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Stat Guidelines

Started by Umgah, Nov 23, 2022, 01:13 AM

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Warning: Content of this topic is recovered from the snapshot of old forum. Some parts might be out of date.

Not currently affected by gamemind system

Basically beauty of the body. This is increased by doing workouts (gym classes) and cosmetics. Possible scenarios for decreasing it are fastfood or scars from bondage lessons. This stat might be useful for modeling or prostitution events.

Recommended values:
50: Average looks.

Default gamemind adults: 0 - 50 range, 0 / 40 magnitude
Default gamemind range for students: 0 - 50 range, 0 / 40 magnitude

This is sexual desire or horniness of a person in the short run. Let's assume the persons starts with an Arousal value near 0. This value will now be influenced over time through whatever environmental circumstances take place: see some inspiring stuff in anatomy class -> Arousal increases. See the principal showing off in a sexy bikini in the onsen changing room -> Arousal increases.

The higher the Arousal, the more likely it becomes that the person will take part in a sexual event to release his/her pressure. What kind of event that is depends on the Lust stat: low Lust means that masturbation has to be enough. If the Inhibition is low enough, the masturbation might not take place in some dark corner but maybe in a spot where you are more likely to be caught. A higher Lust stat will mean that the person is ready to have sex with other people to get off.
After a successful sexual event should the Arousal stat decrease by quite a chunk again.

Arousal is basically constantly fluctuating between 0 and 100 for each individual person and should be the originator for all sex-based events while Lust and Inhibition dictate the more concrete parameters of the event.

Recommended values:
50: Men starting to have an erection.

Default gamemind adults: 20 - 80 range, 25 / 25 magnitude
Default gamemind range for students: 20 - 80 range, 25 / 25 magnitude

Represents how well a person gets others to obey them. This stat especially matters for teachers. Teachers with a high authority have their students under control, otherwise the students may be doing whatever they want. Teacher authority directly influences student loyalty. This could also be used in BDSM-related events, in regards to dom/sub relationships.

Recommended values:
50: Average teacher level of authority. Should generally, but not always, be obeyed by most non-disruptive students.

Not currently affected by gamemind system

How much of a great personality a person has, and how charming they are in conversation. Subjects where the person has the chance to express himself/herself help to increase this stat. Teachers with high charisma raise their students' happiness. Can also be used as a factor when trying to convince people to agree with you about something, asking people on dates or for sex, etc.

Recommended values:
50: Average Charisma. Neither suave nor a curmudgeon, and should have no bonus or penalty when trying to convince people of things through discussion.

Default gamemind adults: 15 - 75 range, 5 / 15 magnitude
Default gamemind range for students: 15 - 25 range, 10 / 25 magnitude

How dirty-minded, egocentric, and unethical a person is, but not necessarily in terms of sex. This stat is especially important for PTA members to convince them of more critical proposals: if you can't corrode their will, you can still make them want an actual proposal themselves. It can also be used as a large factor in whether a person will cheat on tests (or spouses, for that matter), break rules when it benefits them, steal, embezzle, etc., and as a smaller factor in certain kinds of kinky/fetish sex (such as participating in BDSM despite not having a fetish for it).

Recommended values:
10: Average Joe level of Corruption. Generally honest, extremely unlikely to steal, etc.

Default gamemind adults: 20 - 80 range, 5 / 5 magnitude
Default gamemind range for students: 10 - 50 range, 10 / 15 magnitude

How much school-relevant knowledge the person has. This is what is visible to the outer world and a measurement for your school's success. Pretty straight forward. A teacher's education is a multiplier for all stats of a subject that get passed on to the students. It also directly influences the student's education.

Recommended values:

Default gamemind adults: 30 - 70 range, 15 / 15 magnitude
Default gamemind range for students: 30 - 70 range, 15 / 15 magnitude

Straightforward. How much the students like their school and the teachers like their job. A teacher gains additional happiness if she teaches her favorite subject.

Recommended values:
20: Serious depression.
50: Neutral mood. Neither happy nor sad.
80: Extremely happy.

Default gamemind adults: 50 - 90 range, 10 / 20 magnitude
Default gamemind range for students: 75 - 90 range, 25 / 20 magnitude

This stat is "reversed": It starts near 100, with end-game levels being near 0.

How much a person has inhibitions towards being naked. If the inhibition is high, they don't want to show much skin. Lower Inhibition means more and more skin is shown. Towards zero does the person have no problem with going out naked in public.

All events that are just about having someone show a bit more skin should check this value rather than Lust. Inhibition is basically also the fear of being caught while doing something naughty in a public environment, and thus should affect how willing a person is to have sex in a given area, and how willing they are to have sex while being watched or recorded. It should not be used to determine what sex acts they will consent to; this would be handled predominantly by Lust.

