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Bug/issue in Sayako's Neighbor3 chain

Started by TBBle, Sep 06, 2022, 05:02 PM

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TBBleTopic starter

Not sure if this counts as a bug, or is just a "thing that needs some reworking". It seemed longer than a bug report, so I didn't add it to the bug thread, but feel free to moderate me on that.

Since I had Location\Your Home\ open to find a typo, I noticed in the first sneak:

  • The player has a decision-point for whether they like incest;
  • The "no" option is disabled if they have the Incest For All social goal enabled;
  • The yes and no options add and remove 50 points from the Incest fetish respectively.

In the second sneak, the "Has Fetish" test is used to choose the relevant path.

The bug aspect seems to me that if the player's Incest fetish was set to 100: if they say "no" in the first sneak, the second sneak will still show the "surrogate" text, which is inconsistent. And vice-versa if they have it set below 0 and say "yes". A simple fix might be to _set_ the fetish rather than add to it?

The "needs reworking" aspect is that this seems to be working backwards, which isn't surprising since the path choice here predates (AFAIK) both social goals and scalar fetishes. (It looks like the idea here was to generate the player's fetishes through gameplay choices, rather than during game setup, but I don't think anything else ever worked that way?)

I'm not sure how best that _should_ work, but it seems like the player-choice version here is the least-best option. I would expect either: Choosing the incest social goal should set the incest fetish to 50+; or if the player has not set their incest fetish at 50+, then the social goal is not available to be chosen. (Probably the former, if I had to pick; it should probably also block lowering the fetish score below 50 as well.)

I assume there's other goal/fetish overlaps with similar concerns, so if it hasn't already been done, a decision probably needs to be made about how this overlap is going to work.

Coming back to this event chain in particular, are there any other events in the game that change the event to match the player's fetishes, rather than simply adjusting the resulting player-stat effects? This event currently doesn't trigger any arousal or other stat changes right now, though.

Another idea if we want this "give the player what's hot" option would be to choose path based on comparing the incest and one-shota fetishes. (There isn't a literal one-shota fetish in the game... Either shota or age difference applies here, I guess?)

I'll also note that this whole chain (Neighbor3 onwards) probably needs some love to actually have stat effects from all the sex and voyeurism that happens. Even though Sayako doesn't exist in-game (currently) the MC-side effects such as gaining or consuming arousal are missing. (Can GenSex even handle the "sex with a ghost" case? I assume this chain also predates GenSex.)

Even though her partner is described as a current student (in the incest path only, for some reason), he's never chosen nor affected, which is a shame 'cause what an amazing corrupting influence he would be.

Also the end of the first spying event is a bit abrupt, text-wise.