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Started by barteke22, May 13, 2022, 11:54 PM

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barteke22Topic starter

1.9.5 Mods
These are no longer maintained, but should be pretty bug free.

Other mods

LookAround V2 1.9.5  (existing)
This is a continuation, or rather, a rework of my previous Look Around/Camera mod.  Look at every person in the area - now with layouts!

After the variable input for "Show Paper Doll Overlay" was added, I've finally been able to add layouts for pretty much every (logical) location in the game - as per request from people in the old mod, as well as for my own amusement.

Due to space constraints in some locations I had to remake/edit some of the background images, either from scratch or simply stretch them a bit.

This mod adds a way to look at every Paper Doll (image) of the people in you current location. You do this via the Interaction Menu (the one with "Chat", "Items", "Drugs" etc.). You will also find a Config there that will let you pick if you want a delay between each Paper Doll placement, or if you want the mod to start automatically every time you change location if there are people present and no other event is about to start.
It might take a second or two it there's a lot of people in the area. All other instructions are explained on screen (see screenshots).

Extra Randomised Teachers 1.9.5  (new game)
I've noticed someone talking about wanting to have extra teachers, it seemed like a fun idea so I've made this real quick.
I couldn't make them purely via an Init-event as the game seems to not recognise teachers that aren't in the SpecialCharacters folder.
I've dealt with value copying in my other mod though, so it was rather easy to create 6 placeholder teachers and then randomise their appearances.

This mod requires a New Game.
It adds 6 random teachers: 3 Females, 2 Males, and 1 Futanari/Male (depeding on whether or not you blacklisted futa before starting the game).
This was made for fun, and I didn't pay much attention to balancing their values. It's a very simple mod, so you can mess with the main event file (Init) on your own.

If you want to add even more than 6 teachers, instructions below (has to be done before starting a new game).
  • Install the mod, do not start a new game yet.
  • Navigate to your SpecialCharacters folder, and copy/paste Teacher F.xml however many times you need (want 7 teachers - copy once), then rename them appropriately G, H, I, etc...
  • Open every file you made with a text editor and edit the Lastname to match file name. That's the first part done.
  • Now Open the HHS+ Visual Event Editor (Development Tab), and Load the file. Double-click the String List, and add every Teacher-name to the list. Close the String List once done.
  • To the right you'll find the genders. Look at the screenshot below to see which one is for which gender. If you added 2 extra teachers, you have to add 2 extra of any gender-combination. If you want both of the new teachers to be female - add to the female one only. Double-click your 'List Filter: Person List' of choice and go to the next step to see how to add them.
  • Important: The MIN and MAX values in Person1 have to MATCH (Person2 is no longer a thing, so ignore 3. in the screenshot below). If you want to add 2 of this gender (females in screenshot), press the up arrow on Min and Max twice. The total gender combination has to match the amount of extra teachers you added!
  • That's it, save the changes. You can now start a new game. REMEMBER TO READ ABOUT THE ISSUE UNDER THE DOWNLOAD LINK!

Indicators & Difficulty 1.9.5  (new game & partial)
Disclaimer: Push the numbers (options) too far, and your game will be way outside the intended balance - which in turn can potentially break things. Probably shouldn't report bugs if you have this.

Some ideas/suggestions I've picked up over time.

This mod requires a New Game for full functionality (partial otherwise). Everything is configured via Map -> Help & Options -> Indicators & Difficulty Button. Each component is explained ingame.

Exhaustion      (new & existing):
Exhaustion accumulates if you don't sleep enough (on average, etc.), you end up in the hospital if it's too high.
This lets you customise exhaustion difficulty (factors), disable exhaustion, and/or add a visual indicator of how exhausted you are (not 100% accurate, but gives a good enough idea).

Visual indicators (multiple can be used together) to help you keep track of when to sleep to stay healthy:

  • UI Button: A button next to 'Smartphone' that says how rested you are. Can also be used to drink multiple Energy Drinks at once.
  • Expressions: The principal's expression changes based on exhaustion. You can view yourself by hovering over your name.
  • Energy Cap: Your exhaustion lowers your Max Energy. This is an extra difficulty layer.
  • Timing: How often the visuals are updated (constantly by default, but this might improve performance).
Lockpicking    (new & existing):
Alternatives to the lockpicking minigame (dropped in 1.10 as there's now vanilla alternatives):
Default, hacking instead, skill-RNG, instant.
Stats & Skills  (new & partial):
Lets you increase the rate at which certain people gain skills or stats. Easier only, but I can easily add a harder option as well, if anyone is actually interested. If you don't start a new game, only Reputation will work (don't touch the others, you'll get exceptions).
  • Principal: Skill, stat, and reputation gain. Money isn't an option (possible, but performance heavy) - as the other factors should make it overall easier to obtain anyway.
  • Others (everyone, or certain groups): Stat gain.
Slave Feeding (new & partial):
This might not be 100% reliable, but should work for the most part (if you have enough time to reach the map before the Slave's death, turning the config on and off should reset it). You shouldn't configure this until you actually have a Slave (performance impact).

