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[1.10] PTA Veto Overwhelm

Started by FluffyQuiche, May 30, 2022, 06:49 PM

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FluffyQuicheTopic starter

This is a small balance mod that affects how the PTA rules on proposals.
If, for every one veto, there are at least four votes in favor of your proposal, those vetoes will be ignored.
Vetoes remain extremely powerful, but this offers a countermeasure, in case one or two PTA members are holding the entire vote hostage.

Place in "Schools\NormalSchool\Mods\".
Overrides "Events\FunctionLibrary\PTA\".

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Shouldn't it be in Mods folder for to avoid mess with replacing original file?
Sorry for my poor English

FluffyQuicheTopic starter

Yes, my mistake, I should've clarified that.