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[HHS+ 1.10.6] Official Release Thread

Started by barteke22, May 27, 2022, 11:44 PM

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barteke22Topic starter

Patch See post #2 for instructions, post #1 for download.

Small bugfix patch.  If updating from way back, also check notes on previous relevant patches.

Existing saves
- When reloading the game object for Religious Study Club, select New if ForGender, StatChanges, WeeklyAccount conflicts.
- If you already have the Religious Study Club open, do Debug > Person > April Raymund > Club > Religious Study Club Chain

Important for Mod Makers
If your mod contains GetCandidates, use notepad++ to search it for \GetCandidates, then either:
- Open them in VEE, run Check for Errors and connect In + Out where Candidates used to be to keep old logic.
- If you have many of them, you can open each line in VEE and copy-paste the whole Candidates <VariableLink>...</VariableLink> under itself and name the old In, the new Out.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but the single list overwrite required a bunch of workarounds if you wanted to reuse the input list.

- Added Math event by MaskedPanda.
- InstorePorn tweak + text by Neme
- Tweaked club journals to show president if exists.
- Show Random Image in round-robin mode now chooses a random start index for each game, resulting in more variety.
- Made GetCandidates use In + Out instead of overwrite.

- Religious Studies president fix + journal.
- Fixed Class Clown event using the teacher as the boy who is misbehaving.
- Fixed missing gender replacement in SkippingClass.
- Religious studies club fix & temporary nerf.
- Fixed ExhibitionistMaleStudent event not showing images because they came after the text.
- Park Soccer fix.
- Nina Parker is now into "Risky Places" by default.
- Fixed bug where not all links may have been deleted when removing a link by using "delete" on an input link of an operation.
- Carl & April fix.
- Photoshop Chain wasn't actually doing its final adjustments, thank @UmhRshJt.
- Fixed incidental peeking in clothing store having a positive relationship impact.
- Fixed several issues with badly migrated code and internal data structure of "List Filter: Person List" and improved the autofixing to clean up existing operations.
- AprilOffice fix.
- Fixed calendar not circling dates with specified time.
- Fixed Student panel refreshing on favourite toggle when not in favourite view.
- Typos.

barteke22Topic starter

Patch See post #2 for instructions, post #1 for download.

Small patch.  If updating from way back, also check notes on previous relevant patches.

- Moved futanari colour setting to Map's Help & Options > Advanced, instead of relying on futa fetish. Review your setting there.
- Overhauled office spycam list to be dynamic.
- Tweaked computer wallpapers to be unlockable via website hacking & expandable via Images\EventPictures\Custom\Computer\Wallpapers\

- Fixed Show Decisions & String input not accepting tabs.
- Fixed a bunch of rules using wrong min-max.
- Fixed GetCandidates not filtering properly.
- Tweaked Goth panties to show her PD instead of bugcatcher when sniffing.

barteke22Topic starter

Patch See post #2 for instructions, post #1 for download.

Mostly bugfix patch.  If updating from way back, also check notes on previous relevant patches.

- Overhauled working at the restaurant to give an oppurtunity to drug customers.
- Added a rep hit to monthly RSD report if in negative money, in exchange for emergency funds.
- Another attempt at state funding balance based on some feedback.
- Updated the Map's futa removal option to remove gender override & apply gendered forename.
- Added 'Enforce numeric' setting to time converter options.
- Made the 'knock' button expandable with custom events.

- Made AskForSex less arousal exploitable by adding a tiny friendship requirement at lower arousal.
- Replaced Loyalty with Friendship in GetWillingness + lowered arousal bonus.
- Tweaked Info Panel Fetishes to show No even if there's developing ones.
- Made Andy's SH similar to Annette's.
- Add an index for documentation.
- Made Interaction Panel sort its categories/interactions.
- Added skill based modifier to rescheduling of MadScience.
- Made Debug NPC list use DisplayName.
- Added better support for DisplayName vs Name for debug commands.

-  Added the ability to add additional execution entry points to events.
 -- Currently supports three handlers that can react to lifecycle events of the engine: Game Initialized, Game Loaded (from saved file) and Event Reloaded (via debug).
 -- Moved some initialization logic around to ensure that most of the other initialization is complete by the time these new event handlers are triggered.

