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An idea I had for Ronda Bells' support quest

Started by ⚧ Squark, Sep 03, 2023, 05:54 PM

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Loads of text incoming!
Absolute reams of text
Just a thought on the current corruption routes.

Ronda Bells and the Titsbigs.

They're both drugs. Different drugs but still addictive drugs.

So I thought about this and decided to post it.
As Ronda is putting the drugs there herself, perhaps she is being coerced or blackmailed into doing it.
The player would have the choice to blackmail her or enlist aid to find the supplier.
This would naturally pull in Coppers, King and probably the PI as well.
If Coppers and King are corrupted at this point, the investigation plods along but thanks to Holmes being on the case eventually concludes.
If however, they are still in their right minds, they do all the right things (this might result in Bells being unavailable until they find the supplier), corner Bells and promise round-the-clock protection should she cooperate fully. Naturally, she is antsy as she's probably being watched by drug barons right then and there but eventually agrees but doesn't have a name. Gives them a near-perfect description of the guy that approached her first about it.
As side event for this, Beth and some students come the principal's office and ask why the police at at the aprtment complex, why they're following Ronda and why they're all over the school grounds.
The Principal explains that Ronda is being "targeted" by some quite unsavoury sorts but refuses to gho further into any detail. This could lead into verious types of rumours spreading throughout the school until the chain ends. Could affect a lot of the school's stats like so (and these are just things swimming around my head):
Education becuase they're distracted by the events going on
Happiness because "Who'd want to hurt Ms. Bells?"
Inihibition as some believe she's a stripper on the side
Corruption because some guess the connection to drugs
Lust as some just fancy the woman
Reputation as some parents don't like the idea of the police swarming the school and fear for their kids' safety

That's all as a side. There would be a choice triggered when Manili and some student should arrive. You can choose to activate that part or not.
One week later (Three if corrupted, Two if corrupted and working with the PI):
As the event proceeds without resolution, Ronda gets increasingly fearful for her life and stops doing her job for a while. The Principal arrives at her flat and after some talk, Bells eventually agrees to let them in.
Once in, she immediately locks the door again.

She tells the player that the investigation feels like it's being dragged out and that she lives in fear of not waking up one day. That teaching is the vocation she chose and fitness her passion. Right now she can't do either. She's not only afraid but borderline depressed.

About one hour passes and Detective King calls her over the intercom (if uncorrupted, otherwise it's the PI) and tells her that they've found a man fitting the description she gave. Would she please come to the station - they will provide an escort - to verify. The Principal will accompany her as friendly face and for support.

She (so to speak) fingers the guy correctly if shakily, for which the guy shouts abusive and death threats, what have you. Coppers comes in then and says that they've nabbed other members of the ring and will continue with investigations and arrests. This results in King and Coppers not being available for one and a half in-game months (+another half if corrupted).

Come to think of it, could probably work Ameli in here somewhere. Her mom is busy with the investigation and is never home, blames Ronda for it. After the quest concludes, Jenny shows up at Ronda's flat (could make it an event or just a call from Ronda to the Principal) to tell her that it's over. They've shut down the ring and though some want to put Ronda behind bars as well, some of the SPD are now persons of interest and that she will keep Ronda updated on significant updates.

A few days later she comes back (dressed as unsluttily as possible) with an update on matters only to find Ameli ripping into Ronda.
Ronda is still scared and unhappy right now, only daring to pop out recently. Only less so and Ameli's abuse isn't helping matters.

"Mom! She's why you haven't been home at all lately!"
"I told you already that work may take me away for extended periods of time, didn't I?"
"Ms. Bells is not at fault. As the investigation is concluded for now, I will be spending time at home more often."
Ameli pouts, then sheepishly looks down at her feet but still mutters "I'll believe that when I see it."
Jenny continues: "Ms. Bells, will you continue to teach my daughter even after what I just saw?"
"Detective, I can't teach someone who doesn't wish to be taught. I would like her to at least show up for class again but to engage with it or not is her choice, so long as it doesn't interfere with the other students. I hope we can work through our issues together, young miss Coppers."
Ameli just grunts and walks off while Ronda breathes a sigh of relief.
"Detective, she's at that awkward age where she still needs you but is trying to prove that she doesn't. Most teenagers are basically a walking dichotomy. Thanks for your intervention here and all you have done for me."
"You helped us to close down the only known drug ring in Smallville. They've proven thorny up until now. As I will be home more often she should eventually accept you teaching her again. Parental guidance is still important. My only regret is that I had to leave her alone for so long. Had the Principal not informed us we have no doubt that it only have escalated."
"For what it's worth, Detective, you, Detective and King (and the PI, if involved) have a friend here now. Call me any time and thank you again."
Jenny lets out a short chuckle. "We should go and talk to your Principal about this, don't you think?"

You can make something here if you want.



+30 Friendship with Bells
Bells' happiness slowly starts increasing again
Max PTA Support from Bells
Perhaps as the player character confronts her with the PI's findings the original blackmail route would apply and the rework would take priority at Corruption >= 20 or thereabouts. Not Ronda's corruption, but the one at the top of the screen.

I think this must be a record at this point. >1000 views and not one reply.
Put it all in a spoiler just in case people don't want to be screenbombed.