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[Mod] [1.10.5] Subject Autoassign

Started by DeerDoe, May 24, 2023, 08:03 PM

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DeerDoeTopic starter

I've been wanting to have a way to auto-assign subjects to timetable slots. Since this recent update allows that, I've done just that and figured I would share it. Maybe, eventually, I will add a way to follow the subjects that teachers have been assigned. It seems a bit too complicated. For now, teachers will be set to teach all subjects.

For it to work properly, first clear the schedule for each class. Then, in the custom button on the timetable, press the "Subject Assign," choice and voila, your schedule is set. If you want to see some of the special events, you will need to fiddle with the schedule and reassign students.

Install it as you would any other mod.