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Feature requests and wishlists

Started by barteke22, May 30, 2022, 09:40 PM

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You can add the option in hypnosis to force someone to transvest once the corruption is high enough? (And perhaps the option of forcing them to take medications even if you give them to the increase e chest or shrink the penis ...)


Better off as a mod
Add a generic event that is triggered by location and stats that allows the contributor to basically dump 1000s of images into that event and cycle between those random images.

Quote from: squark on Jun 23, 2022, 07:51 PM
Quote from: DougTheC on Jun 23, 2022, 06:32 PMImportant to include a way to enforce blacklist/whitelist restrictions on those images.
Perhaps include relevant tags as required parts of filename, & parse when attempting to choose an image to display.
This blacklist/whitelist consideration has always been a limiting factor in considering this "all pics in a folder" idea.
There is a way and it involves generating .meta files for them. Just about every image in the game has such an accompanying file - usually [filename].jpg.meta. It's these files the game checks to see if such-and-such an image should be shown or not.
However, sometimes the .meta files are not filled in completely or just plain incorrectly, which results in a blacklist failure.


Planned for distant future
I guess making characters move randomly by teleportation is easier and much faster for any CPU. But, if you don't think it goes against the game logic, can you try to make them move more logically, like the MC does?

The biggest benefit is that it will allow the MC to find them out of school, for their birthday or any other motive.

Another way would be to ask them by phone where they are and stop them during the needed time... if their relationship allows it, of course.

* When they are ordered to the MC's office, I'm completely ok if they still run at light speed!  ;D

Quote from: a_principal on Jun 17, 2022, 09:05 AM
Quote from: barteke22 on Jun 16, 2022, 09:48 PMA replacement for the schedule handler system was on a todo list... somewhere... Probably for the future.

I totally understand it's not one of your priorities but thanks anyway for your answer.

I would have another request which is probably on your todo list... for a later future.
Maybe the principal has to be a very old person, and because of that he/she needs a visual help for his/her arousal to raise, but when I, as a principal, have to visit several classes in a row, and I lose 10 (12-2) minutes when entering any classroom, it really takes a very long time!

I won't say anything about the pictures where the characters look very different from their paperdolls: this would take some months or even years to change that...

I promise I'll have no other request before, let's say the next big update!  ;D
Great job and great game anyway!  :)


OccupantInfo is already a thing, collar is a mod
I did not really know where to post this so ...

I've seen there are new flags appareing now in the NPC list on the screen (favorite, quest, pregnancy, lactating? ) and I would know if it would be possible to add a flag to see if people is "collared" (have a slave collar in inventory).

Note that I'm able to modifiy the item xml myself but I don't really know if there are API in the core callable to do the job to show something in the list :)

Else I will continue as I did before, creating menu entries on dialog to show collared ppl but it's less efficient than seeing that in the list.

Note for the core devs : it would be interesting for the modders if some possibility to activate some signs in the list of NPC like "*" for favorite or the others even if only simple signs are used (for example $£%...)

Quote from: Umgah on Jun 12, 2022, 06:13 AMI was thinking about this a bit differently. Probably it may be worth to show collars/chockers directly on paperdolls. barteke22 even already implemented this as a "prove of concept" but that was not actually integrated in the base game because existing paperdoll images have non-ideal cuts and collars may produce undesired white pixels. So this part is postponed for now.

Clearly it would be ideal but it has been promised for so long on the old site ...

In any case if you need this to be beta-tested don't hesitate to PM or send the stuff :)

Note : perhaps it would be easier to transform the collar in special shoes with chains, replacing the classic ones.

Quote from: barteke22 on Jun 12, 2022, 03:21 PMThe Occupant List symbols are already moddable (have been since beta).  It's the .xml files in OccupantInfoConfigs, though they require some sort of trigger, like a stat/trait/status flag - which could be easily added when collars are traded/used if it's not already.

The visual collar could be added in, but it didn't look great because someone would have to redo all the assets (split them into more layers preferably too).  As a lot of the existing assets predate the Kisekae Cutter (were manually cut).  This, and using the new PD Ops to create a new system for putting it all together has been left to the modding community.

You can see the collar test here, however it'll clip with all the manually cut images.  Applies either on trade, or over night.


-Generic group sex event that triggers when horny observers witnessa sex act
-Player initiated group sex actions


I think I asked this on the old forum(I don't remember the answer) But any chance we could remove the automatic "Ok let's go to your bedroom" when initiating any sex act at home?


