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Feature requests and wishlists

Started by barteke22, May 30, 2022, 09:40 PM

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An idea regarding building stamina/appareance:
  • Allow the player to train (cardio/run, weights) two times a day, i.e.: morning and evening (maybe do it in a way that, you can run/do weights in your room only at morning, and at the evening go to the gym or viceversa).
  • Modify the stats gain to:
    a) first time in the day -> normal gain
    b) second time in the day -> half gain
    c) you trained only one time the day before -> 1.5-2 gains on the first train (this could also be more realistic like: training every day -> poor results/bad consecuences, trained every two-three days, better results (muscle recovery), too much time between training loose stats (think thats already the case))
  • Maybe an option to heavy/light, normal exercise? (better results at the cost of more energy/minor energy consuption at the cost of the results, respectively

This could also reduce the need to spam water bottles, or energy drinks. Could also make some checks on stamina to raise max energy (I think right now it only reduces the energy consumption)
Edit: also make spamming energy drinks/water to have consecuences (I NEED A F.... BATHROOM  ;D  ;D )
Edit 2: spamming energy drinks = drinking more than 2-3 a day
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In general, it would be interesting if they expanded the scope of paper dolls.
For example, the replacement of the same images during sex, extended interaction with a paper doll with body parts and everything else, I remember earlier there was a mod on this topic for version 1.9.3 or something (Sorry, MT is used) 8)

⚧ Squark

I'd like a "Sleep in Underwear" option.


id like to see the ability to build and open a dorm building that some students could move into in particular the quest characters that don't have a PTA/teacher parent and therefore don't have a house in town and maybe a few extra slots for some favorites and the other sibling if you only choose one

then using the dorm as a base to expand on an idea that now living in the dorm Lucas could start crossdressing more permanently giving a way to continue his and Andy story and progress into expanding the content by allowing and then maybe forcing male students to wear the girls uniform


I Similar to the existing dress code rules - Gym dress code rule. Having the option between "Normal gym clothes" and "Nude" when natures law is passed would be great!

II And in the same vain - add "Nude" option for "Staff dress code" after NL is passed, with inhibition and willpower checks that affect their happiness/loyalty if they are forced to be nude.

Not needed
III Restore the Uniform flexibility rule.

Yeah, i just really want to humiliate everyone by forcing exhibitionism XD

----- The rule was moved into the Map's options button.

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Quote from: kenshuck on Oct 04, 2022, 04:36 AMHow possible would It be, in terms of work/playing/Entertainment to make every-one you dont know appear as ?? ? IM not so sure about this one, cause It could impact badly on Gameplay/Entertainment

This would only work for non-PTA and non-Staff townies.
As the Principal knows who's joining the school and who's available to be hired as well as who's currently on the PTA, rando townies are the only ones it would it would affect.


Here's a simple request: at the point you can set the slave free, also allow trading items with the slave.


Since contacts now have home addresses that correspond to streets, it'd be nice to have an option to go to their home from that street, and not have to pop out to the map.

Quote from: ⚧ Squark on Jan 25, 2023, 03:27 PMCan you imagine how cluttered the screens would be?

Quote from: oratorio on Jan 25, 2023, 03:27 PMIt could be as simple as a "Visit" button which behaves just like the one on the map screen except that the list is filtered by location.

Quote from: ⚧ Squark on Jan 25, 2023, 09:17 PMI thought of this too but then I thought of people whose systems are already chugging on account of how the Look Around mod is now part of the core. Adding a filtered dropdown might be just too much.
Don't get me wrong, I want to see this game continue to evolve but a balance between form and function must be struck.

Quote from: oratorio on Jan 26, 2023, 01:29 PMCould the filter be run only if the button is clicked? This would prevent general slow-down.

I don't think we ought to worry about performance for this. Filtering the list of contacts down to those whose address was given and corresponds to the current location ought to be less intensive than rendering every paper doll in the location in some position relative to every other doll (O(N2)). It's probably about as costly as listing everyone in a location (O(N)). And it also doesn't change very quickly by comparison, so it could easily be cached per location.

Quote from: barteke22 on Jan 27, 2023, 06:16 PMA button wouldn't be an issue or hard to implement.

Especially if something like 'You have a look at the nearby houses, and realise you don't really know anyone from this area...' was fine.

Otherwise would have to move the generic house addresses into the DB to use them in the Try, as they're from a flavour text function that recalculates them every time.

When it comes to the layouts, what takes time is executing all the PD events & then loading the images (3-7 per person) into the bitmaps (which in turn get cached for quicker access). It's otherwise around 10 times faster than it was in the initial versions (those were also slowed down by an accidental lack of multithreading for location events). Especially once the cache picks up more of the images, perhaps pre-caching all PD assets could be an option for the future if things stabilise enough.


Quote from: oratorio on Feb 03, 2023, 08:19 PMWe can ask students about their parents. It would make sense to be able to ask parents about their children.

