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[MOD] AI Decensor

Started by alkalash, Feb 24, 2023, 08:17 PM

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alkalashTopic starter

Hi everyone,

Together with the long-awaited Lexville update, I'm releasing this mod, which I created in parallel.

I'm someone who you might call... a true censorship hater. Seeing censor bars or mosaics in porn (including event pictures in HHS+) annoys me a lot, probably more than it should.

Therefore, I decided to go through all the censored images in the HHS+ base game and decensor almost all of them.
Not by hand (which would take forever, and a lot more skill than I have), but with the assistance of AI image processing.
A lot of manual pre- and post-processing was still required, but here we are.

This mod includes over 850 decensored images, overriding the corresponding base game images.
These decensors are not good. Some of them turned out quite well, most are mediocre, and some are pretty bad. For me, the most important thing was having something that's not censored, and the decensoring AI just isn't that good, and my drawing skills are even worse. So please don't expect too much here.

Download and installation:
Download v1.0.1.0 here (90 MB).
  • Make sure that your HHS+ is updated to the required version. For AI Decensor v1.0.1.0, that is HHS+
  • Download the .zip archive linked above, and extract it into <your HHS directory>\Schools\NormalSchool\Mods.
    • The resulting folder structure should look like <your HHS directory>\Schools\NormalSchool\Mods\AIDecensor\<Images folder and ModInfo.xml>.
  • If you're using an update patch instead of the full download, follow the same procedure, making sure to merge the patch's AIDecensor folder with the existing AIDecensor folder.
  • Launch the game, and AI Decensor should appear in the "Modules" tab - click the check mark next to it to enable the mod.
Then just start a new game as usual. Enabling the mod in an existing save game (from the Debug menu) should also work fine.

Bugs and updates:
This mod contains no events or game objects, only images. Therefore "bugs" as such aren't really possible. Still, if you notice something wrong with this mod (make sure it isn't a problem with the base game!), feel free to let me know.
Also, I will try to update the mod for new game versions and their added images ASAP, but that can also take quite a lot of work and there will be delays. Please be patient with me there :)
  • v1.0.1.0: Updated to HHS+ with decensors of some new images.
  • v1.0.0.0: Initial release, almost all base game images from HHS+ decensored.

You can check out development progress on the official GitLab repository (to be restored soon).
Aside from that, I'm usually easily reachable on Discord (see the forum link for the official HHS+ Discord server).

Other mods and compatibility:
Since this mod only contains images that override the base game images, it should be compatible with any other mod.
The only possible (minor) problem that can occur is if another mod replaces any of these base game images as well - in that case, just make sure that the replacement you prefer (this or the other mod) has a higher priority on the mod list, i.e. is lower on the list.

If anyone would like to make better decensors of some of these images, feel free to provide them - I'll be happy to include them and credit you.

Have fun!


With AI driven art a thing now, what skills would be required to create custom art for the game?"


Is the decensor code available somewhere? Possibly there are some people who might be interested in tweaking the decensoring process to improve result quality or perform one by one checks for images.

alkalashTopic starter

Quote from: Umgah on Mar 07, 2023, 10:09 PMIs the decensor code available somewhere? Possibly there are some people who might be interested in tweaking the decensoring process to improve result quality or perform one by one checks for images.

I used the setup described here for the AI decensoring.
But the process involved a lot of manual preprocessing and postprocessing using Photoshop, so it's not just a case of "copy censored files in, run the tool, get (good) decensored pics out".
Still, I'm sure it's possible to get better results if you put more time into it, or use a better tool, if one exists.

alkalashTopic starter

Update is out - featuring some more decensors for HHS+ v1.10.5.6.