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Finding the average corruption level of the student body

Started by squark, Sep 08, 2022, 08:07 AM

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squarkTopic starter

Is there a command I can use to relay this value to me? I'm trying to get Felicia Titsbig's event to fire.
I don't know if there is an issue or if I haven't hit the magical figure of 15 as an average score.

I've started the Hooter, Hardman and Perrier chains.

EDIT: Figures. I post this and it fires practically immediately. I'd still like to know the SQL command for this though.


squarkTopic starter

If that's true (which it almost certainly isn't) then the event in the schoolyard should fired FAR sooner than it did. It's supposed to fire when the average student Corruption is at least 15. The top bar was displaying >20 by the time it did.


I tested with the attached VE, and all three mechanisms (the one shown on the status bar ala Get School Stats, the one extracted by Person Stats From List, and the one manually calculated) returned the same value, using the OwnStudents person list.

This was tested on a freshly-loaded save, so maybe you're being fooled because the status bar value (per the Get School Stats doc) is cached, so if it's not just been updated, it may lag reality. (Although lagging long enough to go from 15 to 20 average student corruption seems too long).

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Edit: Sorry, I actually read the question this time, rather than just the post title. The Titsbig chain start event triggers outdoors on the school grounds when Felicia's corruption is 15, not the student-body average.

Being a quest character, you can't easily use hypnosis, drugs, or consensual sex acts to raise her corruption, so she's likely to lag the student-body average, if you are actively and directly raising corruption on non-quest students.

I think average student corruption of 15 used to be the requirement for SPE Club to start? That's no longer the requirement though, if it ever was.

squarkTopic starter

Quote from: TBBle on Sep 08, 2022, 06:03 PMThe Titsbig chain start event triggers outdoors on the school grounds when Felicia's corruption is 15, not the student-body
Oof. No wonder it took forever. Given her status as a special, bumps to her Corruption stat are usually <1 point every time. Good to have this clarified all the same. Thanks.


For hypno, quest-tagged characters gain 10% of the 1st level minimum-skill level gain (0.4-0.6) irrespective of Suggestion skill. For drugs, quest-tagged characters gain 5-7.5% of the first-level gain (i.e. 0.2-0.4) irrespective of level of Corruptor used.

So direct action on such characters is basically a waste of time and cash.

Helper events, e.g., Peter Hooter, also don't affect special characters, so you're basically stuck with either corruption by witnessing public sex acts (I don't have the numbers at hand, so I don't know  if this is also heavily reduced for special-tagged characters) or general corruption by class and proximity to more-corrupt people; I don't know the mechanics of the latter off-hand since I'm only looking at VEE.

So yeah, quest chains that start based on corruption (Claire Fuzushi cosplay club chain has a similar roadblock soon before the current TODO-point) are going to be late to start, compared to chains that rely on easier-to-influence stats or things other than a special character's stats, as you're relying either on the slow-grind of school; or really hammering the hypno/drugs paths: Felicia starts at corruption 10, so you need about 10 suggestions, or 14 Corruptors, or some combination thereof, and that's really poor value for the time/money investment.

So you can't effectively focus on corrupting her, so corrupt those around her (and the whole student body, as you already did) and it'll start in due time.

If you don't have Sex Ed classes available, make sure you have Economics in your subject mix and avoid Religion; weirdly, April Raymund is good for both of these subjects, and is not special herself so you can increase her Corruption directly as soon as you have sufficient hypno or chemistry skills. Beth Manili would also make a good Economics teacher (Mathematics skill crosses over well), but has a (relatively-short) quest to get through before you can raise her corruption directly and in my current playthrough, the benefits of her teaching Mathematics seem stronger due to how widely-influencing Intelligence is for student success and hence Education level, which means more funding.

From the start, corporal punishment in detention can also bring corruption across the student body, but that has significant other costs for student stats, so I tend to ignore that one. Lax computer-lab monitoring also corrupts, but Felicia won't benefit from it without at least one policy change.