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Need help with a searchporn event changes

Started by Deerfriend, Dec 14, 2023, 08:19 PM

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DeerfriendTopic starter

Hello everyone, this is my first post here, I have been a big fan of the HHS+ project for years. I recently started working on a modified version and I'm having a problem that's driving me crazy.

First I added some images to the "searchporn" folder ([...]\Schools\NormalSchool\Images\EventPictures\Custom\Computer\SearchPorn), there were no problems with that.

But then I wanted to go further and added a small function that after displaying an image evaluates a random possibility of displaying an extra one. My goal is for between 1 to 5 images to be displayed randomly.

I managed to display said sequence of images. But then, strange things happen like the arousal stat does not decrease, or it is not possible to return to "searchporn" for several hours.

Regarding the latter, I realized that after the event is completed there is an operation that defines when the activity can be carried out again and by default approximately 2.4 hours must pass. When I say several hours above I mean much longer.

I don't understand what could be affecting the function, since I didn't touch the function that evaluates the results of the event. I leave images of the original event and the modification I made.

(Sorry if my message has bad grammar, I wrote the message with the help of the translator)


I don't immediately see how your change would cause the problems you've described.

However, I'm suspicious that (just looking at the stock event) it won't actually drop arousal as the SetEffects call's Modifier input is 0, and the default arousal response for actions 9 and 13 appears to be "Quite Turned On", i.e. increase arousal by 15-20.

If I'm right and this is a bug in the stock event, the fix would be to change the SetEffects input for Modifier to 5 (separating from Consent, which should remain 0) to force an orgasm.

That said, I don't know why it would refuse to retrigger for several hours, instead of 2.4, but was your arousal too low (less than 75) when testing that? Does it only happen with your changes?

DeerfriendTopic starter

Hello again, thank you very much for taking the time to respond TBBle.

About not being able to repeat the event after 2.4 hours, in fact it was because I was not considering that the arousal stat should be above 75 (my bad xD)

Regarding the seteffect function, I don't think the error is there, since the stock event works fine (even loading some images).

For some reason when I add the loop to show more than one image that affects the values of the function later... But I really don't understand why.

I have modified the loop so that it is even less intrusive and is resolved before defining whether the person is a man, woman or futa and establishing the integer values that will set the tone for the seteffect function... And yet it does not work as it should since Sometimes the arousal value does not go down or goes down very little.



I was actually looking into expanding the Call Prostiture, so females can also use it...but god DAMN, the way it's coded is a mess.