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Started by barteke22, May 13, 2022, 11:54 PM

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Looking at the Pregnancy mod code for a question elsewhere, I noticed that it appears that in Principal Office/MissingGirlRescued, if you take the monetary reward, it doesn't reset the MissingGirl chain, so the chain won't start again. The base game's copy does have a MissingGirl state reset at this point.

Similarly, the non-monetary reward option, followed by refusal, does reset the MissingGirl state, but does not deschedule this event to 9999, which the base game does. This probably doesn't have any effect, but it jumped out to me because in the base game, this path and the above-mentioned path share the same "event chain over" flow.


So was testing out some of the not your mods, and tried out NewSexySchoolUniformVariant, it threw up a error ExtensionLibrary\DailyEvents\UpdateDressCodeRules [EXEC] caused an exception at operation SeqCond_CheckRule (ID: 44).
    called by NativeEvents\Daily at SeqActLat_RemoteEventDynamic (ID: 35)
Rule 'Staff Dress Code Changes' does not exist in the current scenario.
every day do to the daily event having a check for a rule that doesn't exist. I went ahead and cut the check for that rule out as far as I can see it just applied stat adjustments if it was a active rule.
I've run it for a bit now without any errors so here is the updated rar with my changes.
I won't be doing any upkeep on it so just passing it back to you barteke.


Got sexy transfer working as well, The only problem it had was it had the players text set to principal color, which wasn't valid, I just swapped it to lightblue. Its not the exact standard color and isn't a variable, but as far as I'm concerned if the only problem is the shade a few lines of text are its fixed.
Again this is just a quick fix so passing it back to you barteke
Edit, Ok so while it works, the event has no cooldown, so it just absolutely spams your office with the event. I don't know how to add a cooldown to the event. But that should be somthing anyone like barteke has plenty of experience with adding seeing as all event have that.


Add Set Next Schedule node. Value of 1 is 1 day.

On the begning, under try branch, add Event Scheduled - put the Accept Event under the yes output.


Quote from: ElPresidenete on Dec 07, 2023, 11:33 AMAdd Set Next Schedule node. Value of 1 is 1 day.

On the begning, under try branch, add Event Scheduled - put the Accept Event under the yes output.
That's past what I am up to learning, I am only editing the xml real quickly in notepad. The whole event editor interface is a mess to me that I don't wasn't any part of. But if its simple please go for it, pretty sure its all the mod needs, though I would set it to a once a week event not once a day.


I'm currently getting crashes on both the "check child" button and the child collection after the "shady woman" event. It may be crashing when displaying any child as I haven't seen one in game yet. Anyone know what the cause might be, or how I might go about finding what's causing this?

I'm using the version of the mod that is in the MEGA folder linked at the start of this thread, and game version

barteke22Topic starter

Get the latest mod version and follow the mod update steps in the modding guide.


Anyone having green extra hands appearing on some paperdolls (after chaning them in debug trough suggest option)?


Quote from: barteke22 on Dec 21, 2023, 09:59 PMGet the latest mod version and follow the mod update steps in the modding guide.

Brilliant, it works fine now. Thanks.


I just found a 31 year old on menopause. I'm confused. I changed adult ages to be between 18 and 60, iirc, so 31 is very much on the low end of that range, and if the range doesn't matter then 31 is way too young. What might be happening?


Just RNG rolling the right numbers. Funnily enough, while uncommon early menopause is possible. Rare as all hell, but possible.
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Feature request for the pregnancy mod: add a new drug to the chem lab that reverts menopause.


Pregnancy bugs (no, that's not about how many people are pregnant in Lexville):

When informing you of a pregnancy, the NPC will tell you about the gender if the stage is greater than one, but the event that does it (Birth) does not add the Tested Gender flag.

Also, the Partner information always come Unknown on the Pregnancy tab. On the Birth event I see that it calls the Try of GetSetChildData with Father and Asked instead of Execute.


Pregnancy bug: Birth doesn't go from Full (default) to Quick. I have to first disable birth so I can then select quick.


When I click the condom in, it won't open the config of the mod, only enable and disable if I'm going to use the condom or not. Was it changed? and the preg images wont show up.