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Changing the Principal Paperdoll

Started by chickenfuck, Jun 04, 2022, 06:17 PM

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chickenfuckTopic starter

Hello. How hard would it be to replace the principal paperdoll with a personalized version from Kisekae?

Could a novice do it? If so, how?


Yes, with caveats.   If you follow the kisaeke instructions posted elsewhere you can directly overwrite the principle PNGs in the Images\People\SpecialCharacters\Principal_All directory.  That's for changing existing outfits though.

If you want to add NEW outfits that is significantly more complicated.  I can go into it, but you'll need to be comfortable with VEE.

chickenfuckTopic starter

Also, Want to change the principal's actual body can I do that by overwriting what is in the Principal_All directory?


Changing the principal's head can be done easily by overwriting the image with the head you want in Images/People/SpecialCharacters/Heads. Keep in mind that the image must be cut out in a specified format using the provided tools from the kisekae instructions, and it must have the exact same file name as well. However, there are some event images in the game that are meant to look like the principal so if you change your appearance it might lead to some inconsistencies if you're okay with that.

As for outfits, your best bet as hova mentioned is to replace existing ones. Ideally you'd want to make variations for all levels of undress so that it would still make sense in gameplay and you wouldn't get random reputation hits for being too immodest. The outfit includes the body so that would be the same thing in this case (unless you meant things like breast or penis size which can be modified in game with drugs).

Basically, if you follow the kisekae instructions and use the batch image maker you should be good. Try not to change the height otherwise the head and other parts might not fit on properly, but anything else should be fine to change.

chickenfuckTopic starter

I figured it out. Thanks for the help.


I honestly wish there was just more to character creation in the first place, but from what I understand it just isn't possible for what ever reason (something to do with how the game is designed I guess.)
Working on it... have some patience