My attempt at writing this. Requires new tag "STATE_ChildrenAsk"

Similar (2 likes):
Quote from: Balinn on Mar 23, 2023, 06:48 AMJust as we can ask a student who their parents are, can we also ask parents who their children are? Perhaps also for siblings?

Also, for the staff we recruit, can we not look silly by asking them for their job and already recording it in the known npc information?


I'd like to be able to unlock an event similar to Forest\MissingGirlAbductAnother for your own purposes through the slave path. That is, once you made and released your first slave, you then get the idea/option to kidnap another student yourself instead of waiting for one to be kidnapped from school.

It's a bit silly that you can be forced to kidnap them if you don't enslave them, but you don't have to kidnap them yourself if you do.

⚧ Squark

This is something I asked Spinner before the old board vamoosed. Apparently it's possible but may be a lot of work. Basically I asked for various pubic hair styles to be enabled for the students even though it's not my thing. It was something I thought about given that the default student age is 18 so naturally a fair number of them would be hairy.


Bike / car.

Options to purchase a bike, ebike (slightly faster and less exhausting), moped, or a car to speed up travel times would be great.

Quote from: TBBle on Mar 14, 2023, 11:38 AMWhat about a pair of Heelys? Cut travel time by 25%, but every time you move all NPCs present lose 25% arousal.

Quote from: ⚧ Squark on Mar 14, 2023, 12:05 PMI've never seen any adults wearing Heelies.

Quote from: TBBle on Mar 14, 2023, 12:09 PM

Quick edit: Since I posted it in this thread, consider this a feature request follow-on from the above, to provide a way for events/mods etc to affect travel times/stamina usage. Implementing a car would be an interesting mod, but I suspect the hooks don't currently exist to:

  • Travel faster
  • Only between outdoor locations (without hardcoding the list...)
  • For less stamina
  • If the car is implemented as an NPC, e.g., so it's visible with a paperdoll etc, to exclude it from "all present" events like mass-hypnosis or public displays of horny etc
  • Not accidentally abandon it or fail to use it when you map-travel from an indoor location

Quote from: grey_shadow on Mar 14, 2023, 09:37 PMIf you're going to implement a car, does that also imply implementing parking? Presumably driving through the park would not improve your reputation...

I get the impression that the town (or at least the portions of it that are accessible) is small enough that, while a bike might be useful, a car would require too much upkeep and be too much hassle to make up for the limited times it actually saves time on the trip...

Quote from: TBBle on Mar 15, 2023, 12:17 AMYeah, in this town, a bike probably makes more sense. The same thought-experiment applies, i.e. "what would I need to be able to do in a mod to implement this?", and I get the same results as above.

A bike also has the advantages that you can maybe justify carrying it with you if you, e.g., enter and leave the park area by different rooms, and could perhaps be counted towards exercise (but also generate more grime), making it more gameplay-interactive.

Quote from: grey_shadow on Mar 15, 2023, 04:36 AMYeah, the mall is the only place that comes to mind with multiple exits where you wouldn't be able to ride your bike and would probably raise eyebrows wheeling it through if it's even allowed.

That still leaves distinguishing between indoor and outdoor locations, and changing the costs of moving around - the simplest implementation just makes the bike a permanent upgrade to your outdoor movement (assume that you always have the bike either with you or parked by the only exit, and ride it as you move around), but you can add more player interaction to it (giving it a location, and choose whether to use it when moving around - also opening the possibility of reputation effects from being seen riding indoors)

Quote from: TBBle on Mar 15, 2023, 11:08 AMI was also thinking that maybe a better implementation is to actually have multiple routes between outdoor areas, and have the bike ones locked behind owning a bike item, and place the "ride to" button directly below the existing button.

That'd all be manual (and a hassle as a mod) but allow the greatest control; I'm not off-hand sure if routes can be gated like that, the only place I can think of that supports conditional movement is entering people's homes, and that's "locked" rather than hidden. You could fake it up with buttons and the "move to X" VEE event (overriding the default movement time/stamina with your own), of course.

Which highlights one additional hassle with trying to do this from VEE: The VEE "Move to location" event itself should support using your vehicle, which means the engine has to know how the vehicle works.

Mod note: Since this turned into a longer discussion, does it make sense to split the relevant messages out into a thread? This topic is (I understand) more for brief wishlist items than this sort of discussion.


Can we have a new PTA proposal in relation to the nature ways law? Like unisex restroom (which can lead to glory hole) and unisex changing room? (it may reduce a bit school maintenance)


I don't know if the condoms in my game are from barteke's Pregnancy mod or part of the normal game but I'd like the ability to interact with a student I can see is wearing one when my school policy is set to "punish use"

Maybe a dialog where I confiscate it and give them detention or something? Right now I'm just trading items and confiscating them that way but I'd like there to be a more active punish part

⚧ Squark

Nipple rings, item accessories etc.

Not viable for old system, possible in new
The Nipple Rings that some most NPC adults wear is a little bit too widespread. This is something I'd actually like to be able to turn off.
Even pre-corruption Diana King can be seen wearing them.

