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[Mod][1.10] Graffiti + Interrogation

Started by picobyte, Sep 27, 2022, 11:21 PM

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picobyteTopic starter

Attached an location event/function library mod. The function library is an interrogation, which now should work in 1.10. The graffiti event can be triggered mid first month at school (see spoiler below for more info) and mainly serves as an example event (secretary bullying) to show how the interrogation can be used.

The interrogation is more complex, and was intended to be reusable. The interrogation event is currently always about which student was the first at a scene. Also the locations (office and meeting room) and presence of two teachers are hard-coded in the interrogation, though this could become configurable with a little more work.

There are some bugs fixed and textual improvements in comparison with my prior version for 0.97. The conclusion might in a few cases be poorly worded, still, and sometimes the culprit is hard to guess.

To trigger:
New game, manage school from home:
Hire 2 teachers + Susan Hooter + Lydia Swan
open debug/cheat enter in the input field:
SET DAY 17 02 2010
(17/02 to 24/02, it can be triggered, actually)
Head to your school main gate => a time distortion- and a missed PTA event will trigger; just go to the high school from the hospital.
time should be between 8:00 and 10:00, cross the main gate until the graffiti event triggers.
Hint: often there are more culprits than one.