- Fixed PD Overlay Previewer using wrong cast.
- Updated FoodDruggingAdministration + fixed its many bugs.
- Fixed SlutMaker stat checks.
- Menu sorting fixes.
- Fixed UI buttons being able to break the CheckEventExecution Op when spammed very fast.
- Changeroom F Spycam bugs.
- Fixed ShowActionImageProvider adding underscore to lastnameless NPCs.
- Tweaked MissingGirl to properly change virgin flag + tweaked reset.
- SwimTeam count fix + lowered gender mix requirements.
- Fixed Reloading & Debugger not implementing TriggerType changes. Closes issue #24
- Fixed UI buttons being able to break the CheckEventExecution Op when spammed very fast.
- Fixed multithreading being inverted on event execution check.
- Made the .pdb hide user path in release mode exceptions.
- Fixed iff conditions only working for first and final condition due to capture group limitations.
- Fixes in GetCandidates & TryForSchoolEvents.
- Tweaks to Raymund Chains:
 -- Hint event. Moved one office event to classroom.
 -- Btn_Call hints at next stage, reduced from 12 to 10.
 -- Sherilyn fixes & tweaks.
- Lydia's phone is now available 24/7 like she claims to be.
- Fixed exception in Rooftop_Telescope & BoardDildo.
- Tweaked HypnoTraining to not end at 100 Hypno + inconsistency.
- Fixed Hypno not applying HasQuest protection, with bypass for Secondaries.
- Added missing removal of HasQuest on a few quest branches.
- Raymund chain fixes.
- Some limiting to a few events that call upon student list.
- Minor fixes in Daisy events.
- InstillLoyalty fix.
- Added Walker story knock entry & fixed traning bits.
- Fixed job slots being re-filled on location reload.
- Fixed minigames sometimes being unresponsive and VEE rendering slowing down (especially with attached debugger).
- Typos & meta tweaks.

barteke22Topic starter

Previous patch had 2 broken files, just updated it. Just use the smaller patch if you downloaded it already.

barteke22Topic starter

Patch See post #2 for instructions, post #1 for download.

If updating from way back, also check notes on previous relevant patches.

Existing & new saves note introduced new person archetypes. The process of migrating miniquests to them is not fully complete however. As such, some NPCs won't have working miniquests (can't ask if they need help).

The game comes with a mod (optional for new game). Enabling this mod will give you a choice to regenerate the archetypes as only the old (working) ones.

Existing saves:
At the 'Reload Game Objects' step, first reload 'Status Effects', then 'All (except minigames)'.
The above mod is required, as it also migrates the DB to a new format.

Notable Changes and New Stuff
  • A background event will now manage the weather state in the game, with chances to switch between "Clear", "Cloudy", "Windy", "Rainy", "Stormy" and "Snowy" throughout the day.
    • Not all weather conditions are visually represented at this point in time. The engine has built-in support for snow and rain.
    • There is a new option in Debug menu under "Global Variables" -> "Disable_Weather_Effects" that you can use to turn off the visual part of the weather, if you don't want to see it or it causes performance issues for you.
    • When being in an outdoor area, you may now hear rain, storm and wind sounds based on the current weather.
    • The volume of these effects is controlled via the separate "Ambient" volume slider, so you can disable them that way if you don't like them.

  • Greatly improved upon the personality archetypes in the game:
    • Extended the previous 5 NPC archetypes (Jock/Athlete, Artist/Creative, Nerd/Intellectual, Rebel, Royal) with 7 additional overarching archetypes (Advocate, Caregiver, Explorer, Performer, Spiritual, Trendsetter, Visionary).
    • For each of the now 12 overarching archetypes, added 5-8 new subarchetypes that are assigned based on the overarching archetype and one of the 8 possible personalities that an NPC can have. This results in ~150 different archetype specializations.
    • Asking NPCs for their hobbies will now give you a different response for each of the ~150 subarchetypes, adding a lot more variety and personality to the NPCs.
    • Reworked favor miniquests so you don't do the exact same 3 favors for each particular NPC archetype in the same order. Instead, a miniquest is now chosen randomly from all available quests that are suitable for a specific archetype.
    • Also relaxed some of the archetype restrictions for more generic favors, so e.g. everyone could now ask you for an energy drink and not just "Rebels".
    • Added more miniquests for some of the new archetypes. (However, it's still not enough to get at least 3 unique miniquests for each archetype, so some may have more than others.)
    • Denying a miniquest now prevents obtaining a new one for 2 days.

  • Reworked train ticket handling.
    • Normal tickets are now one ride per item instance. They can stack in the inventory, though.
    • Also added flatrate tickets with daily, weekly and monthly duration. They grant unlimited access to the train from the moment of purchase on.
    • No regular ticket will be consumed by the respective events while a flatrate ticket is active.
    • Limited train rides to the time between 5:00 and 23:15. Not enough passengers to warrant operating at night time. Daily tickets are only valid until the end of business hours on that day.

  • LocationLayout GFX overhaul (what you see when navigating):
    • Added 4 Graphic settings. 
      • Sad GPU: Old real-time shader rendering.
      • High (new default): Pre-renders shaders the PD shaders.
      • Mid: Same + removes a few extra shader effects.
      • Low: Pre-renders the whole layout + disables all other shader effects.
    • Layout Animation Settings: 
      • GIF + Adorner vs Adorner vs none.
    • Location Button settings: 
      • Image vs static color (+optional shadows).
    • Added shader based lighting setting, looks a bit better than regular.

  • Rebalanced max loan logic to be less exploitable.
  • Added UI notifications to AjustMind.
  • SkippingClass added, a mini event chain with quite a few branches.