Maybe I'm just an idiot who can't find this option but I'd like a "Small Talk" option when interacting with people. Something you can do once a day that just raises friendship by a point or two.

Kinda like the phone call option, but in person.


Something  i think would be a nice touch is that if a male character becomes a futa their name changes. It could be from a randomized list of female names or for special characters a designated feminine name based on their default name. I usually go through and rename characters manually because seeing a bunch of Geoff LargeCocks running around with long blond hair and double D cup boobs is a little too silly for me.

*Must happen via futa drugs.

Furrin Gok

Quote from: mixati on Jul 15, 2022, 08:13 AMMaybe I'm just an idiot who can't find this option but I'd like a "Small Talk" option when interacting with people. Something you can do once a day that just raises friendship by a point or two.

Kinda like the phone call option, but in person.
Small talk could be based on charisma and appearance, negated by grunge, and then train charisma like chatting with the Librarian.
Inviting a person to coffee could cost money and carry the risk of being denied but give more friendship, or if they're already at the restaraunt you can just join them for a drink with only a steeper grunge cutoff.


There should be a way to graduate a senior class of older students at some point during the 2 year game period to open up slots for more younger students and let the older ones work on the adult population group mind. I suppose the right approach would be for the game to do a sort of the potential student pool right after generation and after assigning the must enroll students, start grabbing the older students first so they could age out and graduate. Then maintain that list and use it to enroll the new weekly students, leaving the younger students for year 2.

After about a year in game you could have a pretty corrupted senior class to unleash on the town population so a graduation in May-July period?

Furrin Gok

A bit more in the engine side of things: add a Fetishes list either to the GameConfig or to its own config, which lists all the default fetishes and allows users to add more, which will then show up on the Character Creation tab and pop up in random generated NPC fetishes. This could allow the random NPCs to trigger modded events that call on them.


Would be a good addition to add footjobs, thighjobs and other fetish based events in GeneralSex


Tl;dr: Wants bodysizes to matter in sex.  At best could add 'trauma' status effects, since it would otherwise require writing in custom logic for every event.  I think bodysizes already get adjusted through intercourse for up-to-date events.

I believe there was a stud mod way back when that allowed to initiate break&enter night copulation with a sleeping target to raise their lust and/or "expand" the apertures.

Up to now PC endowment, as well as any in class or behind the scenes activity, has no actual effect on mob apertures (or the parameter changes have no tangible evidence in game, even if they can be seen via debug)...

The only representation of having a chemically induced dork berk is a slight variation in coition description, like "Be careful, you're so big", blah... Pick a tiny weenie at char generation and stick with it for life, ye seducer. It makes no difference whatsoever.

What I'd really like to see is an aperture mechanics that leads to some breach effects on copulation outcomes, stats- and relationship-wise. One can have a dream, right? I mean, the parameters are there for the taking, dead-weight.

Quote from: grey_shadow on Aug 14, 2022, 03:04 AM
Quote from: Furrin Gok on Aug 13, 2022, 04:51 PMYou're using some unusual choice words there. Mobs, apertures, breach effects? Do you perhaps mean "NPCs", "Body parts", and... I have no idea what that last one would be?

I assume he's saying that if your big cock fucks someone inexperienced, their vagina size should increase (or whatever other hole you're violating) because you're stretching them out.

Thank you. I'll have to ramp my eloquence down to HHS terms for community purposes.

IRL sticking huge dicks in virgins will end them up in hospital.

Although the parameters of <BodyPartSizes> and virginity flags exist, the game neither does a sanity check to compare them, nor sex has any effect on them, which is meh.

Not to mention that playing a virgin female Principal is hilarious, since you can as well be plowed by Sierra literally next week from the start, like there is no problem.

Ah, yes, I know one of Barteke's mods does at least expand the orifice if the penis is bigger (I think it's part of the pregnancy mod?), but defloration and injuries are reasonable. Give the hospital even more use, and if you hurt somebody with your huge cock, visiting them every day could cancel out any negatives and maybe even give some positive.


Planned for distant future
We need full blown pregnancy for this great game.
The game only last 2 years or a little over that so no beds are needed.

The pregnant bodies are already in the game and there is a mod for pregnancy that can be used as a blueprint of something.
(Never used the mod.)

*Game doesn't have any pregnant bodies, though the pregnancy mod covers 95% of the bodies.