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Duplicating Smallville

Started by bbrownddikk, Aug 19, 2023, 03:15 PM

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bbrownddikkTopic starter

Hi, I want to try mess around with the core events and wanted to  know if I duplicate NormalSchool and rename it with the xml file I can do it safely so I can always come back to the normal game.

Furrin Gok

Short answer: Yes, that should work.

Long answer: If you duplicate the NormalSchool folder and config, editing that new folder/config won't have any effect on the original, giving you safe ability to do so.

Alternatively, if you duplicate the events you want to edit into their own mods folder, you can edit the duplicate event itself and save on disk space. You'll need to enable the module while starting a new game, or from debug menu in a loaded game (and then reload changed objects and events in the latter case), but by enabling the mod, you experience the changes, and by disabling it, you experience the default.

Mod folders simply add \Mods\Mod Name\ after the NormalSchool folder. For example: NormalSchool\Events\Location\School\Principal Office\ to NormalSchool\Mods\Monthly Savings\Events\Location\School\Principal Office\

bbrownddikkTopic starter