Other Tweaks
  • Clipped old cold shoulder interaction.
  • Added a lazy tweak to SpycamClue to allow futas.
  • Moved JerimiahHelp to chat since that seems to be where all quest interactions go.
  • Changed several weather-specific events so that they now check for specific weather conditions by using a new FunctionLibrary event.
    • To make up for the stricter conditions, the Random Chance in their Try phases has been increased.
  • Updated the weather app to actually weather.
  • Moved "Wish happy birthday" from general "Chat" category to "Personal information".
  • Added filter to event tree in debug menu to make it easier to find known events.
  • Added some simpler info to the Population Parameters Doc.
  • Added hobby dialogue to the chat interaction for each of the new sub-archetypes.
  • Made AfterglowEffect more effective at preventing arousal.
  • Replaced some images because of reasons. Slightly altered event text in cases where the new image no longer fits the described scenario in the event.

  • Fixed SeqEvent_EventReloaded not having been triggered up till now. This operation is intended to allow events to add init/cleanup steps for cases where the events are added/reloaded to an already started game.
  • Fixed bug causing sounds played via the MediaPlayer device implementation to always use the volume setting for background music instead of the actual sound type.
  • Fixed some bugs where some of the "Random Split" replacements were creating the wrong operation to replace with, and the operations also did not link up all original output links in the replacement process.
  • Fixed wrong interaction category selection due to sorting + improved selection accuracy.
  • Fixed all the broken image metadata from a faulty replacement (whoops).
  • Fixed AprilClass & AprilOffice exception & scheduling.
  • GetAdjucentLocations function: No longer returns locked locations without a key.
  • Fixed bug causing sounds played via the MediaPlayer device implementation to always use the volume setting for background music instead of the actual sound type.
  • February 29 birthday wish fix.
  • MaleChangingRoom Spycam fixes.
  • PTA meeting tracker fix.
  • Typos, journal improvements, misc tweaks & fixes.
  • Fixed Debug > add/set time not rendering layout.
  • Upskirt fix, tweaks to CarlStart & PhoneNumberAsk.
  • Made layout hijack autosaving since event driven UI Button Waits don't trigger it, also allows rendering the scene before saving.
  • Tweaked switching from frontend mod tab to properly reload relevant files.
  • Swimmingpool layer fix & extra layer optimisations.
  • Fixes in MadScience, AprilPhone, BreakInMain.
  • Added back chat interaction with Susan Hooter where you can ask her about Peter. Was missing from previous migration of generic chat event to individual interactions.
  • Fixed missing link in Init_FertilityCycles (previously missing in Init_SocialProfile).
  • Added OOM failsafe attempt on saving.
  • Fixed bad caret indexes in ShowDecisionsNumeric insert.
  • Fixed inverted link in ShowActionImageFilter & relaxed 'no tag' to be treated as the same priority as 'Student/Adult' tags.
  • Fixed missing link in SetHonorificDict & missed MadScience survive state.
  • Updated Template scenario to a 'working' order (maybe).
  • Made game generate default folders for each scenario.
  • Fixed quirks with scenario change while in char creation.
  • Fixed "HSVColorComponent" Op passing bad Hue.
  • Fixed "LayerTransforms" Op using wrong keys + fixed offsets.
  • Improved age adjustments to take days and siblings into account.
  • Tweaked Annette & Andy's birthdays to be 9 months apart.
  • Fixed AssetBrowser filter not actually working and letting everything pass.
  • Fixed Dev Tool "Find Image References in Events" being broken at least since the conversion to C#.

Developer/API changes (only relevant for mod authors)
  • Implemented Background Events. They also come with a new "Events\BackgroundEvents\" directory to keep things tidy.
    • These events are scheduled via Cron expressions using the new "Add Background Event Schedule" and "Remove Background Event Schedule" operations instead of the regular event scheduling operations.
    • It's perfectly good practice to use the new "Game Initialized" event entry points to let these events schedule their own execution.
    • They are executed by the engine at all points in time described by the Cron expression, and without any Try-phase checks. No latent operations are allowed in background events.
    • Their execution does not count as part of the regular event execution, so a regular event can still be encountered in the same slot when passing time and a background event was executed.
    • Unlike regular events, background events will trigger exactly at the point in time they were scheduled for.
    • Regular events would wait for the full specified amount of waiting time (e.g. 30 minutes, 60 minutes, etc.) to have passed first and then check the event execution.
    • The purpose of background events is to perform operations and tasks in the background without interfering with the player's actions.
    • For example gathering data, updating certain NPCs, precalculating stuff. But the more frequently your background event is being run, the more lightweight it should be in terms of performance.

  • Added new "Random Split (Weighted)" operation.
    • The old one has been visually renamed to "Random Split (Weighted Vars)", but still has the same internal name for serialization purposes.
    • The new operation holds its weights internally and allows to set them via property window, rather than linking up variables.
    • This makes it more compact and easy to use in all cases where the random weights are static and don't not intended to be changed at runtime.
    • For ease of migration, the "Replace Object" menu option can initialize the internal weights of the operation from the values of the linked Double variables of the old "Random Split (Weighted)" operation.
    • For this to work, the containing VisualEvent is now passed to the method signature of the ReplaceObject function.

