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[Mod] [1.10] Cheat Mode

Started by configurus, Sep 13, 2022, 02:34 PM

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configurusTopic starter

This mod just changes some of game bahaviour so it will be super easy to play.

Please, be aware that this will break the gameplay. You will not play it the way creators made it.
But either way... let's play how you want to play.  ;D

  • PTU Cheat Meeting - Available in School "Meeting Room" between 0:00 and 19:00. (You need to wait 31 minutes before next meeting.)
  • "Cheat Mode" talk - Additional menu when talking. Can add "Address", "Birthday", "Friendship", "Info Person", "Phone", "PTA Support" for PTA members.
  • "Cheat Mode Stats" talk - Additional menu when talking. Can manipulate stats +/- 10.
  • Added all items when starting new game.
  • Automatic refresh of Player Character max stats.
  • Automatic cash addition when value is below 3000.
  • Mad Science - Science experience cheat, allows to always be successful.
  • Chem Lab - Faster resupply.
  • Photoshop Assignment - Added PC for photoshop in "Smallville Times". Quick refresh for events, so you can wait 1 minute and get next assignment.
  • Add 0.5 Education point each day.

Addons / Modifications:
  • "Check" button - It just take a lot more event checks in current location.
  • "Wait 1 Min" button - Wait 1 minute and next take a lot more event checks in currennt location.
  • Addional status effects in NPC names.
  • 1600 town population.
  • 600 max students.

Mods compatibility:
  • barteke22 "Pregnancy Mod" - displays additional icon in person name.

  • Minor fixes
  • Upgraded Cheat Mode chat - thanks to @Tristim
  • Cheat Mode revamped to chat menu
  • removed frequest event resets (too hacky)
  • removed Selective Enrolment hack
  • removed Genere Balance hack
  • removed NPC stats auto cheat
  • Added futanari principal build with all fetishes set by default
  • PTU Cheat Meeting - can force meeting from 0:00 to 19:00
  • Adds all Items
  • Frequently resets some events cooldown
  • Selective Enrollment - PC won't trigger warning because he didn't take half of proposed students.
  • Gender Balance - requires 0,1% (minimum of 1) of students to be boy+futa/girl+futa... so min. 1 futa?!
  • Refreshing stats and relationships, important NPCs like PC etc
  • Starts with super stats and skills
  • Minimum cash
  • Teachers starts with 100 in subject exp (no subject family exp, cannot find how to make it)
  • Addional status effects in NPC names
  • 1600 town population
  • 600 max students
  • Minimum one class requirement

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Additional thanks to @barteke22, @Tristim


Just wondering is there a way to edit the file to incorporate some of the cheats only? At the moment it is a great mod but it unbalances the game too much to be fun to play. I  want to use the mod so that I can load balance some of the aspects which I think are too heavily weighted against the player.

A bit like adding more options to conversations so that I can build up relationships rather than the incremental and limited options at the moment.

configurusTopic starter

This is something worth to do.

I will try to update mod so it will be more configurable :-)


Any way to get this to work on 1.9.5?

configurusTopic starter

No, I started making mod on 1.10, never even played previous version.


are you gonna make any more mods?

configurusTopic starter

Not really, I just wanted cheat in game... so I made mod for it.


for installing< all i have to do is archive the file than move the file to the mod folder right?

configurusTopic starter

Installing mods, making mods, and Kisekae info
Unpack archive in mods folder
And enable mod in game launcher


Is there a way to turn off cheat mode on a savefile? I only wanted a powerstart

configurusTopic starter

@xXxAnon515xXx I don't have better idea than opening debug and editing Cheat Mode events :-|

⚧ Squark

Quote from: dryer3 on Oct 12, 2022, 07:06 PMcannot dowload the new version link broken
The links work for me so try this one instead:
It's 1.1.0.


you cannot remove people from favorites with this mod active


Updated cheat interactions with validations and correctly generating values, also when cheat is used the option will disappear from the list @configurus feel free to add them to your mod.

Unpack in zip file in CheatMode\Events\Interactions folder and overwrite existing files

For existing save games, you need to go to Debug -> Reload Events -> click "* Add Changed Events" and click 'Refresh Files' at the bottom.