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[MOD] [1.10] Furrin Gok's Mods

Started by Furrin Gok, Jul 26, 2022, 10:52 PM

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Furrin GokTopic starter

I've decided to do what tiny modifications I can to implement my desired changes, so here's a list of the ones I think are stable:

Monthly Savings
Just a small mod to allow small monthly savings whenever you do accounting paperwork. You'll still get the full one-time bonus, but now you'll also "earn" 10% of that a month from then on out as savings (as though you found ways to keep saving money on routine expenses), making it worth keeping up with it every opportunity. This is handled by modifying the existing "Do Paperwork" event/button and will likely be incompatible with others.

Small Talk
Implements two Chat-embedded options to chat with people and raise their stats. Not available for quest protected NPCs.
Chat over Coffee: Based entirely on Anastasia's chat option, you can now invite people who aren't currently working to coffee, but only during restaurant hours; you can even flirt with them if you've set that gender preference up enough. You can chat over coffee with the owner and waiter of the restaurant by simply forcing them away (hypnosis, ask for sex, any mod that adds movement)
Small Talk: As long as you aren't overly grungy, you can make small talk for a couple of minutes for tiny gains, even while a person is working.

Download Link:


Monthly Savings mod needs an update for HHS+ version 1.10.2. The button definition at the end of needs a change to the FontAwesome icon since the one previously used (fa-pencil-alt) doesn't exist in FontAwesome 6. Alternatives at a quick glance look to be fa-pencil or maybe fa-file-pen.