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[HHS+] Official Typo Thread (Check OP)

Started by barteke22, Jun 16, 2022, 10:33 PM

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barteke22Topic starter

For tracking of spelling mistakes, since that's a tad lower priority than game breaking bugs, and is easier to do in batch.

Ideally please provide a sample of the broken text and what's wrong with it. A longer sample will be more useful, as words like he/she often come from tags like {he} - so harder to search for.

Alternatively (if you know how to find those) could provide the filename and variable ID/line and what to fix instead of a sample.

How (any of these steps are fine):
  • Write down the text you see (or provide a self-hosted screenshot).  If you enable Show Event Name in Debug > Debug Events, you'll see those at the top.
  • Find the text file and line by searching for the text in Notepad++ (Ctrl+Shift+F > point it to Events directory).
  • Open event in VEE and search for the text in top right Filter > press Enter > Click the arrow > Click highlighted variable > note ID in top left.

- Up to (including) reply #35.

Fixed internally have a Like from Admin role.

barteke22Topic starter

Copy of TBBle's report  (a great example of a useful report):

Typo in Computer Room\Panty Magic Start Node 36:

Quote"And, since panties pick up the essence of the wearer, they can be change another person."

Looks like "used to" is missing towards the end there.


Typo in Classroom 2\00_GirlInTheaterClub Node 144

QuoteAs you enter the theater club, you're half wondering Ameli Coppers ended up joining this club...?

I don't know if that was supposed to be "wondering if", or perhaps "wondering how" or "wondering when". (Or "wondering why", which might make the most sense. I don't have the rest of the text in front me now to see what fits best)


Also, I didn't check where, but the 'Birthday' chat dialog seems to be missing a space between the month and day.


In Your Basement\MissingGirlsYourSlave, both of the inputs to node 357 are going to the same pin, but one is supposed to be the other (recording felatio vs cunniligus on training 6)

Also in this file, node 689 (the training-count Switch by Integer Range) has a <7 which should be <9. The problem is the 8th and 9th training will go to the 10-13 block, bypassing the "one of each" test for the 7-9 block.


School/Gym/AmerliaSports has two typos: Node 21 first form of the first text shown in the event:
QuoteBut doesn't seem to have on right...?
Should be "have it on right", I think.

Node 129, the prepend to the observer effects text:
QuoteWhile she seems obvious it, she has an audience...

I think this is supposed to be "seems oblivious to it"?

⚧ Squark

This one happens when you successfully hypno a character with HasQuest:
"Would it effect other people more I wonder?"
This should be affect.

Affect is usually a verb, and it means to impact or change.
Effect, on the other hand, is usually a noun that you would use to indicate the result of a change.

Hypno impacts/changes the behaviour of anyone it works on. So, I think affect is a better fit here.

Also, it's missing a comma there between more and I; "Would it affect other people more, I wonder?"
You could also go with "Would it affect other people more? I wonder..."

barteke22Topic starter

Picobyte's report:
QuoteIn a description on the phone for PTA members in Notes on the Hooter family
* At the PTA meeting, she said her and her son..
should be
* At the PTA meeting, Susan said she and her son..

And if you're going to make changes here, maybe also these:
* Broke into their home, and found an incriminating of her hidden in her son's room.

(not really incriminating yet, IMO, and better without the comma after and)

* Broke into their home and found an immodest photo of Susan, hidden in her son's room.

And maybe:
* Feeling pretty sure an opportunity to make use of what I have will present itself. Just a matter of time.

* I'm pretty confident with this [material] an opportunity will eventually present itself. It's just a matter of time.

In Notes on Samantha Keller:
Hired Samantha and, based on her CV
better without the comma:
Hired Samantha and based on her CV

Has a seriousness about her, combined with a constantly smug expression. [..]
Has a seriousness about her, combined with an consistent smug expression.

In the Missing girl quest, the dialogue shown with the matches found behind the school also could be phrased better (sorry no suggestions, clicked it away already, by accident).

I've taken some liberties, as some of the suggestions weren't really improvements.


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Translated into English by Google.


\Events\Location\School\Swimming Pool\

Missing [/color]:
<Str>[color={PrincipalColor}]"Yes...  I see clearly now how beautifully tanned you are!"

{First} smiles happily, and beams with a sense of bolstered self-confidence.
Translated into English by Google.


\Events\Location\School\Classroom Shared\


<Str>You walk into {G2_Name} and her friend kneeling on the desk, panties down.
{Name} looks over her shoulder and smiles at you...
[color={PrincipalColor}]"We realized our pussies got wet, so we hopped up here to let them dry." [/color]
It seems the policy is starting to change expectations, the girls are even starting to self-regulate...</Str>
Translated into English by Google.

⚧ Squark

Location\Onsen\Onsen Bath F\OnsenStudentShy

"(insert student name here) looks down at her exposes breasts with dismay."

That should be exposed.

Also on the same one (while not truly a typo) there's a double space between "something" and "a bit more...practical".

The last line uses too many commas. I'd suggest something a little more like this:

"Why wear the towel at all? If you got it, flaunt it."


You're called a man pretty early on in the new ( goal selection at game start if you start as a Futa. I'll edit this post with the text sample later today.

Edit: Never mind, it was fixed already, dang
"Yuri is supreme!"



Letting your eyes rove over her body "Hello there Carmen... You look very nice in a bikini...! "... And I think, with body as good as yours, you would do justice to and even sexier bikini..."

should be "with a body", and "to and" should be "to an"

Later in the text "That's a little risqué isn't it...? Oh well... In for penny hey...?"

"Hold this for up around me... So I can change..."

Should be "In for a penny hey...?"

Also "Hold this up around me... So I can change..." is better

Also perhaps less ellipses...

"Yuri is supreme!"


⚧ Squark


From OnsenAdultLow event:

As you settle in across from her, {Name} looks embarrassed and pulls her towel open.

[color={Color}]"I'm so sorry, I know I shouldn't wear the towel the bath, I just forgot!"[/color]

should be a towel in the bath, the towel in the bath also works, but feels less natural. Either way, missing a word at least.

Edit: Deleted 2nd typo report, it was from the Futa mod.
"Yuri is supreme!"



In the General Sex Functions PDF ( in the EVENT: GetConsensualSexOps section

QuoteAccepted is returned is there are no Provisos.



  • The NPC interaction info-tab "Statuses" list has "Bahavior change". (Typo is in NativeEvents\UI_Info_Panel_Tabs\ thankfully, not in the database itself.)
  • (Minor) When watching Sayako snuggle with her son-surrogate, after "a grown up version of her son,", there's a double-space. (ID 118 in Location\Your Home\ (I'm not super-keen on the use of "erm" here (both paths) but that's not really a typo issue.)