There's two options here:  Cheat via Map config, or a more lore friendly one (Map config takes priority if enabled):
  • Via Map Config: Auto feed the Slave every X days (if you just want help), or completely disable the need (feed every day). Works in existing.
  • Lore Friendly: You might notice something at the General Store. You can only see it (not buy) until you get a Slave. Has upkeep costs. Won't work if the Map Config one is enabled. New game only (don't buy it).

Wig Shop 1.9.5  (new & existing)
This mod works fine in Existing Saves.  Added almost 300 new Cosplay Wigs!
A simple mod that adds a Wig Shop to the Shopping Mall. You can buy wigs for yourself, or other NPCs. It basically lets you/others 'wear' any head in the game (see issues). 'Why wigs? Why not a hair salon, or facial makeover?' you might wonder: Because how else would I explain that the new head doesn't fit event images? You just took off your wig for that event ;)

This mod should also automatically add any modded heads (so long as they're in the right vanilla folders) that are being used by NPCs in your game to its list.

At the Shopping Mall: A wig costs 50$, can be sold back for 10$. Wigs appear under 'Gift Wear'. In order to make someone else wear it you need to meet basic trading (stat) requirements (Items -> Give Wig):
  • For a wig matching their gender, you must be able to give (trade) items to them. So if 'Items -> Trade' is visible, you can also give them a wig.
  • Making them wear a wig meant for the opposite gender requires the ability to take (trade) items from them. You can bribe/hypno them otherwise (so long as 1. is met).
  • Basically, it's based on stats like Loyalty, Corruption, and/or some other minor things.

Cosplay credits
See 1.10 post.
These NPCs can't wear wigs (you get an explanation ingame if you try to give them wigs):
  • Lucas Hudson, Ruby Valentine, and Jocelyn Everkeen.
Some of the heads might look strange on some outfits/NPCs. I can't help this, they were poorly cut/cut only for a specific outfit.
For cheaters
If you're a filthy cheater that wants free wigs + no stat requirements:
  • Open Debug -> Persons (Player) -> Scroll to the bottom and add this to 'Trait': WigCheat
  • If there's already something in 'Trait' add a comma between them (no spaces) like this: Trait1,Some Other Trait,WigCheat

Find My Phone (Smartphone App) 1.9.5  (new & existing)
A simple smartphone app that lets you locate the phone of up to 50 of your contacts at the same time (your own included). This app is mostly for fun, as NPCs can move very fast - so knowing their location won't help you in most cases.

The app is a one time 20$ purchase from the FAPP Store (smartphone). Can be found in Other Apps after the purchase.