  • The engine now supports rendering of built-in snow and rain effects, which can be controlled via events using the new "Weather Effect" operation.
    • The previous GIF-based overlay has been removed, since it could lead to high CPU and GPU usage in places with many paperdolls and shaders.
  • Increased the arbitrarily chosen maximum possible connectors for some operations like "Show Decisions", "Set Int/Double Directly", "Constant Split".
    • Also improved the property windows of these operations, so things don't become unusable with high connector numbers.
  • Added "Set String To" operation, which works the same way as "Set Int To" and "Set Double To", but for strings.
    • Intended usage is only for short one-liners that don't require spellchecking, text preview or line break support. More sophisticated stuff should just use the regular "Set String" with a variable.

  • Added support for multithreaded debugging & improved a few things:
    • Debugger will no longer jump between events unless it has to.
    • Pause Icon on currently debugged tab.
    • Debugger title now shows runner chain.
    • On Next Step breakpoint hangs onto its Op instead of vanishing, to indicate need for user input if there is one.

  • Person Relationship Database operation should now be able to handle other data types than Integer via link variations.
    • Internally, the DB functions now accept and return object instead of int. The VEE operation will attempt to convert the result based on the type of the linked variables.
    • UI notifications are still supported for changes to numeric values. The operations will attempt to interpret the current value as numeric and fallback to 0.0 if it cannot be parsed as a number.

  • Added tags to status effects and VEE operations to go along with them.
    • It's possible to check whether a person has effects with a specific tag or combination of tag.
    • It's possible to remove one or all effects with a specific tag or combination of tags.
    • Updated archetype and personality effects to have matching tags.

  • Added GetContentFiltered function for getting candidate combos adhearing to gender filters.
  • Added the new ModInfo fields to Modules, with a simple missing dependency indicator.
  • Added "Add Custom UI Notification" operation for... adding custom UI Notifications.
  • Added FontAwesome support in event text.
  • Added search filter to "Get/Set Property by Name".
  • Added missing ScheduleHandlerAwakeIndicator StatusEffect to go along with the Asleep ones.
  • Added new "Split String" operation, which splits a string into a string list. This can be more straight-forward in certain cases than using a "Split String Iterator".
  • Tweaked "StringReplace" Op to use Regex Groups if both Replacement and Replace are regex vars.
  • Fully deprecated LocationLayout floor layers, in favour of VEE applied leg removal shader (less RAM use).
  • Moved PD Layer cleanup into a Function for easier future adjustment.
  • Added an experimental "Get All Paper Doll Layers" Op to aid PD automation tests. Subject to change.
  • Added relative ranking to PaperdollLayers.

barteke22Topic starter

Patch See post #2 for instructions, post #1 for download.

Bugfixes. If updating from way back, also check notes on previous relevant patches.

Existing & new saves note
Check the note if updating from way back/new game.  For existing 4.0 saves the update mod now also fixes BackgroundEvents.

Settings > Gfx should be stable again, make sure to read the onHover description.
I've made High GPU the current default, as that one wasn't broken (old system), however I recommend 'Balanced' unless you run into issues (report & switch to High GPU).

Other Tweaks:
- Switched Birthday related interactions to use Friendship.
- Made LayoutBed require all NPCs (instead of any) in scene to love PC for them to get in & removed sleeping mask for PC.
- Improved NotAlwaysSunny App accuracy.
- Disabled 'Prefer 32bit' to allow more ram usage in 64bit.

- Fixes to ReplaceString24h Function.
- Hopefully got the GFX settings under control by freezing & providing more cleanup routines.
-- Make sure to read the description when hovering over Settings > Gfx.
- Added BreakIn caught check to Hypno.
- Fixed shader lighting getting darker in events.
- BackgroundEvents not being saved fix.
- Carl knock exception fix.
- Moved PD cleanup from PD_Default to subs.
- Fixed GetCompletedMiniquestIDs returning the results of the previous NPC if no entries are found for the current one.
- AskFavorsNeeded delay fix.
- Typos & misc tweaks.

Developer/API changes (only relevant for mod authors):
- Switched Weather caching to DB.
- Added a CheckWeather function for checking at a specific time.

barteke22Topic starter

Patch See post #2 for instructions, post #1 for download.

Emergency patch for previous patch(es). If updating from way back, also check notes on previous relevant patches.

Existing & new saves note: See previous post note.


- Fixed layout cleanup null instead of clear.
- Fixed replacing MultiCompareBool with CompareBool.
- Made AttemptToDial check for ScheduleHandlerNone instead of slave.
- Tweaked Sports Area button to only show Cheerleader practice if they bother showing up.
- Undid accidental US locale in .exe.config from testing.
- Typo.

barteke22Topic starter

Patch See post #2 for instructions, post #1 for download.

