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I made a new classroom but the class paperdolls is not overlaying is the

Started by Razelda, Aug 16, 2022, 01:59 AM

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RazeldaTopic starter

So I made a new Class, fallowed up with a new room to go with it and made it upgradeable like the music room. the problem is that i cant seem to figure out what is missing to make the Paperdolls for the active class in the room, so is there an evv that needs update or an evv that needs to be added?


did you correctly add it everywhere? if i recall, all locations have a reference in the main school xml in the schools folder aswell as in the world extension folder of that school folder then you got the specify that room in the said subject file in the subject folder of the school. and that's from what i can easily find at first glance


You need a layout.xml in your background image folder.

If it's meant to be the same as existing classrooms, you can just copy one that points to the Classroom 1 layout (like Classroom 2 does) and change its colour.

Otherwise you can see details on the layouts in the modding guides.

RazeldaTopic starter

Thank you bartake, I found it 2 days after I made this post.. my thinking is that a Wiki site might help, or I was thinking on a smaller scale of revamping the guide a to make it have all the info that's in the doc folder.