Pregnancy Mod 1.9.5  (new game)
This mod requires a New Game.
  • Weekly Rep hit if percentage of students pregnant is higher than town corruption/lust.
  • Less Rep hit/potential gain if proper policies enabled accordingly.
  • Policy related check condom supply in ward + negotiate more/take some.
  • Asking pregnant NPCs who the father is, based on relationship. Tells how many weeks in, etc.
  • Condom Menu: Option to ignore HasQuest. Fertility options.
  • Higher chance of pregnancy, but everyone can choose to get condoms now.
  • Max 1 box per NPC unless given by PC - if ran out chance to get (student rule disobedience has chance of detention).
  • Higher NPC corruption/lust = less chance of getting condoms (+ personality/nature's law based). Students are based on school policies + their personality/loyalty.
  • Random event to peek on NPC birth if one is currently happening (30min window when it happens - so rare). Pretty much same as PC birth.
  • No condom use if non-consensual (hypno etc), except if PC is the aggressor and wears one.
  • Daily try for baby among parent couples: Max percentage of population is based on average lust.
  • Special background for calling/texting (GLaDOS Chat) people, not really related, but made along with this. Only used in this so far.
  • Game starts with 4-5 pregnant people (+ 1 born) for potential flavour.
  • Condoms (buy in Sex Shop).  Could maybe use a pill alternative.  Item contains the mod settings (use it):
    • 3/6/9 month pregnancy. Low child expenses ON/OFF.
  • HasQuest/Infertile can't get pregnant unless trait is removed, or CanImpregnate is added.
  • Otherwise factors like has condom? + fertility can lead to pregnancy.
  • Hospital: Artificial insemination, pregnancy tests, child index, a shady doctor for a certain chain, birth.
  • NPC-NPC are just notable by belly bulges (since it's not really PC's bussiness).  Can decide to abort if father unknown (hypno), or if bad relations with father.
  • PC mother: Can abort (early), track down and notify father (to bring up together, have them bring it up, just for child support). Or not.
  • PC father: Will be notified (unless happened due to hypno). Similar to above, but can also bribe/hypno to bugger off if you're a nice person. Then NPC treats it like NPC-NPC.
  • Parent visits to play with children. You can visit them if you have the address and they're bringing it up.
  • Allows any gender combos to have children via either sex or artificial insemination.
  • Children don't really do anything besides wasting money (or in rare cases earning it).
  • A single (1) child can 'grow up' via some shady shit.
  • For testing: If you set the Duration of (existing) Pregnancy StatusEffect to 1 in debug you can quickly skip through the stages. Pass time (should lead to a stage-event every hour or so if PC pregnant).
  • Small edits to:
    • Events\ExtensionLibrary\Smartphone\Main\
    • Events\FunctionLibrary\GetPhysical\SetEffectSubs\
    • Events\FunctionLibrary\Interaction\
  • Mantis report: Stomach layer isn't saved. So I have to update it every hour instead of once per stage like initially.

There's a Lexville compatible version of the Pregnancy Mod (1.9.5) by diskcd in the 'Not my mods' folder in the download link.
It's a conversion, so might not be fully working. Don't report bugs, since I support Lexville, nor maintain 1.9.5 any more.

Known issue in 1.9.5: It's recommended to not use the Donor option at the hospital, there's a bug with it.  Either bear the child yourself, or have another NPC do it, not the donor.

Download 1.9.5 mods here!

When updating, it's recommended to turn OFF Auto Mode in the mod-Config and saving your game before proceeding.

1. Download the mod and put its contents into your HHS+ directory.  That's it for new games.

2. Load your Save, press "Debug" -> "Reload Events" -> "Add Changed Events" -> "Refresh Files". Save Game. Done.




First I'll look at this "Shady" story more precisely, never seen that and don't really find infos on this but it seems interesting.

Second, a global variable used as preg/child grow multiplier would be interesting and it remains in the spirit of the game as you can adapt your gameplay to your taste by using the debug menu and config files :)

barteke22Topic starter

Edit: Moved subsequent posts here to make space.

- Converted all my mods to work with the full release + take advantage of some of its features.

- All of my mods now work in existing games, provided you follow the new mod install instructions.

- Updated LookAround to be part of the base game (so no longer a mod).

- Added the Annette & Andy mod, allows you to have them both based on choices (whether you install it after the choice, or before).

- WigShop:
  • The Cosplay section can now be expanded by simply dropping images into the right image folders.
  • Map option to apply 1x every Cosplay wig to generic NPCs, prioritising NPCs with duplicate heads.

- Indicators & Difficulty:
  • Added money multiplier.
  • Removed the expression indicator, as there's potential of a better system once mods grow a bit.
  • Re-added lockpicking/hacking alternatives, but better, with more settings + 2 alternative minigames (not great though).

- Pregnancy:
  • Improved stomachs by using a combination of overlays and shaders - they almost don't look like shid now (almost).
  • Added Age drugs (unlocked by the shady story + chemistry), children that reach the minimum age will turn into real NPCs.
  • Added lots of new options. Like fertility, gender multipliers, male pregnancy.
  • Added generic child interactions + improved generic child events. Nothing lewd for obvious reasons.  The interaction system is however easily expandable.
  • Added Missing Girl quest integration, it's now possible to make her not leave town on pregnancy path.  I completely forgot there was pregnancy in there...
  • Added ability to replace birth images for non-standard special NPCs by adding their name to image files (like Frown_Jason Eyson.png), but this might need a rework.
  • Fixed some bugs.

Quote from: Cplyeet on Jun 11, 2022, 11:12 PM
Quote from: squark on Jun 10, 2022, 11:53 AM
Quote from: Cplyeet on Jun 10, 2022, 10:38 AMI keep getting an error while trying to activate the indicators and difficulty. Also the options don't show up in the map menu
It'd help if you posted the error as well as without it, this feels like a post along the lines of "it no worky".
Well I found the reason I was somehow playing the Beta and not the real release
Quote from: Nonya Bizz on Jun 12, 2022, 12:05 AM
Quote from: InsertName on Jun 11, 2022, 10:20 PMwhere did you find the bug fix i am having the same error

3 posts above mine @barteke22 posted that a new update was put out on the 10th, though as I note in the post afterwards I still had a couple other issues (and missing girl might be a base game thing not preg mod)

The other issues have been resolved, however as mentioned in the OP installing the pregnancy mod while the Missing Girl chain is active (started and not fully finished) it'll break.