There's a lot of 'breaking changes' - so a full download & new folder is required. New game is highly recommended.

Existing & new saves note
New Game:  The Update mod still allows you to revert to old traits like before.

- Update mod is required (install like any other mod after updating). See notes on every other patch since your last update.
- When reloading Game Objects (rules - can do that step separately from All), it's recommended to select 'New' for any 'UpdateFrequency' changes.
- A lot of stuff has been changed, but the update mod should cover the most dangerous stuff.


Notable Changes and New Stuff
  • Finished off MaskedPanda's Sherilyn Ambrose chain.
    • Redid the logic as PersonAttached for more flexibility & added previously missing steps.

  • Added some very basic Management Panel timetable events.
    • Mass setting / replacement of subjects.
    • Timetable rotation / swapping / shift.
    • Saving / loading / exporting of presets.
    • Can be expanded further via ExtensionEvents\ManagementPanel.

  • Added 'Karin Masturbation' chain with a new one by MaskedPanda.
    • Replaces the ancient non-functional Karmin Masturbation chain.
    • The mandatory masturbation PTA proposals are once again tied into it.
      • They were separated out when it was noted that the old chain never actually functioned.
    • Merges the two machine proposals into one, part of the main rule.
    • It's an alternative to the Sierra 'Revenge' route (longer, mutually exclusive).
    • Added HasQuest & proposal support to Karin.

  • Made Karin help out with some things at the lab (after a specific point in one of her chains).
    • MadScience Epic/Fail & Research explosion avoidance via a 'Chemistry Fail Minigame' and skill check.
      • Has difficulty types, scaling, and time sensitivity.
      • Expanded to Research & gave low chance for solo trigger (skill based up to 20%).
      • Karin (100% trigger chance) will always show up during lunch (for either).
      • Otherwise relationship percentage chance while working, for MadScience only.
    • Chance to make a free drug daily.

  • alkalash's numerous performance improvements throughout the codebase - cleaning up gameplay bottlenecks.
    • Fixed GetRandomLocationWeighted(Person): Stat and gender preference filtering wasn't working correctly.
    • Optimized multithreaded scheduling: Precalculations, avoiding thread locks, limiting number of tasks.
    • Implemented memory caching of certain debug-related game settings - much faster access times.
    • Switched to ConcurrentDictionary for Location occupants - more efficient multithreaded updating.
    • Made console logging slightly more lenient w.r.t. buffer size, reducing cleanup overhead.
    • Further optimization: Implemented better algorithm for WeightedRandomizer.
    • Optimized PaperDollUserControl for faster rendering.
      • Instead of building UI element hierarchy with Image components, use a single component that draws all layers
      • Saves a lot of UI layout computation work
      • Small drawback: Layer Effects (Shaders) and Transforms cannot be updated without a full PD update
    • Implemented caches for directory file listings and custom shaders (PixelShader objects).
      • Should avoid excessive disk I/O when using these, e.g. for paperdolls.
    • Debugger and performance improvements.

  • Reworked save system.
    • Now: Save file is SQL database file.
    • Contains relationship database plus compressed savestate XML as blob.
    • Also features savefile CRC64 checksum.
    • Made saving more robust and space-efficient.
    • Old systems still in place, can be re-enabled using app setting, and old saves should be loadable either way.

Other Tweaks
  • Tweaked SetEffectsOnObservers to treat casual/accident Actions where PC does something as PC's fault.
  • Tweaked AskFavorsNeeded to provide an ending like it used to.
    • Ending still checks for new favours being available (Try) just in case of new events.
  • Added button to visit generic NPCs from the streets they're assigned to.
  • Replaced 'Smallville' button with a Btn_ event to exist at the right street.
  • Added a jog button in sports area.
  • Added vague inhibition indicators to outfit descriptions.
  • Added check for awake occupants to LocationLayout LightingMode 4 & 6, and LightsOn/Off traits to force it.
  • Reduced the requirement for the best cabaret deal to 90 relationship with Stacy to bring it in line with the love indicator.
  • Added option to postpone some repeatable events.
  • Removed HasQuest from end of unfinished chains.
  • Added temp HasQuest removal for Sarah & Eric.
  • Tweaked HallwaySex event based on Neme & MaskedPanda's tweaks.
  • Merged & updated some some rules due to chain tweaks & new built-in daily change functionality.
  • Made loan decline hint at max amount.
  • Added photoshop button to Smallville Times.
  • Merged, updated and expanded a few Bathroom F events.
  • When fucking increase like for gender instead of instantly converting bisexual.
  • Added PTA proposal for 'Physical Exams'.
    • Merges the Measurement events into it & allows non-female genders.
  • Added a regular DVD miniquest.
  • Replaced EnergyDrink miniquest with general Drink one for a bit more variation.
  • Added proper Inhibition calculation to player Info Panel.
  • Tweaked CarlStart to check if he's teaching Sport in general, instead of right now (further tweaks pending).
  • Now showing the status of the rule choice on School Policy panel.
  • Made Weather generation more realistic & optionally configurable via the weather app.

