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A better way to do hypnosis?

Started by ElPresidenete, Sep 02, 2023, 07:25 PM

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ElPresideneteTopic starter

Looking at hyponsis, it occurred to me that there might be a way to make it way more flexible and modular... and better.

Hyponitize would put a NPC in a hypontized state (which would have a limited duration).
All the options that appear normally when you hyponotize someone would be moved to interactions, under their own tab. They would only appear visible for a NPC if it's in the hyponotized state.
Thus adding new options would be far easier. Another advantage is that, since it's a state, it has a clear duration and effects and can tie in with other interactions - you can still use other interactions while someone is under the effect, unlike the current implementation. For example, it stands to reason that a NPC that normally wouldn't give you their phone number or tell you things about themselves, might do so far easier when in such a state. Basically, it works like a difficulty modifier for interactions.

Another advantage is that one could plant suggestions (only one at a time). It would also be a state, but one that lingers far longer (let's say a week) and does things every day. It could be anything - you could implant a desire to excercise (increase fitness every day for a week), a desire to hang around with another person (increases friendship), a desire to study more, a desire to masturbate more, implant wet dreams about another NPC, or a desire to frequent certain location more.

Tons of possiblities.