It might be possible to fix it by opening Debug > Debug Events > Location\School\Outdoors Shared\MissingGirlStart

Then enter 132 into the filter in top right > Press Enter > Click one of the arrows that appear to jump to it > Click Clear Filter.

Double click the variable it highlighted and enter the name of the Missing Girl - requires you to know it.  There's ways to get it without knowing by filtering an NPC list by Job 'Missing Girl'. Then close Debugger (no need to save).

Quote from: Strec on Jun 16, 2022, 11:10 AMConcerning pregnancy, does currently children grow and become adult and, if yes, what is the speed?

They do, however it's real (game) time, because I didn't want to flood the game with new NPCs without player interaction (so 18 years if you haven't changed MinAge).

There are drugs you can unlock via the Shady story and then make to reduce a year to about a week.  So it would take however many weeks (years) it takes to reach the MinAge.

Oh, I forgot to mention: They can also be used to speed up a pregnancy.

I suppose I could make a 3x/5x/10x speed multiplier option so you can at least see some of the stages through regular play, but they won't become real NPCs any more (will remain children) if you've reached the config's max real NPC count.

Quote from: Strec on Jun 17, 2022, 07:46 AMThx.

First I'll look at this "Shady" story more precisely, never seen that and don't really find infos on this but it seems interesting.

Second, a global variable used as preg/child grow multiplier would be interesting and it remains in the spirit of the game as you can adapt your gameplay to your taste by using the debug menu and config files :)

For shady you'll want to visit the hospital.  A config will be better as it might have to apply corrections to existing children, and allows for setting reasonable limits, so it's not something you want to tweak a lot.


Hi barteke'22 I have question about "teacher compendium" - other-side awesome mod and your work - thx. One thing bother me, why all possibles candidate have very weak ability. Maybe sort of "teacher improve curse" or so.

barteke22Topic starter

I think it was because I couldn't figure out how to bump up the other teacher experience stats via VEE.

There's subject experience, some other thing I couldn't alter and stats (which I didn't touch).  Could probably improve it if I look into the source to see what actually affects the total bar.

⚧ Squark

Think I spotted something.
Fertility seems to tick up (invisibly) whenever you engage in naughtiness with anyone.
This means that Fertility will eventually hit the cap of 100 and never decrease.
Not sure if this is a base game thing or happens with the Pregnancy Mod.

barteke22Topic starter

Fertility goes up and down with time, based on the NPC's men/manstrual cycle - I don't think anything else affects it.


is when I click on a condom the screen supposed to be black?

barteke22Topic starter

It used to have a settings menu there, but that got moved out.  At best I could show the location image instead, as there's no way to show the inventory itself as background afaik (only trading supports that).


Appear to be a number of bugs surrounding the initial (tutorial?) child, more surrounding post Shady Doc.

At home/parents home/bedroom typically
[Exception Info 1]

Top-level Exception
Type:        System.ApplicationException
Message:     PersonAttachedEvents\Principal\Pregnancy\PrincipalChild [EXEC] caused an exception at operation SeqAct_SetPropertyByName (ID: 712).
Source:      hhs+.exe

Inner Exception 1
Type:        System.NullReferenceException
Message:     Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Source:      hhs+
Stack Trace: at hhs_.SeqAct_SetPropertyByName.Activated(EventRunner Runner) in D:\Torrents\DONE\dun\HHS+ Source\hhs+\_Editor\_EventModules\_EventActions\_EventActions_Base\SeqAct_SetPropertyByName.vb:line 78
   at hhs_.EventRunner.VB$StateMachine_107_ExecuteAsync.MoveNext() in D:\Torrents\DONE\dun\HHS+ Source\hhs+\_Editor\_EventModules\EventRunner.vb:line 991

This error was simply checking the name where set property is used to rename the guest bedroom. Fixed this one by swapping out the "set property by name" for "Location String: Display Name". But it's probably that one of the strings wasn't actually linked up properly in hindsight.

There is another with the mother coming over to play with the  child where it tries to get the NPC by name, but can't because the actual name is Principal Child, which I fixed by changing the GetChildByID to have a 'if null check and grab Principal Child'. But that probably would have long term issues.

