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[HHS+ 1.10.5] Official Release Thread

Started by barteke22, May 27, 2022, 11:44 PM

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barteke22Topic starter

Patch See post #2 for instructions, post #1 for download.

Small bugfix patch for issues reported thus far.

Note (existing saves): Check all previous notes since your last patch.

The download folder contains an optional mod featuring a part of a potential overhaul of the PD system: Heads.

Separates heads into multiple layers (base, 3x hair, expression, beard, etc.), with some settings.
Adds a mirror button & suggestion NPC interaction.

Feedback on performance effect appreciated. Some generated combos might look bad, I don't plan on improving that, as I don't have time to play with assets. You can befriend and give them fashion advice to fix it :P

Works on existing saves, standard mod installation instructions apply. Should have higher priority than all my other mods (move it below).
It's recommended to set the GFX mode to non-GPU to avoid blur and high GPU usage.

- Added virginity removal failsafe to missing girl.
- Redirected POOActivities to lower branch instead of popup if no matching NPCs found.
- ForestRunUnderwear missing link.
- Sierra double panties fix.
- LoveAsk missing link fix.
- Moved the Pass time operation to the end of the event.
- Grouped the notifications of a couple of events affecting multiple NPCs.
- Fixed bad weighted logic in POOActivities & DetentionFingering.
- Tweaked Wardrobe to use item stacks instead of instances, as failsafe for people with 1M+ items...
- Carl_Chain & BeachGirlsMix missing links.
- Typos.