Developer/API changes (only relevant for mod authors)
  • Added Regex support to PersonTraits(Remove).
  • Tweaked HasTrait description to mention that it supports Regex and StringList.
  • Added Regex Group Match operation. For matching a string against a regex, and outputing any capture groups onto optional variables.
    • Added a simple hover to RegexGroupMatch preview to show individual captures.

  • Debuger:
    • Improved VirtualizedEvent debugging:
      • Hovering over the top half of a currently virtualized variable will show its in-memory value. Double-clicking will edit it.
      • Hovering over its bottom half will show the original value (copied at each event run). Double-clicking will edit it.
    • Added a button for jumping between or deleting set breakpoints.
    • Added breakpoint step focus button with auto-focus.
    • Added Step Over/Out buttons to the Debugger, for RemoteEvent handling.
    • Debugger should now also successfully return to parent even if Remote doesn't output into anything.

  • Added support for custom String Constant and Enum definitions. Updated relevant UI forms for support them.
    • Custom Enums have their own dropdown to avoid mixups & due to differing internal logic.
    • Added validation for Enum values (for notifying of relevant changes or invalid values).
    • Added Enum Description support to IntEnum UI & CustomConstants.
    • Added CustomEnums for basic GenSex values and attached them to the commonly used functions.
    • Added CustomConstants for some common Traits & GetCandidates.

  • Added an Op for getting and setting school Timetable slots.
  • Added an Op for getting and setting a teacher's subjects.
  • Added support for a custom button to Management Panel's Timetable.
  • Added operation to check if a subject is available to teach.

  • Added ability to create rules that are updated at midnight or Monday.
  • Added traits to rule choices and an operation to check them.
  • Added operation to check if a rule choice is available or not.
  • Added requirements to the rules.
  • Added a few operations to handle School Upgrades through VEE.

  • Changed SetEffectsOnObservers to take the location from the first person.
  • Added special handling for middle clicking RemoteEvent's IntBitField & IntEnum inputs.

  • Tweaked CheckForErrors error quick-jumping to work outside of current event and VEE.
  • Added SizeDescriptions to BodyParts, for defining CharacterCreator and text replacements.
    • Some places still use the enum based logic, due to their hardcoded nature.
  • Enabled mod assets in AssetBrowser view & removed expanders from last items.
  • Added some more options to CheckEventExection list variant:
    • Execute All (ordered by priority).
    • Try Only & Remove failed from List (+ priority).
  • Moved progress tracking of some of the chains to Global variables & changed display mode of Chains_* global variables to Integer_BitField.
  • Added simple filter to Debug Console log.
  • Added comment about @SuppressWarnings to Comment Box.
  • Added WineHQ Gfx setting for slightly improved visual compatibility on WineHQ.
  • Recompiled all compatible shaders as PS2. The remaining 12 required PS3 and will not work anywhere that pre-renders the bitmap.