Recommended values:
85 - 100: Complete prude. Won't do anything remotely sexual outside of the privacy of a bedroom.
70 - 85: Heavily inhibited. Willing to try things in some secluded areas where they won't be seen (e.g., supply closets).
50 - 70: A bit uninhibited. Willing to try things as long as there's some privacy (e.g., empty classroom, in the forest). Not bothered by taking nude photos and the like.
25 - 50: Heavily uninhibited. Willing to try things in most places where there isn't a crowd. Not bothered by having a few people see, nor by being videotaped.
0 - 25: Totally uninhibited. Not bothered at all by nudity, and will screw anywhere in front of anyone.

Not currently affected by gamemind system

This is basically the critical thinking and ability to learn things. It is not measured by the outside and a clever person might still be bad at school education. While Education is more the ability to reproduce and recite what was taught in the lesson, intelligence is the knowledge of common methods for problem solving that can be applied everywhere.

Recommended values:
20 to 30: Average intelligence but little grasp of critical thinking. Not "dumb", but doesn't tend to think things through.
40: Fairly average intelligence with reasonable critical thinking skills.

Default gamemind adults: 20 - 60 range, 5 / 10 magnitude
Default gamemind range for students: 20 - 60 range, 5 / 10 magnitude

How much a person trusts you. If Loyalty is low, they may be more likely to cause you problems if you do the wrong things. Contrarily, if the Loyalty is high, they are more likely to go along with your plans even if they don't quite agree, and even keep quiet about any misdeeds they see you commit.

Recommended values:
45: Will let the player take items from their inventory.

Default gamemind adults: 20 - 75 range, 25 / 20 magnitude
Default gamemind range for students: 10 - 40 range, 25 / 20 magnitude

The sexual activity or libido of a person in the long run. The lower the stat, the more frigid a person is. The higher this stat is, the more advanced sexual acts is this person ready to perform. A high Lust in itself does NOT initiate a sexual activity, though. See Arousal for that.

Recommended values:
0 - 10: Masturbation and kissing only.
10 - 20: +Fondling.
20 - 30: +Handjobs / fingering
30 - 40: +Oral
40 - 60: +Vaginal sex
60 - 80: +Anal sex
80 - 100: +Double penetration

Not currently affected by gamemind system

The fitness of a person. How long he or she can last during an activity. The principal's stamina should later influence his/her energy bar and allow to perform more actions before needing to sleep. This stat is primarily increased through gym classes and swimming but also during practical sex education for obvious reasons.

Recommended values:
50: Average fitness

Default gamemind adults: 40 - 90 range, 50 / 5 magnitude
Default gamemind range for students: 60 - 90 range, 50 / 10 magnitude

This stat is "reversed": It starts near 100, with end-game levels being near 0.

The ability of a person to deny your requests if they don't agree with them. If the willpower is very low, the person has basically a broken will and can be much easier convinced to do whatever you want. Bondage and history lessons (:p) corrode will while scientific subjects that give students a good grip on reality raise their willpower.

Recommended values:
90: Strong-willed. Not at all likely to have their mind changed once they've decided something.
60: Indecisive. No bonus or penalty to trying to convince them to change their mind about something.
40: Weak-willed. Can be readily convinced to change their mind about things.

UmgahTopic starter

Most stats are controlled by use of the GameMind system, which nudges stats towards a predetermined range at the end of each day. Here's an explanation of how it works, and how you can control it through the VEE.

First, the GameMind stores four values for each stat:
  • A range minimum
  • A range maximum
  • A low-value magnitude
  • A high-value magnitude

The range values are used to determine whether a given stat needs adjustment. Anything that is between the values is considered acceptable, and does not get changed. Anything less than the minimum range value is considered too low, and gets raised. Likewise, anything above the maximum range value is considered too high, and gets lowered.

The magnitudes are used as multipliers for the raising/lowering of the values. The "low" value gets used on values that are too low, and the "high" value gets used on values that are too high.

To calculate how much to change the stat by, the game simply determines the difference between the current value and the closer end of the acceptable range, then multiplies that difference by the appropriate magnitude (as a percent).
Note: As of r1171, the GameMind effect has been reduced to 4% of this value. Stat normalization now happens *much* more slowly.

To modify the GameMind settings for a given stat, you can use the {Add Operation => Population =>} Get Population Mind, Set Population Mind, and Add Population Mind operations ("Add Population Mind" being the preferred operation to use). Double-clicking the operation will create a pop-up window that allows you to choose a stat. You then need to tell the operation which GameMind to use; this can be done by either using the Get Population Index By Tag operation (the preferred method for future-proofing), or by directly setting an integer index value (currently 0 = adults, 1 = students).