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How to change paperdoll head of existing character to another head?

Started by Mr Goose, Oct 22, 2022, 02:55 PM

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Mr GooseTopic starter

Is there a new way to change the paperdoll heads of people in the latest version? It used to be easy, just go into debug window, find profile for the charater you want and then change the number of the character's head to change it. Tried on the latest version and can't do it.

I've tried changing the number in the 'PaperDollLayerFilePaths' but changing the number doesn't change anything.

Any help would be great.


Bumping this thread cause I've got exactly the same problem. You can change PaperDollLayerFilePaths to point to the head you want but the doll doesn't update and the numbers revert once you change screens.


The PD system got reworked to use dynamic (moddable) definitions instead of a hardcoded layer set with values persisted (saved) on the NPC.

Those values now come from the VEE logic (are recalculated each time you view a PD).  So to edit it you either need to edit the SetGenericHead function event, or get some head mod.

The wig shop (below) allows giving people/yourself regular/cosplay heads.