  • PhoneContact sorting fix.
  • Added back expelling of Missing Girl, to lower the likelyhood of events & school mechanics interacting with her.
    • At least until all engine mechanics & events check for ScheduleHandlerNoneIndicator status.
  • Fixed various issues in Voyeurism_Effects & added support for solo exposure (GiveReceive 4). Updated Doc accordingly.
  • Reverted WPF Extended Toolkit to 4.2, to prevent collection reset bug.
  • Tweaked Object Reloading to do less complex objects first.
  • Fixed GlobalVar SurvivesReload.
  • HaveSex Op missing InitializeComponent() fix.
  • CheckAndyRoom exception fix.
  • Renamed category from "Chains" to "Chains (Person)"
  • Fixed AskOverMain time conversions.
  • Tweaked MissingGirl head to check if exists before applying.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in some events.
  • Fixed some datetime stuff in some PTA & Smartphone events.
  • Fixed missing Survive state & tweaked date checks to use Cron in TownCouncil.
  • Added assembly preloading so themes can access custom controls at exe start. Unfortunately it doesn't work with our assembly, so local: controls still can't be styled directly.
    • Also made it so the exe doesn't hang if a theme crashes.
  • Fixed ListFilterProperty checking wrong count.
  • Fixed SetEffectsOnObservers giving loyalty hit when player not involved.
  • Fixed invalid mode in CoppersStart.
  • Made it possible for NPCs with General Home to be there when you knock.
  • Updated Train Ticket checks in remaining Parker events.
  • Various fixes to GenSex:
    • Brought back separation between Consent values for more explicit specification & future proofing.
      • They still do the same thing under the hood, but properly track their tags now, because a lot of older events also didn't use the new merged meaning.
    • Fixed tag GiveReceive being all over the place.
    • Fixed missing Modifier bit compensation, causing non-general scenes to always give max lust.
  • Fixed WeatherCheck being inverted.
  • Made Tanning Oil use check for rain.
  • Fixed Cloistered & Restrictive Undress State settings being inverted.
  • Fixed some offset issues in the High Street layout.
  • Fixed CheckForErrors quick jump not working properly in the debugger.
  • Fixed -f argument for pointing to a specific event with the -editor hhs+.exe argument. Used for making shortcuts that open the editor with/out a specific file.
  • Fixed bad crons in TownHallCommitee.
  • Fixed instill loyalty check in try phase.
  • Fixed B&D outfit logic & corrected inhibition indicator.
  • Fixed inconsistency in UI notification popup positions.
  • Fixed UILayer breaking debugger render.
  • Removed redundant arrange call & improved height compensation in PDUC.
  • Tweaked ParsedStringPreview to be accessible while debugging.
  • Added a simple dependency priority check to Modules.
  • Fixed club reloading not updating selected index.
  • Added FontAwesome preview to Event Properties.
  • Fixed PlayerStringInput being constrained to 1 line if no MaxLenght was specified.
  • Fixes to Btn_GloryHole context & CarlAdjust cast.
  • Fixed incorrent replacement tags.
  • Fixed probability of suggesting nude jogging.
  • Removed corruption from outfit level calculation.
  • Fixed SetPropertyByName not supporting enums.
  • Tweaked FindMissingImages to handle .webp and LocationLayout assets.
  • NudeRuleAcceptance filter fix.
  • Image path fixes.
  • Removing reloaded event from VEEStreamingCache.
  • Fixed IntBitField GlobalVars not being editable in Debug.
  • Fixed IntBitFields and IntEnums not working in math conditionals.
  • Fixed bad Mode in Btn_GloryHole.
  • Fixed "Rule Choice is Available" returning available for unavailable rules.
  • Mass CheckForErrors cleanup.
  • Added missing Numeric check in ReturnArgument, causing Int callback to fail Double conversion.
  • Fixed BitmapFromColor Op.
  • Fixed BitmapImage Var rendering errors while debugging due to lack of freezing.
  • Added BitmapImage var link to ShowImage Op.
  • Fixed StringList Clone failing to recognise serialised line endings, causing SingleLine mode to kick in.
  • Fixed some invalid GenSex values.
  • Fixed missing link in one of the MovieEvents & tweaked them to be a bit more re-usable.
  • Fixed file manager caching bug when loading a save with a different mod config from what's selected in the frontend.
  • Added a scrollbar to interactions.
  • Fixed Classroom 9 layout.
  • Fixed exception in 00_SpecialDesert.
  • Fixed wrong context in FoodDruggingAdministration.
  • Typos.

barteke22Topic starter

Patch See post #2 for instructions, post #1 for download.

Emergency patch for previous patch, see notes on that one.

- HooterSex typo.
- Fixed RuleChoice statistics daily exception.
- Added time checks to rooftop events.
- Temp tweak to GetSocialProfile so new archetype flirts defaults to old equivalents.
- Tweaked ScheduleHandler to make FollowIndicator bypass frequency setting.

barteke22Topic starter

Patch See post #2 for instructions, post #1 for download.

Note: Important (existing saves): DO NOT change location before fully updating the save. Update Mod fixes stuff.  Also check all previous notes since your last patch.

- Feb 29 birthday fix fix.
- CoppersStart exception fix.
- Typos.
- Removed ShedulingFrequency 1 skip, since it became necessary again after removing another part...

barteke22Topic starter

Patch See post #2 for instructions, post #1 for download.

Note: Important (existing saves): Update Mod fixes stuff.  Also check all previous notes since your last patch.

- Expanded and finished the main Carl Walker chain by MaskedPanda.
-- Tweaked and expanded some parts based on suggestions.
-- Added an ending and the Carla alternative.
- Replaced Smith BoobyGrab image with Alum's.

- Added link for setting NextRuleChoice to SetRuleChoiceActive & fixed it not clearing Next on default set.
- Fixed SetPropertyByName enum set (again).
- Fixed some ObjectReloading issues.
- Fixed QuestStats Friendship check.
- Fixed Sherilyn_Toy futa PC check.
- Fixed KarinLabAssistant putting her there too early + extended to all breaks.
- Fixed various sex issues in ChangingRoom cam & Hospital HypnoPractice.
- Added pitch choice to BoyPissing.
- Fixed inverted checks in CheerleaderGangbang & ExhibitionClubAllowSex.
- Misc tweaks & Typos.

barteke22Topic starter

Patch See post #2 for instructions, post #1 for download.

Note: Important (existing saves): Update Mod fixes stuff.  Also check all previous notes since your last patch.

- Redid portions of Sierra's chain based on MaskedPanda's contributions.
-- Mostly some textual changes & logic updates.
-- Moved tracking to globals.
-- Added post chain sex interaction & encounter (very limited currently).
-- Made logic of cure and futa route a bit more uniform, fixed some checks.
-- Made it possible to get her panties on cure route.

