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[In progress] Outfit mod for players

Started by Loves futa way too much, Jul 26, 2022, 05:14 PM

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I will be doing 4 Categories per gender, please pick what my next one should be:

Swim wear
5 (21.7%)
Construction wear
5 (21.7%)
5 (21.7%)
Exhibition (outfits lol)
8 (34.8%)

Total Members Voted: 23

Voting closed: Jul 31, 2022, 06:09 PM

Loves futa way too muchTopic starter

Working on an Outfit mod for us the players where we have more options for clothing

First set (Female & Futa) (yes i'm bias i love futa lol)

Second set (male set) won't be to long after once all the outfits have been made and designed

would appreciate it if anyone with modding experience could give me a few pointers and tips

Will be sharing my progress as time goes on to show you want will be added to the mod and what's to be excepted, if it goes well I'll do another mod like this again.

Loves futa way too muchTopic starter

{Sneak peek}: First set Female/Futa Cosplaying Maid two colour variants (more variants/Colours will be added at a later date)

Black Variants:
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White Variants:
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Any & all feedback is very much appreciated <3


I don't know the first thing about modding, but this could be the gateway to proper character customization and making our own npcs

Loves futa way too muchTopic starter

Just a few more of the Outfits for Female/futa players paperdoll, I have a lot more done just need them converted to the game so might take me awhile, while I learn how do that so if anyone has any tips or wanna walk me through that part very much appreciated ^^

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Anytime you need tips or help, our Discord should get you a faster response

Loves futa way too muchTopic starter

Hey peeps, been awhile just wanted to update y'all on why this is taking so long:

1. Got myself a new job (so working on getting money for a pc since I've been doing everything an old laptop)
2. Most outfits have already been made with extras stashed away but having difficulties adding them to the game (So if there is someone that is willing to help me add them to the game ore help me make the mod please DM me, help would be very much apricated)
3. Not having the time to add to the content for now.

Really wanted to get this Mod out way sooner but things came up but now I'll be doing my best to set aside sometime to work on the mod again sometime soon.

thank you for your patience


Without an overhaul of how player outfits work, this is going to be difficult...

I've got an example of adding a new outfit here Principal Shoes Only but it's not scalable.

The biggest issue is the in-game logic of automatically switching outfits based on location, and the "immodesty check" that also examines your current outfit to determine the inhibition level to see if people aren't going to approve of what you're wearing.   Those two things are all in the same function and there's no easy way to expand it.