Quote from: TBBle on Apr 09, 2023, 06:34 AMAssuming I'm looking at the right nipple ring (the single photo-left nipple ring), it's one of the three default casual outfits, so it'll actually show up one day in three on almost all NPCs when not at work, bathing, etc. So almost a third of the population, changing each day. (June Perrier and Sandra Titsbig have overridden casual outfits; some special characters have partial or complete PD handler overrides. Diana King does not though, so uses the default PD handler.)

You can trivially take it out of rotation by editing PaperDollHandlers\Adult\Casual\ and setting its priority to -1, then it won't be chosen, instead the other two (pasties and nothing) will rotate. You could probably also delete that file completely for the same effect, nothing should be referencing it directly. A mod could disable it by lowering the priority or simply overwriting it with an empty event (i.e. so Try never accepts). (I don't recall mods being able to delete files by name.)

It's not visible in any of the other outfits except Bondage outfit AFAICT; the Nude outfit is using an old system (based on the TODO saying "ugprade this") which doesn't support outfit cycling.

So yeah, I agree, having everyone wear a nipple ring one day in three is a little weird. It'd be better if it was an item-based overlay (like the Visible Slave Collars mod) and hence NPCs were consistent in either wearing or not wearing it.

That's odd, because I've seen it in use in the Onsen. A lot.

Quote from: TBBle on Apr 09, 2023, 04:44 PMHmm. Poking around, I can't actually work out how nude breasts are hooked up (in either Nude outfit, or a topless Bathing outfit). I believe it's in the native code, behind the Set Paper Doll event which takes a "Nude Breasts" flag, and my best guess at how that works would just replace "Bathing" or whatever in the path with "Nude" before looking for a Breasts folder, based on the directory layout, so the Bathing outfit's Nude Breasts would be shared with the Nude outfit, and shouldn't be seeing the Casual 2 breasts.

Poking around, I can't see any breast-only Paperdoll parts with nipple piercings for adults except the Casual 2 set, one of the school staff B&D sets, and Lydia Swan's work outfit (and maybe other special characters have enforced piercings I didn't check... but Diana King doesn't). And AFAIK all the nipple piercings related to B&D also have a collar of some kind, so that should be easy to visually distinguish.

So either there's some weird bug going on here, or I'm misunderstanding something in the paperdoll system and hence giving you bad advice. I don't have a savegame handy with people going topless or nude in the Onsen to test this, at the moment.

Note: If this is the Onsen Changing Room, rather than the Women's Bath, then picking up Casual outfit is expected: The Changing outfit works by picking an outfit from any adjacent location, and then setting them somewhere between that outfit's current level and nude. And the Onsen foyer is a Casual (default) room, so the changing room will contain people in both Casual and Bathing outfits.

It is the Onsen's Women's Changing Room, and I'm linking a picture of it happening.
This is also at low corruption (<10) and high Inhibition (>85).
Might be mod-related. I'll fiddle with some things and check.

Quote from: TBBle on Apr 10, 2023, 09:21 PMYeah, that's a believable result for the Changing room. That character is in Casual 02 on this day, and so the changing room can pick that output but put it at a higher level (towards nude) in order to simulate the idea that you've caught someone changing.

The same day will show the same NPC in the same state of changing and same casual outfit each time you encounter them in a changing room.

So my original post applies: Taking Casual 02 out of the casual rotation by deleting it or dropping the VEE priority will remove this outfit. It'll remove the _whole_ outfit from rotation though. Out of the brown, blue, and pink-black casual outfits, this one's the blue one. (Pasties are brown) So this isn't actually great for overall playability, loss of the blue outfit seems too high a price to pay, personally. I guess it depends how anti-nipple-ring you are.

It's a bit of an odd occurrence: Normally the breast differences in the casual outfits aren't visible at high inhibition, because you don't see the breasts, but the changing room can reveal them. I don't see a good way of fixing that except making the nipple rings and band-aids item-based so they're both more consistent and can be rarer or just used at high inhibition would be better.

That seems likely to be a lot of work, unless the various outfits align completely on where the underboob shirts cut off, as there's no currently layer between the shirt and the breasts, and won't be until (and if) the core PD code migrates away from Set Paper Doll to Set Paper Doll Layers, and a complete re-export is done to separate those layers correctly. (i.e. given how many PD rewrites seem to have disappeared into the ether, assume we're talking heat-death of the universe magnitude, even if someone does decide it's worthwhile.) Potentially a manual solution for someone would be to have cut-up nipple-ring overlays for each possible set of visible breasts. That seems like a brute-force approach, though.

I'm not technically against nipple rings; it just seemed weird that the room could have about 9+ other people, all with nipple rings. I really, REALLY don't think it ought to be part of the outfit. Item based as you suggested would be better - and yes, I do imagine that it would take some work to have it happen.
Now, Sandra Tistbig's eternal pasties on the other hand...

Quote from: dalzomo on Apr 11, 2023, 10:37 AMI'm all for accessories being item-based, especially if that could lead to more consistently present and customizable piercings on other body parts like genitals and belly