too. That said, I kind-of like the Sayako/Claire/shota thing, and when I was considering experimenting with making Sayako a real NPC, would have loved to expand on this.

I quite like the idea of the Claire/Cosplay club event we have, but wasn't sure if there was already a plan documented for continuing that. I could see the cosplay club expanding into the cabaret, firstly doing cosplay modelling (perhaps temporarily joining the modelling club's time slot) and later expanding out into cosplay-themed adult services. I'd have to check, there's probably some overlap there with existing cabaret chains, it's been a while since I've actually followed any though to their final stage. (I think the Maid Club was intended to go into adult services? I haven't completed that chain in years.)

The link with Claire is that the existing Cosplay club sequence (including the TODOs) is student-dominant, with Claire submissive, so that could be the hook to distinguish the cosplay club's adult services (cosplay/BDSM perhaps) with Claire's initial corruption leading the club from host/hostess club-level down to BSDM prostitution. The Sayako path already establishes Claire's latent interest in students, so combining that with a latent submissive streak could drive her to want to bring the rest of the cosplay club towards the submissive side as she discovers herself (potentially with the MC's help, of course, which finally brings a point to the "MC joins as well" choice). Effectively the Cosplay Club's final form here is for-hire BDSM and fetish full-service switches. Potentially this could bring another use to the school's basement, or even invent a basement for the cabaret. Or the club members go to the customer, I guess? That'd be a bit like Sayako's events, just background stuff happening you don't get to actually see, unless there's some kind of ride-along system, "ensuring the club member's safety" (except given this MC, they probably are not going to step in on anything less than permanent physical harm...)

This also kind-of aligns with the existing Claire PI investigation, although honestly that's a super-annoying chain (you have to hang around the Sex Shop hoping she wanders by for literally days) and I'd just drop it, as establishing her as already prostituting herself doesn't fit the slide-into-degredation the Cosplay Club offers. (Maybe it's time for Irina Jelabitch to get a quest chain: She can be the already-prostituting-on-the-side teacher instead. The PI investigation could give you a hook to call for her instead of Trixie/Luna wait, those are ponies... I forgot their actual names; but that's another entirely new quest chain. ^_^)

This makes the Sayako sequence part of the boot-up sequence for that path, as it gives you a hook you could use with Claire to make her join the Cosplay club, replacing the existing "Guilt her into it" costless (and gives Charisma!) action. Probably should also gain a minor favour at least, since the cabaret club sequences should probably not block PTA domination. (One thing this game doesn't have I noticed is teacher-supervision/sponsorship for clubs. This would be a way to ensure Claire is always present in the club room before she "joins" the club, perhaps. Maybe only the cosplay club actually needs supervision in the MC's opinion?)

However, I'm not sure there's actually a lot in there that is fully-distinguished from other chains. We already have the maid club going down a similar path, and a submissive teacher (Jessica Underwood, although she's submissive to the MC directly) and a shota-oriented teacher (Carmen Smith, although her club's more roleplay than submissive, basically Practical Sex Ed private tutoring) so I'm not sure this brings anything truly new to the game. Perhaps the most-interesting thing is the ride-along and/or MC-participation? I recall someone requesting more things like that film-crew no-good-outcome event, for example, so the MC being able to dom/sub/etc for extra money probably has some value.

Maybe there's scope there to introduce another male teacher for more balance, and let the player choose who's a dom and who's a sub for this path. I dunno though, I haven't really thought that idea through, it only just occurred to me.

And obviously this is all just ideas, with no specific implementation intention. Although maybe if I find some free time I might block it out as a mod. Hahahaha, that'll never happen.


Quote from: TBBle on Sep 20, 2023, 04:51 PMYup, Anna Miller and Lara Ellis are Lexville-added teachers.

Jenneffer Herald isn't in the base game, or the copy of Lexville I have lying around, so I don't know where she comes from. That's not a name the base game would generate, and Lexville doesn't appear to add new names. So presumably that's from a different mod. I assume it's not Teacher Compendium, since I understand that uses existing adults from the population.

Odd, given that I use Lexville, Pregnancy and futaville + more heads/hairs mods. That's pretty much it.


Quote from: ElPresidenete on Sep 21, 2023, 08:34 AMOdd, given that I use Lexville, Pregnancy and futaville + more heads/hairs mods. That's pretty much it.

Jenneffer Herald and Erica Valentine (whom I overlooked earlier) are from the Futa Overhaul mod.


HM...well, I can either use her anyway (I already found matching images)... or find another teacher.

Altering events to use another person is simple anyway.


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As I wrote in the other thread (there is a bit of ramblings about it) how about adding a pimp sub-system ?
It would make the game easier to play in the middle phase (like "preparing" the hostesses, "promoting" the club, scout the girls, resupply the condom dispenser, manage the pay etc).