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[MOD] [1.10] DasBrain's Debug Events

Started by DasBrain, Mar 09, 2023, 09:20 PM

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DasBrainTopic starter

Here are a few events that I personally use for debugging/testing the game.

(Note: Those events were written for an older version - they still work, but some of the features may not be up-do-date, most notably the kiss reaction. Other things are now superseded by the info panel.)

Requires the "enable debug events" enabled in the debug menu.


* Summon any person to you
* Mass Set Favorites
* Some information - arousal, friendship, relationship, corruption, inhibition, lust, willpower
* Some derived information - outfit level, attraction, inventory count, hypno success chance, hypno resistance, sex disposition...
* Follow me
* Force Sex (General Sex test)
* Outfit Selection/Debug
* Example ScheduleHandler attachment
* List attached events from Persons/Locations/Clubs (and detach them)

This may or may not be useful for you.

Link (File upload is currently broken):