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[NoAnimeHeads] New head for dolls

Started by MySweetCaprice, Oct 04, 2022, 09:14 PM

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MySweetCapriceTopic starter

Hello. I love HHS, but personally me pushes me very much the style of anime heads, so I made a quick replacement of heads for myself. The heads were generated with the help of artificial intelligence, made on a quick hand, but personally suits me. It's not completely ready, only students are ready. If I finish it and people will be interested in this, I will post a mod here.
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For me, personally, the massive difference in style between the new heads and everything else around them looks a lot worse than the old heads did. If you prefer more realistic heads against the much more stylised backgrounds and bodies, that's fine - taste is individual - but it's not for me.


If you could figure out how to do the entire paper doll in that style that would be pretty awesome, but the contrast between head and bodies as the mod is is pretty severe

Fire Dragon Slayer

they look good but with everything else being anime style it stands out too much, even so it is interesting and I would like to see it complete, although I think a full body change version would be better, although it could also be interesting to have the option of only the head at all for the laughs