I feel like I'm somehow skipping a step in the initial quest line. In pushing the limits of where I can get to with 'resolving' the bugs I noticed that the Mother would come over post shady doc to watch the now adult child crawl around.

Along with the progression/regression drugs, not sure if I was doing something wrong, but they don't seem to actually do anything, trading them and feeding/talking/waiting has been doing nothing for me. So I figure there is something gating it, but haven't been able to track it down.


Hello! I got a bug in futa mod in gym depot location. I was trying to fix it myself, but couldnt figure out how to do it. Also seems like futa mod events have no cooldown between them despite there are sheduler in the end of .ve file in editor.
[Exception Info 1]

Top-level Exception
Type:        System.ApplicationException
Message:    Location\School\Gym Depot\Futa_Depot_Sex [EXEC] caused an exception at operation SeqAct_PersonStats (ID: 227).
Source:      hhs+.exe

Inner Exception 1
Type:        System.NullReferenceException
Message:    Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Source:      hhs+
Stack Trace: at hhs_.SeqAct_PersonStats.AddStatsAndNotify(EventRunner Runner) in D:\Torrents\DONE\dun\HHS+ Source\hhs+\_Editor\_EventModules\_EventActions\_EventActions_Person_Properties\SeqAct_PersonStats.vb:line 84
  at hhs_.SeqAct_PersonStats.Activated(EventRunner Runner) in D:\Torrents\DONE\dun\HHS+ Source\hhs+\_Editor\_EventModules\_EventActions\_EventActions_Person_Properties\SeqAct_PersonStats.vb:line 33
  at hhs_.EventRunner.VB$StateMachine_107_ExecuteAsync.MoveNext() in D:\Torrents\DONE\dun\HHS+ Source\hhs+\_Editor\_EventModules\EventRunner.vb:line 991


Quote from: barteke22 on Jun 27, 2022, 07:18 PMIt used to have a settings menu there, but that got moved out.  At best I could show the location image instead, as there's no way to show the inventory itself as background afaik (only trading supports that).

Where did it get moved to? I looked everywhere I could think of and never found any settings--just the toggle for using/not using condoms when clicking on a pack in inventory.

barteke22Topic starter

Quote from: rackstackjack on Jun 28, 2022, 06:41 PMPregnancy...

Should be fixed now, requires latest game patch (that just came out).

Quote from: tester0648 on Jul 01, 2022, 04:05 AMFuta overhaul...

Can't look into futa overhaul atm, too busy with other stuff, sorry.

Quote from: nemo on Jul 10, 2022, 03:56 AMWhere did it get moved to? I looked everywhere I could think of and never found any settings--just the toggle for using/not using condoms when clicking on a pack in inventory.

It's on the Map, top left button.


Awesome, unfortunately getting this error now during daily checks, not sure if it's actually impacting yet, just testing.

[General Info]

Application: HHS+
Version:     v1.10.0.3, Release
Region:      English (United Kingdom)
Date: 11/07/2022
Time: 08:58

User Explanation:

User said ""

[Exception Info 1]

Top-level Exception
Type:        System.ApplicationException
Message:     ExtensionLibrary\DailyEvents\Pregnancy [EXEC] caused an exception at operation SeqAct_DatabaseQuery (ID: 459).
    called by NativeEvents\Daily at SeqActLat_RemoteEventDynamic (ID: 35)
Source:      hhs+.exe

Inner Exception 1
Type:        System.InvalidCastException
Message:     Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'Integer' is not valid.
Source:      Microsoft.VisualBasic
Stack Trace: at Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.Conversions.ToInteger(Object Value)
   at hhs_.SeqVar_Int.SetVarValue(Object value) in D:\Torrents\DONE\dun\hhs-source\hhs+\_Editor\_EventModules\_EventVariables\SeqVar_Int.vb:line 164
   at hhs_.SeqAct_DatabaseQuery.Activated(EventRunner Runner) in D:\Torrents\DONE\dun\hhs-source\hhs+\_Editor\_EventModules\_EventActions\_EventActions_Database\SeqAct_DatabaseQuery.vb:line 70
   at hhs_.EventRunner.Execute(VisualEvent VE, Object Arg, Dictionary`2 Vars, UInt32 StartID, Byte StartIndex, Boolean ResetUC) in D:\Torrents\DONE\dun\hhs-source\hhs+\_Editor\_EventModules\EventRunner.vb:line 817


barteke22Topic starter

It should've only prevented preggo daily from running (which is only halting progress, so harmless) - posted a fix.