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Does Anyone have the Images from the old website DrugMod Club?

Started by IEI Esports X, Nov 16, 2022, 05:59 AM

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IEI Esports XTopic starter

Basically there was a post on the old website about a mod W.I.P that have an interesting concept of events related to Drug Adiction and Corruption of the city through that, also a Drug Making Expansion for the Chem Lab, Does anyone have at least the images from that mod, That help would be really appreaciated I lost a harddrive and I lost the images with it :-\


Found an archive of the thread from 2021 here (I'm sure you found it also):

Thread was made by user Picobyte, there's an user with the same name on this site, probably them. Message them and see if they have something? I'd ask in the Discord too, chances are someone downloaded the mod in the long ago and still has it kicking around in an old installation.

IEI Esports XTopic starter

Yeah but I saw that tooo, but I wasnt sure if he was the OP in any case, already done it, Here is hoping in any case, Thank You soo much for the help, Im not very active on discord but I give it a try too  ;D  ;D