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Making Mods, Contribution, and Kisekae Paper Doll Editor & Cutter

Started by barteke22, May 26, 2022, 10:53 PM

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barteke22Topic starter

Our version of Kisekae (3.7 Layered Cutter) is available for download here.

Important: Kisekae is not an actual mod, it's just in that folder.  It's a tool for creating custom paperdoll images, like heads and outfits for the game.

We use a custom version of Kisekae, which outputs images in a format the basic VEE logic expects, it might not be compatible with codes from the public one.

The Layered portion is more useful for creating a potential new system, which should now be possible to do via VEE.

For a step-by-step Kisekae description & tips, as well as info on Making Mods & Event Contribution, refer to the Modding Guides.

If you've got any issues, maybe this thread will help.

barteke22Topic starter


- Added a setting to not hide arms, so latest version can be used with old arm logic.
- Improved some of the output modes & moved switching into a single shortcut for future automation.
- Added arm output modes for students.
- Added check for Kisekae being open, to avoid issues on next opening.
- Deprecated pubic hair code as it's no longer needed.
- Added adult arm logic + moved stuff to config.
- Added AutoMode, which switches between the specified Kisekae modes on its own when cutting.
Previously known as 'V3.5 - Layered'.
- Added support for outputting male genitalia.
- Added a few more layer output modes.

barteke22Topic starter

Updated the Cutter to V3.7 (not Kisekae itself).

Further expanded on the layered output features with some automation/failsafes.

Who knows, it might even work.  Also moved it to its own folder (linked above).