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Help with Sandra event trigger

Started by NinjaPanda213, Nov 18, 2023, 04:52 PM

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NinjaPanda213Topic starter

So need help with starting this event, i cant seem to get it to start. as far as i know what i need to do is get approched by a random student but i cant figure out where and if theres any requirements needed for it to trigger other than a spy cam. is it just a matter of rng luck or is there something that i need to do or finish?


The main limiter is the school average Felicia Titsbig's corruption needs to be at least 15 for the chain to start. So it's not an early-triggering event, but it should happen fairly naturally with progress as you wander through the school outdoors areas.

⚧ Squark

This might be a Lexville thing but sometimes an event will fire when you're in the Gym Depot and will let you plant a camera there anyway. As stated, Felicia's corruption must be >=15.


In the base game, you need the Titsbig trigger to be able to place the spy cam in the Gym Depot at all, but once you have done that and seen the quest photo, it works like a normal spy cam, including being able to remove it and reinstall it. I didn't check, but I assume it starts earning you money too.