- Removed Blocked Status from Teachers B&D.
- Marked some items as special by default, since bought are.
- Fixed Sherilyn_Encounters having a chance to schedule next chain part too quickly.
- Lowered Hypno resistance check on Sherilyn Red Corner receptionist a bit.
- Fixed Knocking always triggering CarlTraining.
- Added futa GenderStatusKnown to some events.
- Fixed FoodDruggingAdministration using same person as P1 & P2.
- Fixed QuestStats not adding Friendship.
- Fixed some errors in GetAttraction & GetWillingness.
- Added missing gating to Miniquest_SexySwimsuit.
- Added nullchecks to Rule IsPassed().
- Added Imazen.Webp library (using libwebp) as a fallback for missing WIC Webp codecs.
- Redirected user settings save exceptions to log to avoid WineHQ issues.
- Typos.

barteke22Topic starter

Patch See post #2 for instructions, post #1 for download.

Tiny patch for some misses from last one.  It's recommended to delete (or a fresh download):
- HardmanMeeting1 & 2 from Events\Location\School\Principal Office.
- Events\ExtensionLibrary\PTAProposals\

Note (existing saves): Update Mod fixes stuff.  Also check all previous notes since your last patch.

- Fixed chain wierdness due to typos & tweaked things.
- Undid setting tools as special in xml, must be in VEE instead.
- Changed capacity uncapping to update daily instead of weekly.
- Typos.

barteke22Topic starter

Patch See post #2 for instructions, post #1 for download.

Contains a bunch of misc events, but will release it as bugfix patch for the 2 remaining bugs since there's gonna be less activity.

Note (existing saves): Update Mod fixes stuff.  Also check all previous notes since your last patch.


  • Adapted MaskedPanda's Practical Sex Ed events.
  • Added male variants from MaskedPanda to some School Basement and Biology events.
  • Adapted Thaiboy's StudentDrawsPicture (Art Class Mod), with tweaks from MaskedPanda.
  • Added a Jerimiah event & tweaked some church events based on MaskedPanda's tweaks.
  • Updated Public Bathroom Btn_Pee based on MaskedPanda's tweaks.
  • Added PockyKiss and TeacherCoffee events by MaskedPanda.
  • - And updated Gym Depot and Male Change Room spycams.
  • Tweaked CallApril to require less steps + less clicking.

  • Added event ForestRunUnderwear, where girls wear underwear and pass it as sportswear. Complete with single and multi options.
  • Added new event to beach, girls passing as boys with boardshorts. Limited to small breasted girls, obviously.
  • Added TestOfCourage event by Cat34 to Beach Side.
  • Added a StealWallet interaction to the thief.
  • - Also fixed issues with original, like missing time pass.

  • Changed Maintance Detention from School to Classroom due to constant reports, until it's properly improved.
  • Made non-rouge students stick to the school area when not in class.
  • Added Arousal Mind tweaks to some that affect Lust.
  • Made PTA meetings update basic info about staff.
  • Added median to StatsByList.
  • Added an aspect ratio setting to layouts.

  • Flirt changes (currently text is all placeholder).
  • - Provides hint on known info, and on too low disposition.
  • Tweaked AskForSex mood calculations, provides hint on too low disposition.
  • - It's now harder to begin with, but relies less on high arousal and gets much easier with high Lust or Rel + some other stuff.
  • Tweaks to GetAttraction and GetWillingness.
  • Added Attraction, Willingness and Mood to info panel.
  • - First requires enough points, rest are cheat mode only.
  • Tweaked LoveAsk to reflect Relationship Rule (mostly in flavour).

  • Fixed WeightedRandom breaking Init_SocialProfile when all stats below average.
  • Tweaked flirt tracking so it can be read back, at the expense of no negative points if not failed 3+ times.
  • Tweaked Kiss requirements a bit.
  • Added extra checks to MaleChangeRoom spycam.
  • Updated some events to use GenSex instead of HaveSex, plus misc tweaks.
  • Fixed missing link in AnnetteSleepOver.
  • Fixed FamilialDB not applying to grandparents.
  • Tweaked Carl stats to better fit his new narrative.
  • Dick virginity fixes.
  • Fixed Jerimiah_Events.
  • Fixed GetContentFiltered x2.
  • Fixed HallwaySex not performing sex on detention branch.
  • Tweaks and fixes to AskForSex, Flirt & Kiss.
  • - Fixed some reaction checks, and replaced some placeholders.
  • - Added Andy & Annette checks since they're not really your siblings.
  • Fixed missing link in AnnetteSleep.
  • Tweaked Classroom Layout hover to reflect IsRouge.
  • Made FunctionLibrary sort alphabetically.
  • Fixed LikesGender breaking when futa points are involved.
  • Updated Btn_Masturbate logic.
  • Fixed wrong check in PSEGeneral (now PSEOrgy) making it very rare.
  • BeachGirls quick fixes.
  • Fixed Timetable ReadExportData T. Sex Ed exception.
  • Typos & misc tweaks.

barteke22Topic starter

^Just a heads-up:  I've added 2 more fixes to the above, get the PatchOnly version if you've already downloaded it.