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HHS on linux

Started by maliumno, Oct 23, 2023, 02:58 PM

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maliumnoTopic starter

I've been playing since long time ago to this game, but I had to change my system from Windows to linux and I would like to know if someone managed to play this game on linux. I have found a way using lutris but its very very laggy and missing some UI things.
From my ignorance, wouldn't it be easy to port it to linux as it uses .NET?

Well if anyone has any hint or advice on how to play it on linux,
Thank you.


I believe your best bet is Wine or one of its wrappers, as I suspect Lutris is. There's been occasional fixes for Wine issues, so maybe there's someone out there testing it who can suggest fixes for the issues you're seeing, or if you can build a more-full bug report, perhaps it can be fixed for a future release.

Linux has .NET now, however HHS+ is built on .NET Framework, the Windows-only predecessor version. Although porting .NET Framework projects to .NET is supposed to be generally feasible, my recollection from the old forums is that the game uses a Windows-specific UI library (WinForms?) and porting from that to one of the .NET cross-platform UIs (MAUI would be the one, AFAIK) is either know to be too hard, or simply not interesting to the people who have access to the source code.

I actually thought they'd migrated to .NET already, but happened to be looking at the hhs+.exe last week for a translation question and noticed it was .NET Framework still. Unless that upgrade happened but in a not-yet-released version...

Anyway, that led me down some exploration about exactly this question and researching such migrations, but as I haven't had access to the source code in years (and it was VB.NET at the time), I have no idea of the exact details on the HHS+ side, and am mostly just speculating here.


I've been running the game for some time now on Linux. Your options are:
Wine + .NET 4.5

A VM has the best quality but it obviously requires you to run a whole vm so that sucks. Better performance if you get GPU passthrough working (I haven't tested with QEMU yet).

It's been a while so I could be misremembering, but if you install .NET in a Wine prefix it looks alright but every action has a .5 second delay to it. There's probably some other issues I forgot.

Currently I'm using Wine 8 with the in-game graphics option WineHQ, no animations, and no lighting. WineHQ is a setting that fixes the heavy aliasing on PD models since Wine doesn't fully support WPF bitmaps. It should be as simple as Lutris with GE Wine 8.x and a 64 bit prefix. Note that after a while of playing it can slow down and you'll want to restart.

Wine's shader compilation is single threaded so how well the game runs will depend almost entirely on your CPU. Loading scenes is significantly slower than Windows. DXVK doesn't help, it's not even used by the game. Further improvements could be possible, before Wine 8 you had to install .net to launch the game and in recent 8 versions VEE now works.

And there's a bug with the game config. It resets to default every time you load a save. The fix right now is to set your config to read-only after setting it to what you want.

There's more discussion on the discord server but this is pretty much everything I've found so far.