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[MOD] Kenshucks Mod Compilation (1.0.1) []

Started by Fen_Going_To_School, Jun 02, 2022, 01:06 AM

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Fen_Going_To_SchoolTopic starter

A compilation of Kenshuck's Mods, updated to function in 1.10.0.
  • Various logic has been reconstructed and parameters set to match the original.
  • Image path's reworked to function in the Mod folder.
These are not my mods and I make no claim to them.
I'm Unlikely to monitor this page long term, so feel free to yoink this up and make a new page.

  • Download and Extract file.
  • Place Extracted folder in \[HHS+ Folder]\School\[Specific School]\Mod
  • To remove a mod, find it's file in events and delete. DO NOT USE BACKUP FOLDER, this file is meant for debugging use only and will not work with 1.10.0.
  • Run HHS+, move to extensions, select the school you exported the file into, then activate the mod.{/li]
    • Don't be horny or the Gods will strike you down with an error report.
    Patch 1.0.1: Updated the image file paths for the Pervert girl questline. Unknown why these errors did not show up during first debug, event may still be bugged.


That's for 1.10, right?

Could you please provide a shot description of the mod?

Fen_Going_To_SchoolTopic starter

Various smaller event mods around the town by Kenshuck compiled into one place. Did some light testing with and it worked, still need to playtest to make sure everything runs correctly. Updates deleted quite a few logic connectors so I had to cross-reference the 1.9.5 build and manually scan the problem areas.

The backups page has the non 1.10 compliant versions in their own folders, most won't work but it should give you an idea of what mods it contains.


Quote from: Fen_Going_To_School on Jun 02, 2022, 01:06 AMFixed all the shattered logic and the endless stream of broken values. Just stick it in your mod folder (works in any ModVille or Vanilla) and it should work dandy.

Not much testing, so I'm sure I missed some stuff; but all the system detectable errors are gone now.
I'm not gonna keep up on this, so feel free to yoink it and make a more offical page.
You made my week, bro! TYVM!



Location\School\Hallway Shared\PervertGirl [EXEC] caused an exception at operation SeqCond_RuleChoiceActive (ID: 11).
Rule choice with name 'nude uniform' does not exist in the current scenario.

Fen_Going_To_SchoolTopic starter

Turns out that file did have an error that made the images not run, but just not that error. The current rule calls forth [School Uniform - Nude Uniform] not [nude uniform] like in your game.  That rule was present in previous versions and then altered (breaking plenty of stuff along the way), and so that mod can't be the error.

Did you use the 'backup' folder, because they are not compliant with 1.10.0 and are effectively unfixed versions.

Otherwise, if I had to guess, it might have something to do with other active mods, lingering code from previous mods, human error, or the native 'pervert_girl' event being bugged.

Can you describe when you encountered this error? At game start or when you triggered it?